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Muslim Go offers beautiful and vibrant services in religion and life to many Muslim users in Indonesia. Muchos Hanafi, a representative for the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, stated that Muslims appreciated the ease of living a life enhanced through mobile Internet technology when he issued the official certificate. This is a unique and intelligent way to live the way of life.
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Recently, a mobile application that focuses specifically on the Muslim world has drawn a lot of interest from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. The app is called Muslim Go.


It has a comprehensive and extensive Muslim life and religion streaming services;

Muslim Go has not just occupied the first position within the Malaysia Google Play overall list and also the Indonesian life list of lifestyles for an extended period. Still, it has also been ranked the top globally.

It’s also the only mobile application that has been made officially Muslim app that is certified by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Indonesian Government. Through the use of technological innovations and operations in the local area, Muslim Go can benefit Muslims and the rest of the world and help improve the world as a place.

Muslim Go offers beautiful and vibrant life and spiritual services to a wide variety of Muslim users in Indonesia

Muchos Hanafi, a senior official from the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, has stated that Muslims appreciate the ease of life brought on by mobile Internet technology when issuing the official certificate. It’s an actual smart shift in daily life.

General Information

Islam is the second most popular religious community globally and the fastest-growing religion. There is an increasing need for services of the religious kind. Indonesia is the country that has the highest Muslim population of any country in the world. The app has been certified this time. Muslim Go has been officially acknowledged through the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Indonesian Government, which fully shows the impact of the app on the inhabitants of the country.

It was also the first mobile application worldwide to receive the official certification from the government’s department of religion.

Before this, the certification was typically reserved for publications of religious origin. Since its launch in June of 2016, Muslim Go’s goal has been to create an ecosystem built around Muslims and integrate social functions as well as online commerce platforms as the platform’s content, which is centered around videos, news, and greeting cards and eventually create a closed-loop mobile-connected ecosystem to meet the religious as well as the content and lifestyle demands of Muslims. The app is currently used by more than one million active daily users worldwide.


Muslim Go MOD APK 3.6.8 (Premium)

How do we help Muslims penetrate the vast Muslim market, which has a size of 1.6 billion?


Muslim Go is an app widely used across Southeast Asia countries (regions) like Indonesia in Indonesia and Malaysia. It differs from other apps because Muslim Go is designed for Muslims.

Since its introduction in June 2016, Muslim G.O. has enabled many Muslim users to access their internet services. This application has been consistently ranked first on the overall Google

Playlist in Malaysia and the list of lifestyles in Indonesia and around the world. Daily usage has surpassed one million.

Muslim Go provides services for life and religion to satisfy the requirements of Muslim users. This includes calendars, zakah, and prayer beads and provides flexible prayer times and directions in order users can Muslim users can study and read the Quran at any time and from any location.

The APP provides informational streams, such as videos, lectures, news, lifestyle, and other information to the users to meet Muslim users’ content and entertainment requirements. Additionally, Muslim G.O. also has the suggested function of closing mosques and halal restaurants to cater to users’ fundamental requirements for living.

Muslim Go aims to create an ecosystem around Muslims and create an application that features news videos, articles, and greeting cards as its primary content and integrates the functions of social media and e-commerce platforms. A user posted in the comments in the feedback that Muslim Go is a simple but valuable service. Diversified Muslim applications help Muslims to understand and connect with God. It offers precise information, extensive content, and entertainment and provides a helpful reference for our daily lives.

The worldwide number that is 1.6 billion Muslims is a market extremely lucrative market. With the growth of our society, the traditional methods of prayer and saying the Quran is becoming increasingly unsuitable for the modern way of life. We’ve lived and worked in Malaysia for more than ten years, and numerous Muslims have faced many challenges in modern society and at the same time, according to what the Muslim Go team has been discussing.

Certain Southeast Asia countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, have a significant Muslim populace, and in some places, they practice the traditional way of prayer. At the time of prayer, when it is time to pray, horns are sounded on the streets to keep people on their toes. This affects the activities of many. They composed the original edition of the Quran in Arabic. However, today, the Muslim populace spans many languages and countries, and many young Muslims nowadays do not have enough time to study due to work schedules. Therefore the prayer model practiced in the past has impacted their lives.

The team said Muslim Go could offer them personalized prayer reminders to these demands. Muslims pray five times per day. The timing is based on sun and night and prayers—displays of Quran information and allegorical interpretation.

As of now, Muslim Go’s business model concentrates on promotion and advertising for Muslims, which includes offering Muslim fast-food establishments or Muslim clothing products based on the user’s location. Since most users access the APP a minimum of five times per day, team members claimed that the current click rate, or the conversion rate of traffic, is high. The team hopes to create Muslim Go, a functional application with community-based features, and analyze data from extensive databases to improve the accuracy of advertising.


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The Muslim application for prayer (App) has been accused of illegally transferring information about users. The U.S. military eventually seized the data. U.S. military. Affi-Presse has reported on the day before (24th) that French users are suing the firm that runs the application that they are concerned about.

Former customers of the Muslim Pro app have previously reported in the press that the company had filed a lawsuit following the sharing of its information with companies associated with military personnel in the U.S. military. The Muslim Pro app says it has 95 million users around the world.

The lawsuit claims that the company violated the protection of data and misused trust, put risk other people’s lives at, and even attempted murder. It was revealed that the French Luxembourg Radio and Television Group (RTL) had revealed the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is scheduled to be filed on the 15th of this month. Before this was announced, the U.S. media on the internet Vice revealed last week that the U.S. military bought the location information of users through a variety of applications around the globe.

One of the apps of them is Muslim Pro. It has the option of locating a place that lets users determine the timing of prayers and the direction of Mecca, the sacred city of Mecca. As per this Vice article, the firm,

the owner of this app Muslim Pro App sold its information to a company known as X-Mode, who provided the data to subcontractors, and expanded the sales to the U.S. military.


The report states the U.S. forces can use the information for overseas missions. According to the report, this data could allow drones that kill terrorist suspects.


The second day following the news was released, Muslim Pro App stated it would stop sharing information with other companies. The company that controls Muslim Pro said it had started its investigation. The company’s headquarters are in Singapore.

Muslim Go MOD APK 3.6.8 (Premium)

Final Words


The increasing popularity of Muslim Go MOD APK has also drawn the interest of the Indonesian department of government. Muslim Go is now the official Muslim application that has been certified through the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Indonesian government. Through the use of advanced technology and localization efforts, Muslim Go will benefit the Muslims and the entire universe and make the world an even better place.

Muslim Go offers beautiful and vibrant services in religion and life to many Muslim users in Indonesia. Muchos Hanafi, a representative for the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, stated that Muslims appreciated the ease of living a life enhanced through mobile Internet technology when he issued the official certificate. This is a unique and intelligent way to live the way of life.


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