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I usually utilize Shovel to clean any cell I want on the board or Wind to exchange two gummies or souvenirs for making my game more quickly. Boosters are available at the in-game shop, where you can purchase gold and live.
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Gummies are undoubtedly an absolute adored food in the world. They taste great, but they’re very colorful and adorable. It might be interesting that the candy you love is now the primary focus of a title game. The game is called “Gummy Drop” the game was created in collaboration with Big Fish Games and released in the latter half of 2014.
If you’ve been playing “Candy Crush” or “Disney Emoji Blitz” and you enjoy these games, “Gummy Drop” will not be a disappointment. Instead of smashing candies and taking pictures of Disney characters, you will be creating matches to travel the globe. The players will be immersed in an exciting world full of delicious gummies as they slowly discover different cities worldwide. Be prepared to be amazed by the fantastic map and the fascinating aspects of “Gummy Drop”!


The players will be travelers and an architect who will discover and create a vibrant world. Before embarking on the adventure, once you have opened the app, an animated video of tiny gummies falling from the sky is displayed. Users can explore the most well-known landmarks in New York, Paris, Tokyo, etc. Ports are scattered all over the globe and are waiting to be built wherever you go.

There are more than 50 cities that you can visit, and you’ll begin on your adventure in Sydney and then find a way to complete all the match-three puzzles and collect the resources. In the beginning, the traveller called Sam will be introduced to lead you through the steps. She stated that you’d need to collect Gummies as “the world will never stop bouncing”. Sam will instruct you on the gummies, boosters, obstacles, etc. You’ll be capable of completing each level quickly.

Gummy Drop MOD APK 4.49.0 (Unlimited Money)


The gameplay is familiar. However, it is unique

Gummy Drop” is designed with multiple levels that players can use to swipe and match objects of the same shape and colours to score the most points. Players are provided with a set number of moves per level and be required to think through and think about the next step. Additionally, a certain number of marks will be presented for players to finish the round before each round.

If players do not earn enough points using the set moves, they can get another life to prolong their playing time without having to restart at the beginning. The players can also spin a roulette wheel and win another life or five additional moves. There is no need to worry about losing your life since they are replenished quickly.

If the coins and resources at the levels aren’t enough, you can return to play each time to increase your earnings or frequently return to earn Lottery Tickets to win amazing prizes. Additionally, “Gummy Drop” allows players to build landmarks within each city after every ten levels they can master. Clearing levels can gather workers. You can construct factories when the amount of workers is sufficient.

Players are permitted to play three times in three difficulty levels at each stage, ranging from Intern through Master Builder. Naturally, it becomes more difficult each time, and the more you go, the more rewards you’ll earn.

Gummies of different types

Gummies are available in eight different colours. They also have two different looks, such as Pumpkin with a yellow hue for Halloween or Snowflake in white in the Christmas season.

The gummies may also be divided into three different kinds. If you match four gummies within rows or columns, you’ll get the Line Crush. You’ll get a bomb when you reach five gummies by two interspersed matches of three. Combining five gummies within rows or columns will result in a Lightning Bolt.

There are a variety of boosters

Boosters are readily available along your travels and are bought with coins. There are 17 boosters available to buy, obtain, and use for all levels, while some are only available in one kind of level. There are several levels to choose from, including souvenirs, tiles bombs, timed, sand, and the desert tile generator. For example, only the Oasis booster is available to activate this level. Desert tile generator or Waterfall booster for the souvenirs level.

I usually utilize Shovel to clean any cell I want on the board or Wind to exchange two gummies or souvenirs for making my game more quickly. Boosters are available at the in-game shop, where you can purchase gold and live.

Special occasions

There are three significant competitions that you can take on yourself and be competitive with other athletes.

For the Everest game, participants must finish all five levels of the map in the time limit. If they die in the game, they are forced to restart starting from level 1.

If they are in the final ten levels of the city they’re currently in, they will be able to participate in the Marathon challenge when they can unlock the next city, comprised of Marathon levels from one up to 10. It is necessary to complete all groups that have flags to take part. When players have completed the grade flagged with an award, they are awarded a prize. A bronze medal provides one additional time. Silver Medal gives the extra time as well as one lightning bolt. Lastly, the Gold medal provides endless lives for one hour and one lightning bolt and one breeze. Be sure to build the landmark before taking part in the Marathon test.

In this Treasure Hunt event, players can choose an easy or a hard path to begin. The normal mode includes four levels, and the Hard way comes with six levels with higher-paying rewards. If participants complete both pathways and win, they’ll receive the most lucrative tips, with unlimited lives (up to 4 hours) and can meet the challenge. To complete the event, they need to finish a route without falling. Otherwise, they’ll lose their life and need to begin again. Additionally, players must continue playing after they’ve started an adventure. They can start again if they wish to change to another path, but it will not cost them a penny.

Gummy Drop MOD APK 4.49.0 (Unlimited Money)

Currency and Unlimited Money

Players can earn coins by getting through levels and playing over and over. Additionally, they can challenge gamers around the world in daily challenges. Make sure you check your ports and cities daily to earn free coins to help others’ towns and seaports.

I know that some challenging levels need a little more than the coins you earn. Luckily, “Gummy Drop” has included an unlimited money feature to allow all players to buy life boosters or more lives if they’ve run out of their lives.



“Gummy Drop” is designed with fun graphics and vibrant details. The frame rate remains constant without lags or bugs. The cities are all created with great care and have unique characteristics.


The sound effects and music of the game don’t offer much to discuss apart from some voiceovers, as players have fantastic fun.


Gummy Drop Mod is an ideal method to unwind after a long day. Big Fish Games has created an addictive game that is fun enough with no complexity and intriguing features that keep your eyes on the game for an extended duration.

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