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Alongside exciting graphics, Gamers playing Survival on Raft will now be able to enjoy amazing sound and music during their play that will make the game more engaging. In addition, thanks to the impressive soundtracks, you'll remain immersed in the game's experiences.
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Life on the ocean has always been a fantastic idea for filmmakers and storytellers to develop thrilling adventures. Now, Android gamers can enjoy the thrilling in-game experience of Survival on Raft as you embark on an amazing adventure with your characters. Explore an amazing adventure with your new life floating over the sea in this amazing game by TREASTONE as you travel through the vast oceans.

For those looking for a life like a castaway, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy this fascinating game in the world of adventure, a simulation called Survival on Raft. You are welcome to take part in playing the engaging and addictive survival adventures. Explore the vast ocean, which offers many opportunities and risks. Utilize all the things around you to create fascinating objects, find diverse foods from the natural world, and plan your escape from the circumstance.

Learn more about the amazing game by TREASTONE by reading our review.


In the game, Android gamers will face the most difficult survival situations when they discover that they are the only ones to survive the crash of a plane. In addition, you’re left in a tiny raft floating in the ocean. With nowhere to go and a handful of supplements for your survival and it’s going to take lots of work and mental strength to conquer the massive game-related challenges.

Experience the distinctive and exciting in-game features and the thrilling and exciting survival game. In this game, Android users must gather materials while drifting in a void of direction in the ocean. Take on predators, hunger, and the brutal wrath of the ocean as you discover ways to survive. Start collecting materials and constructing your floating raft to create a home. Make your way through the scenarios and experience the entertaining survival simulation game Survival on Raft.

Journey across the ocean to reach your destination on an island far away. Begin by locating other survivors and working with them to control the ocean. Create your community within the game, and you’ll be able to have fun exploring the ocean and overcome all the challenges you’ll have to face.

Survival on Raft MOD APK

Here are all the incredible games features to include:

Explore the fascinating tales of the apocalypse coming to an end

While you drift along the ocean’s endless expanse and are unsure where you’re going to go next, You’ll also notice that the oceans are becoming larger than normal. You could not be able to see the shoreline or even a kind of signal that indicates you’re heading to the right place.

You may not be aware, but the entire planet is being wiped out by a tsunami that has swept the globe and continents no more. The world is inundated with water, and people are living on their rafts or find themselves trapped on remote islands.

The ultimate goal of your quest will be to discover other survivors, then form your team and discover the truth about what occurred to the entire world. At the same time, take part in the amazing in-game adventures as you explore the islands and take on the vast ocean.

Explore the incredible surviving experience on the river raft

You can experience the exciting thrills of floating on a boat that travels through a sea of endless obstacles for those looking to learn more. Explore and play the survival simulation game while you are floating in the sea for hours. You will be fighting the scorching sun, the intense hunger, hungry predators, and the uncertain weather as you dive into the thrilling survival challenges. Play with a single-player survival challenge or with your friends while you explore the ocean with them.

Join forces with other survivors to conquer the ocean with them

As for the game itself, in Survival on Raft, Android players will meet with other survivors experiencing the same situation. Make friends and form your survival team to discover the vast ocean. While simultaneously, be looking for your refuge on a secure island. Start building your base and start your greatest gaming adventures by exploring the vast oceans and trying multiple assaults to take on the oceans.

Hook your hook to grab things by hooking it

In Survival on Raft, gamers can also enjoy the original and intriguing game mechanics, which involve using your hook to find resources and objects floating around you. Use the hook as a fishing rod to collect resources without diving into the water, where predators are waiting for you. You are free to collect any resources and other items that will aid you in overcoming your next challenge. Continue to throw your hook to find various interesting objects at the beginning of your survival journey.

Create weapons and armor with many materials

As you get into the challenges of survival in-game, players can now experiment with different crafting options, which allows you to create various intriguing tools using your personal preferences. Enjoy the amazing in-game experience with Survival on Raft as you build various weapons and gear using the items from the collection. In the harsh ocean, with various enemies and predators who will attempt to kill you, you must be prepared to protect yourself. You’ll also require quality tools to hunt for food sources to satisfy your cravings.

Protect your raft from predators

As for the other aspect and speaking of which, in Survival on Raft, Android gamers can take part in the thrilling battles for survival in the vast oceans; you can have the chance to fight sharks with a ferocious attack when they attempt to rip into your raft. Make sure you defend it with all you’ve got or be a victim of the sharks. Prepare for nights and days of constant battle before you find a secure place to put your raft on the take to.

Create and upgrade your raft to withstand the ocean

To improve your odds of survival and improve the durability of your raft to withstand attacks from enemies, players must take advantage of built-in options. Always look for upgrades to the materials in the air and use your hook to find the objects. While you’re at it, be sure to provide your raft with sufficient reinforcements following each attack since you don’t want the raft to collapse before you can make it a better one. Increase the size and speed to have a more enjoyable experience while floating along the sea.

Survival on Raft MOD APK

Explore the vast oceans

For those curious, you can experience endless adventures on the ocean. There aren’t forests or lands, and there aren’t any mountains or forests and no pets and animals, just the tense water surrounding you and the dangerous sea creatures that strike you every time you’re not aware. In addition, numerous islands have emerged following the events, and, in each one, there’s another mystery you’ll need to solve. You are free to embark on your epic journeys across endless oceans in Survival on Raft whenever you would like.

Play for free

Despite all the exciting game features, Android players playing Survival on Raft can still enjoy the completely free survival game without spending a dime. Therefore, it’s completely possible to download Survival on Raft from Google Play Store. Google Play Store, no charges are required.

Enjoy the unlocked game completely by using our mod

However, if you’re finding the game for free a bit irritating due to ads and in-game purchases, it may be better to download an alternative version instead. In this version, players can experience the game for free and without restrictions on experience with no advertisements, unlimited purchases, etc. All it takes is players to install the APK Survival on Raft on our site, then follow the directions provided, and you’ll be set to go.

Audio and visual quality


With gorgeous and vivid 3D graphics, Android gamers playing Survival on Raft will find them completely captivated by their thrilling survival adventures. Enjoy yourself playing the amazing survival game while simultaneously taking pleasure in the real-life and captivating visual elements which will help you believe in the game’s experiences. But, as the game is very demanding, you might find it frustrating due to the slowness and slowdowns.


Alongside exciting graphics, Gamers playing Survival on Raft will now be able to enjoy amazing sound and music during their play that will make the game more engaging. In addition, thanks to the impressive soundtracks, you’ll remain immersed in the game’s experiences.

Final thoughts

You can play another thrilling survival game in Survival on Raft if you’re curious. Enjoy your preferred gameplay, which isn’t as good as Dawn of Zombies or Jurassic World, as you experience the exclusive features only made available to players within the game. Most importantly, with our unlocked, free gameplay courtesy of mods, you’ll immerse yourself in Survival on Raft to the maximum. Of course, it’ll be completely free to play anytime you’d like.

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