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In this case, you will have all of your sent and received data encrypted and stored completely anonymously on legitimate German servers. This allows you to use the app without encountering any issues.
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10 Jun 2022
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Following a diet or fasting is a huge challenge for most people. And, sometimes, we lose our efforts to shed weight after only a couple of doughnuts.

Most of the time, the reason for your sudden giving up is pretty straightforward.

Or you’re not equipped with the strategies and plans or the determination to meet your tasks. If you’re looking to keep your resolutions for the new year and improvements, it is vital to take a seat and sketch your plans for a coming couple of weeks.

What are your primary objectives?

What are your strategies and tactics? What are the steps you can take to implement those strategies and approaches?

And that’s when YAZIO Calorie Counter shines because the app provides you with the information you need to set up and execute your healthy diet or lifestyle plans.

You’ll find every step of your list to help you explore and follow. In addition, you’ll have complete guides and instructions that are easy to follow, motivational messages, and other fascinating features that will certainly assist you in achieving your goals. You’ll be able to have your coach help you live your health-conscious lifestyle.

By reading our full review, you can learn more about the fantastic mobile app by YAZIO

What are the implications?

YAZIO Calorie Counter MOD APK 7.9.4 (Pro Unlocked)
For those who are seeking a dependable program for changing your diet or eating better and enhancing your health habits, YAZIO Calorie Counter is available to assist.

To that end, by using the app, you’ll get a personal trainer and motivational experts to equip you with the information you require to continue your progress.

YAZIO Calorie Counter will help draw up a complete and easy improvement plan to follow based on your current situation and your personal preferences.

This will allow Android customers to enjoy their experiences in the app thoroughly. With this app, you’ll be able to set reminders to set your scheduled schedules for the next few days, as well as clear directions and suggestions at every step to simplify the process.

Most importantly, the motivational tool will help you never stop getting up whenever you use the application.


If interested, you can download the app through Google Play Store. Google Play Store without having to spend a dime. In the end, the app provides free services to all users to use on mobile devices. You only need an Android operating device running firmware version 6.0 or higher to guarantee compatibility.

Get the app installed and sign up for a free account with YAZIO Calorie Counter, so you can begin using the capabilities. Also, you will need a reliable Internet connection if you want to download specific in-app resources.

To experience a better experience, Android users will need to pay for in-app purchases with the premium versions of the app. In addition, you’ll have access to additional valuable and useful features.

Amazing features

Here are all the incredible capabilities that the app can provide:

Personal plans for health improvement

For the beginning, Android users in YAZIO Calorie Counter will be able to use the features in the app that allow you to design your plan for losing weight, building muscles, or maintaining your fitness and keeping your weight. You are free to set up your profile by providing specific demands and requirements.

The application will create straightforward enhancement plans. This is where you can take the ultimate step to improve your health and lead healthy habits.

A complete calories table to lookup

Additionally, for those curious about this app, it will include its entire collection of available nutrition breakdowns and calories of over 2 million different foods.

It allows you to look up the nutritional value of all kinds of food from around the globe and see their calories total and other nutritional information in a complete and consistent table.

This lets you quickly recognize drinks and food items with the highest levels of carbs and fats, alerting you to the fact that you must be as careful as you can.

In addition, YAZIO Calorie Counter also evaluates healthy food choices in different categories, so you can easily find the best foods to meet your particular requirements.

It is helpful to keep track of your nutrition during your meals

To enable users to monitor and manage their diet thoroughly, YAZIO Calorie Counter now provides a helpful Nutrition tracker and Food diary options available to all users. With these, you’ll be able to quickly track calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats consumed by your body in specific meals and foods.

This will give you complete information on your consumption of nutrition. More importantly, the process will slowly develop a suitable nutrition program to help you maintain your health, considering your personal preferences and conditions. for food.

Develop a diet and meal plan that is suitable to meet your specific requirements

More specifically, these plans will be incorporated into healthy meals and diets that supply all the vital nutrients your body requires. They will let you know what foods to eat and the benefits they bring to your overall health.

If you’re one of those who are curious, YAZIO Calorie Counter now includes delicious and healthy food recipes available to download and enjoy anytime you’d like.

With over 100 recipes, each with their unique methods, customers will always be in a position to cook these simple but delicious meals.

Set your schedule and monitor your progression

In addition, when you have your meals and diets prepared, YAZIO Calorie Counter will provide you with a complete improvement plan that includes clear and easy-to-follow schedules and guidelines to follow. The users will be able to see their food and exercise schedules for the coming days prepared in advance, which means that all you have to do is follow the carefully drawn plans.

You may also modify your program by altering the events or copying certain portions of the days to other days to create a more customized plan.

While at the same time, the app keeps track of your workouts, sports and other activities to determine the calories you burn. They also track the routine actions of walking or steps and other activities that will provide a complete report.

The progress will be recorded in the system and displayed in the application that can provide as long as 2.5 years of following. So, you can track how much you’ve progressed over time.

Self-measurements are essential, and you should have a health test


To ensure your health is in good shape, YAZIO Calorie Counter will give you all the measurements and a health checker to ensure users can monitor their health at all times.

Begin by keeping track of your body fat, blood pressure, and blood sugars from external sources. You can gauge your waist, breast and hip circumference using the guidelines.

Also, look up the nutrients you are consuming in your body with the meals and foods you have calculated. Record your daily weights and input the results into the app to keep them adequately recorded.

In addition to all the information, YAZIO Calorie Counter will comprehensively assess your overall health. This is where you can pick a complete analysis that includes your diet and your current body stats.

The app will evaluate your performance and accomplishments. They will reveal how healthy your overall health is and what you can do to improve it. While at the same time, it may inspire you to make further progress.

Control options that are intuitive and easy to access

To have a more enjoyable experience using the app, Android users using YAZIO Calorie Counter can choose to connect their devices to various other health-related external equipment.

Begin by synchronizing your health and app progress through Google Fit so that you can track all modifications to your health through Wear App. Wear App.

Additionally, you can discover more user-friendly and easy control using the widget and shortcuts features available in YAZIO Calorie Counter, which can provide easy and enjoyable user-friendly experiences in the app.

Join the massive community around the globe

Of course, the best part is that using YAZIO Calorie Counter allows Android users to enjoy the vast community in-game, with more than 6 million active users worldwide. You can learn instructions and tips from experts about how to utilize the application there. While you’re there, enjoy your interactions with the supportive community.

Data storage that is secure and safe

Additionally, to ensure that you don’t face any privacy or security issues using the app, Android users in YAZIO Calorie Counter can relax being aware that YAZIO is a German company and is bound to adhere to all data protection legislations of German regulations and laws.

In this case, you will have all of your sent and received data encrypted and stored completely anonymously on legitimate German servers. This allows you to use the app without encountering any issues.

You can download the pro version at absolutely no cost on our website

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For those who are curious, you can get the professional edition of YAZIO Calorie Counter on our website. The app offers numerous enjoyable experiences with unlocked content and the ability to experience ads-free. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy the app to the maximum.

It’s all it takes to download and install Calorie Counter Pro YAZIO APK from our website; follow the directions to install it, and you’ll be set to go.

Final decisions

If you’re seeking to improve your lifestyle and general health, this app by YAZIO can assist in completing your perfect three-pack of health apps for Android. In the end, with other apps like Freeletics training coach and fitness tracker Fitify: Exercise Routines and training plans, Android users can now benefit from their diets perfectly calculated in YAZIO Calorie Counter for absolutely no cost course.

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