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If you're interested in the game, Fairy Brakes offers the distinctive style of 3-D gaming, which you will find original and strangely satisfying. Additionally, with vivid graphics and awe-inspiring physical physics, every second of the game is highly engaging for Android players.
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23 Aug 2021
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You can enjoy the endless driving adventures in Faily Brakes. You will assist an individual driver stuck on the highway of hell when he suddenly discovers that his brake failed.

Go straight for the cliffs while you enjoy the most thrilling off-road adventures.

Controls the car to keep it clear of obstacles, collects buffs for additional bonuses, and much more. Help your driver survive the endlessly dangerous terrains while you play the endless running game within Faily Brakes. Explore the distinctive and enjoyable game’s ragdoll-like physics as you move.

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The game starts when our automotive enthusiast Phil Family, who is along the way. When he is preparing to slow down to make a turn, he discovers that the brakes aren’t working. This is why he and the vehicle were thrown off the cliffs and began an unpleasant journey.

As a player, you’ll need aid Phil to stay clear of the obstacles on the trails. You’ll need to find the best ways to avoid the dangers. You’ll drive along the mountainsides and then fly through the roads and train tracks.

Find buffs on the way to make your ride more relaxing and enjoyable. Find new vehicles and characters while you drive them to the most epic tracks, from the mountain ridges to unique underground maps.

Enjoy thrilling journeys through


This page will provide all the exciting features this game offers:

Simple and user-friendly control of the touch screen

For the first time, Android gamers in Faily Brakes will be able to enjoy the game of racing that is unique and has optimized controls. In Family Brakes, you don’t have to be concerned about speeding up or slowing down because you can only move left and right when enjoying the scenery of the mountains. You can choose from various control options, including the virtual button, tilt capabilities gestures, gestures, and much more. Select the best experience you will enjoy with the Android devices.

Dive into unique and refreshing driving experiences

You’ll first have access to a thrilling and refreshing driving experience with Family Brakes. Choose your most loved rides and don amazing costumes as you leap into the endless downhills. Move between left and right and stay clear of any obstacles that come to your route.

Beware of streams, trees, rocks and traffic if you aren’t looking to send your vehicle flying off the car. In the endless game, you’ll have constant accidents and infinite enjoyment.

You can collect many boosters on the way

It also comes with numerous boosters that can be collected throughout the play to make your ride more relaxing and enjoyable. Install the shield to safeguard your car from accidents. Install magnets on your vehicle to collect coins easily. You can also slow things down by using instant time boosts to allow you to make smooth turns on challenging tracks. You are free to use the infinite boosters and buffs to earn the best scores on Faily Brakes.

Get amazing rides in specific vehicles

For those interested in playing the game, various cars can be purchased. Enjoy riding on every kind of vehicle, from sports cars to SUVs, monster cars, and the Batmobile. Ride at awe-inspiring speeds while also avoiding exciting obstacles using Faily Brakes. Find more exciting and unique automobiles the further you become into the action.

Ride your bikes to the most epic tracks

Alongside the traditional mountainside tracks, riders can also take a take on different maps that will take players to the most popular destinations around the globe. Explore the bustling cities, ride racing tracks, fly off the snowy mountains or even experience bizarre space environments. There is a myriad of ways to discover.

You can play the game with a variety of characters

Furthermore, players are also able to play with a variety of surfaces. In other words, you can play the role of Gangster Family, Cowboy Family, Cop Family, and Panda Family, making the game extremely entertaining. With various styles and expressions, it’s sure to be great fun playing around with them, mainly when they fly off the road.

Remember all the memorable moments from the game

If you want to preserve their unforgettable moments in the game, you can capture a 360o image of your driver’s performance. You can also record slow-motion videos as you are performing amazing stunts. You can freely distribute the videos with your friends or save them yourself. You can replay the videos and return to your pictures whenever you like.

Meet with gamers and friends from around the world

Most importantly, along with the endless single-player challenges, Family Brakes players are also allowed to have fun playing with other players from across the globe. You can take at your opponents’ ghosts or defeat them in live-time races. Compete against your opponents and earn points to climb the rankings table. Be proud of your accomplishments and much more.

Play for free

The game is available for free to all Android players to play this game, which is quite surprising considering its impressive capabilities. However, installing it on your mobile devices through Google Play Store is possible. Google Play Store without having to pay a dime.

Get unlimited cash with our unique method.
Suppose you’re looking for a more satisfying experience with unlimited in-app purchases and no advertisements. In that case, our altered versions of this game will surely interest you. Please choose your preferred costumes, go on your favourite cars, and enjoy access to the various tracks while you play with unlimited money in our mod. All that is required is downloading and installing Faily Brakes Mod APK Faily Brakes Mod APK on your mobile devices.

Sound and visual quality

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If you’re interested in the game, Fairy Brakes offers the distinctive style of 3-D gaming, which you will find original and strangely satisfying. Additionally, with vivid graphics and awe-inspiring physical physics, every second of the game is highly engaging for Android players.


Get lost in the thrilling rides of Family Brakes as you guide your driver through various obstacles while listening to the enthralling music. Furthermore, the high-quality and precise sound effects make the game much more intuitive and enjoyable for Android players.

Get Daily Brakes Mod the most recent version, 29.2 Android APK

If you’re searching for your most loved racer game for casual play will be able to find Family Brakes enjoyable. It’s not just easy and enjoyable gameplay but allows players to play various game modes and content. Most importantly, thanks to our modified gameplay, you will be able to enjoy all the features available without cost and not be distracted by ads.

If you’re not convinced that the game is enough, Crash of Cars and Smashy Road: Wanted are two great games that share similar ideas and are sure to please.

Family Brakes to its fullest

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