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Another top item on the listing is the Chinese online drama and mobile game Chapters: Interactive Stories, which was ranked in the top 30 and signified the popularity of Chinese games on mobile in a different international market sector.
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Tabou Stories is a unique mobile game of storytelling. It has various best stories;

however, the pace of play and its end are determined by the player’s choices. Get Tabou Stories for free now if you’d like to alter the storyline of your most-loved stories.

Have you ever sat through an episode of your favorite T.V. show and imagined you were the main role?

Tabou Stories is an interactive new role-playing game designed to allow you to play as you like. You’ll have to make crucial choices like dressing properly while navigating the great movies and falling into a relationship. In these romantic tales, you can fulfill your dreams of love real.

Tabou Stories includes a captivating assortment of comics. But, all of their changes are under the hands of their readers. Your choices to read Tabou Stories can change everything from romance to solving a crime or embarking on a thrilling adventure in fantasy.

General Information

Tabou Stories MOD APK 2.2.1 (Free Choices/Store)

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is a unique game created to give players an exciting experience. Players can play various roles playing the game, and it will be a fun experience for the participant. You’ll gain a lot of important experience. If you are looking for a captivating yet equally passionate love tale, then this game could be the perfect game for you.

The game’s play is very simple. It is a simple matter of using fingers to control the display. The game was designed to mimic dating games. Thus, the game’s gameplay will focus on exploring the story. Players will be required to decide if they want to continue the game’s story.

However, it’s also the challenge of this game offering players, and players must make the Right Choice to play. Every decision made by a player will lead to the outcome being different. Certain aspects will result in a positive while others could result in a negative.

There may be scenarios where players may end up losing their lives. Be aware whenever you can, as you don’t want to be an unlucky loser. There are generally three choices for players to pick from. They will then carry on the story taking place within the game.

The player will base the game’s decision on its character and the events before choosing to select the character. If the player is determined to make the best decision, they must discover what transpired before that decision.

If the player isn’t paying attention, it can be easy to make incorrect choices that could affect the entire gameplay. After that, the player has to repeat the game. However, before it comes to the end of the world, players also have the opportunity to make amends for their mistakes. Therefore, you don’t need to stress too much.

Background Story

One of the unique aspects of this game is that no story can alter the game. Instead, it is a mix of various stories. When players are introduced to the game, they’ll have a different experience thanks to numerous stories. There are many amazing stories.

The female character is transformed into a girl and is looking for the one she wants to marry by using the help of a matchmaker. However, the players are selected to be part of the reality show and famous personalities, such as actors and singers. Everyone is well-known and attractive. Their goal is to have a flirt with the girl. To dominate the players. Who will you pick today?

In this tale, the protagonist is a normal college girl; however, one day, things change. The next day she met Henry Lockwood, a young millionaire, and he invited her to become his imaginary girlfriend. However, he is a complex individual, as is his entire family, full of mystery.

The Game’s Popularity

Recently among the top 100 games that are the most played in the App Store in the United States (data on April 23), four interactive narrative games are included, including Episode 17th Chapters at 33rd position, Choice at 54th place along with Tabou Stories.

Even though the proportion of players isn’t very high, we have ranked these games that are narrative-based among the top-rated apps on the U.S. App Store for long-term performance. It is important to note that they can make funds, sometimes even exceeding the majority of moderate to heavy games, which is why interactive narrative games that are interactive have often received funding from major corporations.

According to the public records, In 2015, Tencent invested $60 million in Pocket Gem and got a 20 percent stake. In 2017 Tencent invested $90 million, increasing its shareholding ratio by 38 percent. In November of 2017, South Korean gaming giant Nexon (DNF running kart maker) acquired Choices developer Pixelberry for $100 million.

What is the capacity of these games to make money? In the case of the narrative Interactive Mobile Game Report released by the multinational tripartite company for data, In the very first quarter of the year, there were six narrative head interactive games across North America with a monthly turnover of more than fourteen million U.S. dollars. The most popular of these was Chapters: Interactive Stories successfully went out of the country.

The lifespan of such products is lengthy, and gaming heads are more focused on long-term earnings. According to the Sensor Tower’s calculations, the Episode of interactive narrative games has been available for more than six years. The annual turnover is still in the range of US$6 million. Chapters: Interactive Stories currently ranks as one of the top 50 most-loved games on the U.S. App Store.

Recommended Alternative: Chapters: Interactive Stories

Based on the analysis of data of the version that is available in the other countries of DataEye-ADX, the narrative-based interactive games featured through Chapters: Interactive Stories pay particular attention to meeting the females’ emotional needs in the promotion of purchases and are one of the main reasons this game can break women’s hearts with millions of gamers. The majority of games available concentrate more on an aura of coolness and the feeling of winning in terms of gameplay and imagination. But, the emotional state of female gamers is more intense and common.

In January, Chinese Online ranked 30th in App Annie’s publisher revenue overseas list. Their mobile-based game Chapters: Interactive Stories rose to 32nd place in the overseas revenues of Sensor Tower’s local games in February. The interactive mobile game plot has demonstrated its potential to draw attention from overseas. Based on Sensor Tower data, the iOS and Android version of the game’s total revenue was $4 million during February.

Another top item on the listing is the Chinese online drama and mobile game Chapters: Interactive Stories, which was ranked in the top 30 and signified the popularity of Chinese games on mobile in a different international market sector.

The largest market for this game is the United States, accounting for 70% of sales.

There are other competitors in the U.S. market, including Choices: Stories You Play and Episode-Choose Your Story; both the packaging for the game and the advertising materials are identical; however, the play flow of these two games is steady. It is evident that when the top players in the purchasing market discover the interactive game plot, the subsequent investment return is fairly secure. Based on data from the Sensor Tower platform for advertising intelligence, the game has been promoted through the Facebook and Applovin platforms.

Tabou Stories MOD APK 2.2.1 (Free Choices/Store)

Final Words

Tabou Stories is a mobile game that is centered around playing love stories. The game is rich in storytelling and offers various options to give you a more enjoyable experience. They offer more story-based content, letting you play and enjoy the game. What are you waiting for? Your heart may not be enough to make a difference in action. Visit the 2265 Android network. Have you ever imagined you’re the main character of your favorite romantic film? Tabou Stories allows you to achieve this. Make the right choices, wear beautiful clothes, look through the story and get yourself a crush. In Tabou Stories, you can realize your secret dreams.


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