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Be ready to participate in the fantastic selection of radio and podcasts on Podcast Addict. With a wealth of informative and engaging content, you will always find excellent channels to enjoy your time. With the no-cost or unlocked app available on our website, you can take full advantage of its features without paying for the application.
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3 Jun 2022
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Instead of listening to the same music playlist time and again, you can sit back and have better audio entertainment by listening to podcasts. They’re not just informative, but they’re many various topics to pick from. Therefore, you’ll always be having fun with the fascinating options.

For those who have trouble finding the perfect tracks to suit your specific preference, this application that is part of Podcast Addict will certainly impress you. With a vast collection of incredible podcast shows covering various topics, Android users can now enjoy listening to an array of exciting and informative audio shows directly on their mobile devices.

The most important thing is that the app will ensure that you have access to the best podcasts according to your preferences and specific preferences. So, you can be sure of your total satisfaction with the mobile application.

Discover more about this amazing application and its numerous features without lengthy critiques.

What is it that they do?

In Podcast Addict, Android users can take advantage of the most popular podcast application on the Google Play Store. There are millions of downloaded episodes, numerous positive reviews, plus more than two billion podcast episodes downloaded; you will never get bored of things to experience in Podcast Addict. Explore the app and manage your radio channel, podcast, audiobooks, live streams, SoundCloud, and YouTube channels. The list of channels is endless.

Enjoy working with a variety of in-app subscriptions to your favorite podcast channels. You can also use the discovery feature, which will expose you to an array of fascinating in-app content. You will be able to enjoy the full-featured playback option of Podcast Addict, which will let you play your favorite podcasts using numerous exciting effects and fascinating options.

Make sure that all your podcasts are constantly updated and updated with new information. Also, use various other features to keep the app engaging.


If you are interested, you can take advantage of the free app available through Podcast Addict on the Google Play Store. There is no cost to purchase the app, and no credit card is needed. You are free to take advantage of the many features available in the app, ensuring that you can comfortably listen to your favorite podcasts. The app comes with some advanced features available to you through in-app purchases.

To ensure that you can use the fully compatible app, It is essential to ensure that it is updated to the most recent firmware versions. This will help avoid issues while using the features in-app or installing the most current updates.

As with many other Android applications, Podcast Addict will require users to give it specific access rights. Ensure you acknowledge all prompts after logging into the app your first time.

Podcast Addict MOD APK

Fantastic features

Here are all the thrilling features the app can offer:

Find your most loved podcasts and listen to them

In Podcast Addict, Android users can enjoy the vast collection of podcasts and audio content you can stream. There are more than 2 million podcasts plus more than 50 million episodes available for you to discover; it is easy to discover your favorite content and get started enjoying it.

You are welcome to use the fully-featured search engine that will allow users to quickly search for podcasts that come from Podcast Addict, Apple, Podcast, Spotify, and The Podcast Index. This should enable you to take advantage of listening to their podcasts truly.

Use the handy searching option to search for categorized podcasts that each have a unique theme. Also, look for podcasts on numerous networks available, such as NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks, and more.

Additionally, you can find personalized recommendations based on your subscriptions currently in the app. This will assist you in finding similar podcasts to those you usually listen to.

Amazing playback options, as well as audio effects

Podcast Addict will allow Android users to use various unique playback options with your most loved podcasts available. It is possible to activate Audio effects built into the app that will let you adjust the speed of playback and volume boost, as well as skipping silences, mono playback, and many more. These can all work with offline or streaming content from Android devices.

Here on Podcast Addict, Android users can also make use of the playback speed variable settings to speedily complete the content they have selected in a short time. It is possible to activate good playlists to place your most loved podcasts in specific collections. Enjoy playing around with various playback options using Shuffle, Loop, or Sleep mode to enhance your overall experience.

You can also use Podcast Addict as your regular MP3 or Audiobook playback application to enhance your library of audio. This can also be used with other audio files that are local to you or available streaming sources. The useful playback statistics will guarantee that geeks have all their information.

