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8 Jun 2022
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Are you intrigued by the world of taxi drivers? Do you want to experience thrilling rides that take you through a range of fascinating cities around the globe? Take a drive and enjoy the precise simulations of different taxis, each with distinctive styles and characteristics. Begin to become a regular driver, and then progress to get the most stunning vehicles.

Enjoy yourself as you plunge into the thrilling and exciting driving simulator game. You will be able to take on compelling driving challenges that include various objectives and engaging gameplay. Experience stunning images and the immersive open-world environment. Take a journey through massive cities and interact with fascinating travelers.

Learn more about this incredible mobile game in our Taxi Sim 2020 (MOD Unlimited Money) review.


In the game, Android players will be able to play another authentic and authentic taxi simulator from the well-known Ovidiu Pop. This time, the game is packed with a range of exciting features and upgraded features you will find interesting. Therefore, it’s time to get into the most authentic and exciting experience with Taxi Sim 2020.

In this game, you’ll play in the taxi industry as a chauffeur employed within some of the world’s most stunning and fascinating cities. You’ll find yourself driving around these beautiful cities in London, Paris, New York, Rome, Miami, and many more with distinctive designs and environments.

However, what’s more important is the incredible driving experience with large areas, lively traffic, fascinating passengers, and much more are sure to make you feel as if you’re actually in the streets and on your most loved taxi rides.

Enjoy yourself playing on your own while you take on the thrilling taxi driver challenges, each with different gameplay and goals. Also, you can play Online Multiplayer, where you can play against your friends and fellow gamers worldwide. Take the next step in taxi simulation by playing this new game by Ovidiu Pop.

Taxi Sim 2020 MOD APK


You’ll find the most exciting features this game offers:

Have fun with the variety of vehicles

For starters, Android gamers in Taxi Sim 2020 will soon be enjoying the thrilling and exciting taxi simulation game with the most recent updates from the renowned series. In Taxi Sim 2020, you can play with many different types of taxis while taking your passengers around the city.

Begin with the cheapest Taxi and move to higher ranks as you begin to drive on the latest SUVs, luxury vehicles, sports cars, and more. Take pleasure in the incredible cars, each with distinct styles and features. Choose the best cars and provide your offerings to clients.

Explore huge cities and have an immersive experience

For those interested, you’ll be able to access the fantastic in-game cities, each with its unique environment. Enjoy yourself while exploring the incredible towns and push your taxi simulator gameplay to the max.

Explore a range of driving challenges using your taxis, get to know individuals who are unique, and have fun with the diverse traffic patterns in every city. Most importantly, those who love to travel in beautiful and well-designed towns will provide the most authentic travel experiences when traveling through these roads.

You have the chance to visit all these cities just like Bus Simulator Indonesia, but now, instead of just one city, you’ll ride across the globe. Dive into the beautiful and famous towns while exploring these cities.

Touch controls that are intuitive and real

To enhance the experience and be enjoyable, players playing Taxi Sim 2020 will also have access to the authentic control system, which includes numerous exciting and engaging features. You’ll appreciate real-world controls that include tilt steering, virtual touch buttons, and even virtual steering amazing. In this game, you can enjoy the incredible control buttons as you move through the various tasks. It will feel as if you’re driving on real roads.

Realistic driving simulations that include a wealth of interactive features

If you’re looking for something to do, Taxi Sim 2020 also offers a wide range of intriguing features that will significantly enhance your involvement and enjoyment in the game. In addition, you’ll see the original features of the vehicle on your driving experience to be excellent.

Your car will likely get filthy while driving, particularly during the rain. If you crash into other drivers or onto objects on roads, the real-time damage system will show actual damages to your vehicle that require repairs.

Furthermore, the many passengers who have their preferences of drivers will surely make your trips an enjoyable experience. This being said, some people would prefer more safe and stable rides, whereas other passengers would not mind the possibility of speeding up more.

With the precise and dynamic system of weather specific to each city, paired with the stunning surroundings and immersive design, it will give you the feeling of actually driving.

Intelligent and accurate AI traffic

If you’re curious, players playing Taxi Driver 2020 will also be able to experience the real city traffic, which is intelligent and varied AI-generated traffic. They include a myriad of vehicle vans, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles, which will pass every time you’re in the roadway. In addition, the incredible pedestrian traffic can give you a better idea of the situation in different cities. Make sure you follow the laws and regulations when you travel to ensure safe transportation for your passengers and other travelers.

Taxi Sim 2020 MOD APK

Play the game in various styles

The game is fun; Android players will have access to various games that they can play and enjoy:

Career – begin your online adventure by enjoying the thrilling Career challenges. Take a taxi and start working to make your way through the city of big. Transfer all passengers safely to the desired destination safely and securely. Save money for upgrades to your vehicles, and feel at ease taking on new problems in future cities.

Free Roam – and in addition to the vast cities and the pulsating traffic, you’ll discover yourself exploring and enjoying the fantastic landscapes, each with distinct characteristics and characteristics. Enjoy the incredible games and enjoy yourself.

Multiplayer. For those curious, it’s possible to enjoy amusement with your friends and taxi drivers on the fun Multiplayer mode. Have fun with your passengers, and challenge other drivers on the Leaderboards.
Enjoy the fun of weekly challenges, and get new vehicles in every update
For those interested, you’ll be able to participate in the most exciting weekly challenges within the game. You are welcome to take part in these challenges as you earn various reward points for the driver you choose to use.

However, if you’re interested in driving around in new cars that have particular styles in your mind, You can get in touch with Taxi Sim 2020 for new vehicles. You are welcome to take a ride in these fantastic rides when you reach out to the publisher on their social Pages.

Play for free

Despite all the fantastic features, however, the game is free for Android players to play on mobile devices. In any case, it is easy to locate it and install the game on Google Play Store. Google Play Store without having to pay any money.

You can earn unlimited money using our method

But, as the game remains a no-cost product, ads or in-game buy-ins are not a choice. This is why you may opt for the unlimited money mod for the available game on our site that will provide the game with more exciting gameplay. It’s all you need to download and install Taxi Sim 2020 Mod APK on our site. Enjoy unlimited in-game purchases, ads-free gaming, and much more.

Sound and visual quality


Get fully involved in the thrilling taxi simulator gameplay within Taxi Sim 2020 as you play the game to its fullest. Experience the thrill of driving accurate and real-life vehicles that have stunning designs. Take a trip to beautiful cities across the globe with famous structures. Most importantly, the realistic environments and immersive traffic patterns will make you feel like you’re in a taxi. With the customizable visual options, it’s also possible for gamers to play on a variety of Android devices without having stutters or lags.


In addition, the impressive and intense sound effects throughout your game’s journey will let players fully get into the game. This means that with Taxi Sim 2020, you’ll be able to explore and enjoy the incredible in-game sound with authentic car engine sounds, nimble ambient sound effects, and exciting soundtracks. Dive into the challenging driving game and experience an authentic taxi driving experience.

Download Taxi Sim 2020 Mod, the most recent version 1.2.35 Android APK

If you’re seeking an authentic taxi driving experience, Taxi Sim 2020 should be among the top mobile games currently available. Indeed, you’ll have great fun while playing its fantastic gameplay. With beautiful cities to explore, breathtaking vehicles to discover, and a variety of thrilling missions to take part in and complete, you’ll never end up bored in Taxi Sim 2020. In addition, Taxi Sim 2020 is free and without restrictions on our site, making it an absolute must-play for anyone.

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