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I think the soundtrack of the game isn't enough to be discussed. You can hear the unique sound of their weapons and the sounds monsters emit when they are hit.
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14 Jun 2022
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If you or one family member were born during the 1980s or 90s and loved hack ‘n’ slash games, I’m sure you’ll never remember “Diablo” or “The Binding Of Issac.” As a player, I know that these two games have created a lot of memories in their gamers in their minds.

However, all the kids of the 80s and 90s are now grown up, and there’s no time to play playing video games fully on weekends. What if there were a game that players could bring with them everywhere?

Hero Siege: 

Pocket Edition was developed in collaboration with Panic Art Studios. The game first came out on PC and became a massive game on Steam. Due to its immense popularity and the huge popularity of the Hero Siege fans, the game’s creator has brought players the Pocket Edition. Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is a hack, hack, and slash game that includes RPG and roguelike components and will provide hours of fun.


In the depths of Tarethiel In Tarethiel, a wicked demon has been awakened by a monk group, and legends suggest Satan will come out of Hell to take over and destroy the entire world. It is believed that the Earth is in dire need of heroes now! The players will be heroes who are on the way to saving the world from the brink of extinction. They’ll have to fight battles against various pixelated creatures across different locations and gather powerful loot.

A long, arduous journey is waiting to be explored. Explore. With the various difficulty levels, numerous enemies, and so many achievements to earn, there’s no way Hero Siege: Pocket Edition will let you down.

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition MOD APK 5.7.0 (Unlimited Money)


up to 17 different classes that have customizable characters

Hero Siege:

 Pocket Edition presents to players 17 distinct classes that can be played. Each lesson comes with two skill trees and various types and designs. Hero Siege: Pocket Edition offers everything you need, from melee classes to ranged classes, witches to scientists. To determine which kind of class best suits your needs, They are encouraged to test all the lessons they’d like.

If you are any of these melee character types, you’ll have a better chance of being damaged and with a high amount of speed of damage. However, the ranged classes are less powerful than melee. However, they offer you greater security.

The players should not miss out on the opportunity to collect portraits, hats, and minions to make their characters stand out from the crowd. There are more than 150 caps to pick from, including a Robin Hood hat, Unicorn Horn, Halloween Pumpkin, etc.

Minions can aid you in defeating monsters. You can also collect them and call them whatever you want. There are two kinds of minions: Melee Minions and Ranged Minions.

Seven enjoyable acts, along with randomly generated levels

In all seven Acts, including two bonus acts. Each Act contains six stories. The last one is always the boss. The Acts can be found below:

  • Act I: Forests of Tarethiel
  • Act 2: The Glacial Tundra
  • Act 3: Deserts of Mos’ Arathim
  • Act 4: Highland Caves
  • Act 5: Plains of Karponia
  • Act 6: Holy Grounds
  • Act 7: The Rift

Two bonus acts include Sheeponia and Fallen Inaya.

Each Act is filled with different types of enemies. The more the Acts and levels, the more powerful the monsters and bosses. Be assured that some guides and tutorials will help you adapt to the game if this isn’t for you.

In defeating the boss in Act 6, players can unlock nightmare, hell, and inferno modes.

Over 170 hand-crafted artifacts

Players can gain a special Relic by defeating bosses, opening chests, or in an encounter. Each relic grants the player additional abilities or effects. Each player can only have one active whiff, and there are 30 passive relics available at the same time. If you die, the relics you have will be destroyed. The types of dinosaurs you can find below:


These relics travel around the user and attack any opponent that gets too close or causes an effect of defense.

The following: they can follow the player to attack the enemy.

Active: These are placed under the health/mana bar. The active relics are different in their capabilities and skills compared to enemies.

On Passive or Hit: These relics trigger when you use your attacks. Each comes with its formula for cooldown, proc, and damage.

Passive or Stat Modifiers These will boost one or more stats for as long as you’re alive.

Multiplayer game mode

It’s unique that in multiplayer mode, you cannot use your existing player and must make an entirely new character. Players can create 18 slots when playing multiplayer and single way—up to four players per game.


There are currently seven components included in Hero Siege: Pocket Edition. Each one has its distinct effect, but Physical and Magic comprise the default effects.

It is a physical force that gives motion speed.


Physical, freezes enemies from moving and attacks more slowly.

Fire, both Physical and Magical, can be applied to enemies.


Magic applies the ability to stack opponents.


 Magic creates an electric bolt that bounces between opponents when players engage.

Trading and Currency

Hero Siege:

 Pocket Edition offers a trading system if a player is carrying the item you’re seeking. Each player has to sign two times after placing their items. Remember the entire trade process, as some people might attempt to fool you.

The game uses two primary currencies: jade ore and rubies. Baddies and bosses drop rubies, chests, and jade ore can be traded.

Unlimited Money

In all honesty, it’s the most beneficial feature because if a few of you don’t want to take on war or open your chests, you can purchase anything you want without any worries.

Untitled design (43)



The crisp and sharp graphics, with cute, pixelated characters and backgrounds. I’m not the biggest fan of spiders; however, with Hero Siege: Pocket Edition, the spiders aren’t frightening me in any way. The frame rate is very smooth, and the controls are simple.


I think the soundtrack of the game isn’t enough to be discussed. You can hear the unique sound of their weapons and the sounds monsters emit when they are hit.


There is no certainty the case that Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is a game that is addictive that has challenging levels as well as a variety of things to collect. The story may not entice gamers, but the gameplay will. Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is a game worth playing and will provide players the thrill you’ve always wanted to have.


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