Numerous automated features guarantee your satisfaction

If you are curious, you can benefit from the fully automated program Podcast Addict, which provides numerous useful and intelligent features to utilize. Take advantage of the intriguing automatization features to update and download your existing podcasts.

Simultaneously, Podcast Addict will automatically scan for any available podcasts stored on your device, so you don’t need to search manually. You can also set custom settings for specific podcasts or manage the playback experience through other third-party applications.

Never lose data again with backup options

To ensure you’re happy with the app, Podcast Addict also provides numerous backup options that let you save your data in the app to any cloud storage that is accessible. This ensures that you don’t lose crucial data, such as settings or subscriptions, even when you accidentally delete or delete the application or wipe out its data. Just access backups available, and then you’ll be able to go back to the point you started.

Numerous radio networks are available that you can access

Here at Podcast Addict, Android users will be able to work with a wide range of radio stations that allow them to find their most loved stations quickly. You are free to explore your favorite content from different countries. For Chinese users, The HK Reporter will be your most reliable guide. For English users, the hundreds of radio stations available that come from BBC, CBS Radio News, CNN, NASA, Showtime, This American Life (TAL), and many more will delight you. The same is true for French users of Jazz Radio, Radio Canada, Radio France, and many more.

German users can benefit from Deutsche Welle, ORF, SRF, and many others. Italian will be able to take advantage of Rai Radio stations, Radio 24, and many others. With numerous miscellaneous channels, you’ll always take advantage of the app to the maximum.

Save your data on an SD card

To ensure that the app doesn’t take most of the internal storage on your device, you can utilize SD cards to save your files. Just enable this storage feature and give the app the ability to access the storage on your external device. It is possible to make this feature active.

A simple application that works with

If you are curious, you can take advantage of the user-friendly application called Podcast Addict, which provides you with numerous features. Start by looking through the premium feeds of podcasts that automatically present you with your favorite podcasts and some incredible ideas. Use the bookmarking settings to display all of your most-loved stations and programs. Use advanced filtering options to navigate various options in the app quickly.

You can easily reorder your radio and podcast subscriptions by moving and dropping the choices. If you’d like to enhance the UI of your app, Feel free to make numerous visual adjustments to match your personal preferences.

You can enable RSS feeds for premium or personal podcasts

In Podcast Addict, Android users can also have their RSS feeds to choose from. This feature allows you to listen to any premium or personal podcasts you have on your list of listening. This allows users to enjoy the app fully. It is possible to enable the full-screen reading mode of any of your RSS podcasts. Copy and paste any links to activate your RSS podcasts.

It is compatible with many external devices

The app is compatible with various other devices that are part of Podcast Addict, which will enable you to take full advantage of its capabilities. Make the most of the readily available Chromecast support to allow podcasts to play on your devices. Also, you can use Android wearable devices to allow rapid and easy notifications.

Podcast Addict MOD APK

Create your podcast reviews

If you are interested, you can make your podcast reviews using Podcast Addict, which will permit Android users to look over their top podcasts and learn about other people’s opinions. This is crucial to keep the community active by listening to high-quality audiobooks and making sure that you can make the best options for the type of podcast you’d like to hear.

It is a useful widget to use on the home screen

To enhance the user experience, Android users can now utilize the intuitive widget. It is easy to access the application’s features and settings on the home screen. It makes it easier to use.

Make it easy to share your content and advanced options

You can easily share your favorite content by using various advanced options for those interested. You can share your review of any podcast or radio station on any social network. The app will ensure you’re completely happy with your experiences sharing detailed descriptions and intriguing caption settings.

Download the no-cost and unlocked app available on our website

Despite all the amazing new features, Android people can enjoy using the no-cost and unlocked app from Podcast Addict on their mobile devices because of the mods available on our site. Just download Podcast Addict MOD APK, install it on your device Podcast Addict MOD APK, follow the steps provided, and then take advantage of the features it offers.

Final decisions

Be ready to participate in the fantastic selection of radio and podcasts on Podcast Addict. With a wealth of informative and engaging content, you will always find excellent channels to enjoy your time. With the no-cost or unlocked app available on our website, you can take full advantage of its features without paying for the application.

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