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Control your fingers and stretch them out to move in the right direction. In contrast to regular roller skating, Sky Roller's roads Sky Roller are pretty precarious, mainly when they are situated at very high levels.
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If you’re searching for an easy and enjoyable 2D game, you should not skip Sky Roller. The game is highly entertaining with its simple gameplay yet incredibly appealing.

Help adorable characters overcome many obstacles along a slippery runway with running shoes.

We will guide you on how you can install and enjoy Sky Roller games on your smartphone.

It’s one of the most attractive skateboarding games that attract many players in the present. Sky Roller is a game that lets you control your core.

Sky Roller, you will take control of the center of your body. You can become the most skilled warrior through the obstacles ahead.

This may sound simple; however, there are plenty of difficulties to be faced on that Sky Roller.

Each slide of Sky Roller will have its particular characteristics and various difficulties and obstacles. Show your skills by taking on and overcoming the challenging obstacles and receiving the rewards you deserve for your achievement.

How to Install and Play Sky Roller?

Sky Roller MOD APK 1.18.9 (All Skin Unlocked)
In the first place, using your phone’s web browser, go to the following URL to install and download this game Sky Roller.

You can click on the icon with the arrow on the main page. The site will direct users to CH Play App Store, including Sky Roller, the Sky Roller skateboarding game. Click Install and download it onto your smartphone.

The process of downloading games to mobile devices is quick or slow, depending upon the performance of your Internet connection.

After installing and downloading the game, you are now inside M and can play Sky Roller games. When you first start the game, you will see only one message displayed.

Click the dot to the right and accept the rules and conditions for the game. Click Play to access the main interface of Sky Roller.

Sky Roller’s gameplay Sky Roller is straightforward. Slide your hands across the right or left side of the screen to allow the character to get over the obstacles.

If you fall on the block, which causes you to lose your game to play the level again, you need to click the heart icon to open the advertisement. After that, you can continue playing until the advertisement has ended.

When you finish every level of Sky Roller, you will be awarded diamonds.

You can increase the number of diamonds you receive by clicking Claim X2 to view the advertisement. To alter the character, modify an icon for shoes.

You can use 150 diamonds to unlock new characters. If you don’t have enough diamonds to open new characters, view the advertisement to get more of this product.

Once there are enough diamonds, select Unlock Random.

Sky Roller will then randomly spin and unlock a brand new player. This is the instruction from the game’s installation and how you can play Sky Roller. We wish you the most enjoyable time playing games using Sky Roller.

Overall Assessments


The game’s goal will be to get over the obstacles that stand in your route and get to the final goal. Make your running shoes open or close with only a few buttons to move your finger, either left or right, to manage it.

At each level, there will be various challenges. The higher the difficulty, the more challenging it becomes

. The runways used in the game are varied and constantly changing to ensure that it doesn’t make the player bored. At the end of each level, you refresh the runway.

In the four levels, two stages include the diamond appearance and the key. In particular, players are in the fourth or lower level. Level three is in which the key will appear for you.

In addition, the process of overcoming the fourth level is straightforward.

There is no need to conquer any obstacles; they need to gather diamonds along the way back to their destination.

You also get the gift box at the end of each stage and the diamond rewards.

The items in the chest could be diamonds, uncommon and familiar characters. In this game, characters are different, with Common, Uncommon, Heroes and Legendary. Each character group will have different methods of getting.

Particularly, particular, specific Common or Uncommon groups will benefit from the use of diamonds in unlocking random characters.

You must have at least 150 diamonds to unlock the Common. The minimum number for the Uncommon group is set at 350.

However, each time a group has unlocked, the diamonds used in the next wave increase as well.

The group that includes Heroes characters, it’s unique that players must gather all three keys within the third stage in each map.

After that, visit the room that has lots of gold chests. The characters you unlock will be Heroes in this room. The final group is the Legendary group, featuring characters with cute designs. Players must view three ads for the character they want to locate

Sound Effects and Graphic Designs

Sky Roller is a pretty exciting skateboarding game played by roller skates. You can slide down a path that has numerous obstacles. The control method of Sky Roller is quite simple. It has stunning graphics and various characters to select from. It also puts players in a variety of scenarios.

With basic 2D graphics and adorable character designs from cute Fox Girl to terrifying creatures, Sky Roller is one of the top running games to play.

Additionally, the image of the roller track in running shoes is beautifully drawn.

The user-friendly interface and bright colours provide a relaxing experience to users. The effects of falling on the character are faithfully depicted. The film also shows a dancing move as the character finishes, which is hilarious and hilarious.

It also describes in detail the effect of the falling paper. There is no soundtrack, but the sounds of crossing the race or collecting diamonds through the headlines sound exciting. The game also gives a fascinating experience to the players.

Recommended Alternative:

Sky Roller MOD APK 1.18.9 (All Skin Unlocked) is cross-platform gaming that offers fast entertainment speeds. The gameplay is, however, unique. It is suitable for many people who are pressed for time and want to enjoy themselves. is an aquatic slide race game. You’ll be randomly assigned with a group of around 16 players. The objective is to get past or eliminate others by sliding down the slide.

Your character will be automatically slid forward. Move left and right to change direction or force other players to the slide. Use this strategy to gain an advantage and win. If you get forced off the chute, return to the slide before you fall into the sea.

The more advanced your skill, the higher your level, and the more items you’ll unlock. Naturally, the difficulty will increase as you encounter more obstacles that slow the speed of your vehicle or more challenging terrain. Avoid hitting the opponent from below because it could cause the opponent to accelerate.

Final Words

Sky Roller MOD APK is an adventure game that features simple slides on endless roads. It lets you roll skate with precise control. You can drag your fingers across the left to stay clear of obstructions and speed along the road.

Control your fingers and stretch them out to move in the right direction. In contrast to regular roller skating, Sky Roller’s roads Sky Roller are pretty precarious, mainly when they are situated at very high levels.

Sky Roller is a quick and fun game that can give you lots of enjoyment. You control your character to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. Find adorable characters by collecting keys and diamonds. Join Sky Roller today and experience blissful moments of peace and relaxation.
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How to install Sky Roller APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Sky Roller APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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