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For hardcore Cover Strike shooters, the latest title by Top Actions will undoubtedly impress you with its deep gameplay and satisfying action. With a variety of weapons, fascinating maps, a variety of game missions and authentic movement, Cover Strike can easily be considered among the best games. The game is free and accessible on our site. You can play for free and enjoy the PvP and shooter experience.
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15 Jun 2022
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If the thrilling FPS gameplay attracts you, this fantastic game by Top Actions will undoubtedly impress you with its unique gameplay. Enjoy the tremendous shooter experience featuring addictive PvP and PvE aspects with Cover Strike. You are welcome to grab your guns to take on the most thrilling shooter-related tasks.

Enjoy the accessible and easy-to-use game mechanics that swiftly acquaint you with the enjoyable and relaxing shooter game. Experience the thrilling and exciting shooting experience by using a wide assortment of weapons. Personalize and customize your in-game experience with the many features available, and you will always be entirely comfortable in the game.

Learn more about the fantastic Android title by Top Actions with our reviews.


The game’s Android gamer will enjoy thrilling gameplay experiences in Cover Strike and dive into hundreds of shooter-related challenges which will guide you through thrilling and exciting action. Play the thrilling shooter game featuring the traditional conflict between terrorists and counter-terrorists.

Play unique missions and tasks with original gameplay. You can be a terrorist and take off the police officers of the enemy and take over hostages or explode specific locations using your bombs. You can also join forces with justice and defend the innocent from the dangers of terrorists. Whatever you choose, you’ll still be able to play with excitement in exciting and thrilling shooter games.

At the same time, you’ll be engaged in the stunning maps available from various places. Take whatever weapon you’re most interested in. Have fun playing the innovative and intriguing shooting strategies within the game.

Cover Strike MOD APK

Here are the best features the game has to include:

Simple and easy to play

From the beginning, Android gamers in Cover Strike will soon be playing the fun and accessible shooter experience because of its easy gameplay and mechanics. Therefore, it’s feasible to start playing the game at any moment and instantly enjoy the exciting FPS games.

Simultaneously, thanks to the intuitive and customizable control of the touch screen, Cover Strike offers straightforward gameplay for Android gamers to immerse themselves into their shooter adventures completely. Utilize the analogue-like virtual controls and easy-to-use touch buttons to navigate your character through the battles efficiently.

Use the comfortable gesture controls to direct your shooting and experience addictive shooter games. Additionally, you can fine-tune the authorities to give you more precise and precise experiences when fighting.

Experience the thrilling shooting experience with a range of guns

In addition to those interested in the game, it includes a full arsenal of weapons, including various models from different manufacturers with different players to choose from. It is possible to purchase any of your preferred firearms from the arsenal and have fun shooting by playing the game.

Explore new ways of shooting with modern guns such as Desert Eagle, AK47, M4A1, AAP, and more. Play different fighting styles with the various guns you own and enjoy the many options you can take advantage of at any time during the game.

You can play each side and experience a variety of experiences

Of course, when you play Cover Strike, you’ll also be able to experience a fantastic shooter experience from both sides. Enjoy playing as terrorists and commit all sorts of crimes to reach your objective. You are involving hostages, destroying structures, and going up against your enemies head-on.

You can enjoy exciting combats and tactical actions when you are on the side of justice. Prepare your strategies to capture and kill the terrorists threatening your life, protect hostages, stop opponents from putting bombs, and so on.

Many maps and intriguing tactics

In addition to choosing the weapons that best suit your style of play, players playing Cover Strike will also find themselves enjoying the thrilling FPS gameplay across various maps, each with its distinct environments and unique strategies. This is where Android gamers can take part in exciting and entertaining shooter adventures as you decide multiple methods according to the environment configurations and the position of enemies on specific maps.

Unique character and weapon modifications

If you’re curious, you can enjoy exciting gameplay experiences in Cover Strike with many attractive personalization options for characters. Begin by putting on different skins for your guns and take on your adversaries with style. At all times, you can choose to play the great combats that you can engage in with different characters, each with distinct designs.

Play the game even without the Internet

To let players thoroughly enjoy their thrilling shooter experience, The game also provides an entirely offline experience that you can enjoy without connecting to the Internet. You can have fun playing the exciting game Cover Strike whenever you’re outdoor without spending all your data allowance on mobile devices.

Play with other gamers and friends online

However, to those curious, you can enjoy the thrilling online shooter games when you play with players and friends from around the world for addictive multiplayer games. Experience the great combats in which you are ranked to win the fantastic leaderboards. Get the top spot and get the rewards you’d like.

You can earn daily rewards, as well as free prizes

Android gamers can receive multiple tips in their usual playing to increase the fun. When you complete a mission, you will be rewarded with interesting random prizes. While at the same time, remain on the lookout for the exciting daily rewards open to everyone to collect without any effort.

Cover Strike MOD APK

Play for free

Despite all the thrilling gaming experiences, Android gamers in Cover Strike can now enjoy playing the game at no cost. Therefore, you can download the game from Google Play Store. Google Play Store without having to spend a dime.

Enjoy unlocked game experiences

If you’re interested, you could gain access to the unlocked edition of the game by using our mod. You can play all of the weapons available full-time, purchase anything without paying or paying for ads and many more. It’s all it takes to get the Cover Strike MOD APK from our website.

Sound and visual quality


When immersed in the thrilling action in Cover Strike, you’ll also be amazed to discover that the FPS game has stunning 3D graphics comparable to even Modern Ops, Bullet Force and other similar titles. In this game, Android players are treated to impressive visual effects and engaging in-game animations that allow them to be fully immersed in the exciting and thrilling activities.

Most importantly, thanks to the optimized gameplay and custom graphics, you will find the game extraordinarily fluid and enjoyable even on low-end devices.


Alongside the engaging and immersive visuals, players in Cover Strike will also have the opportunity to plunge into the action by enjoying excellent gameplay audio. Enjoy an action-packed and thrilling experience that features powerful sound effects and captivating soundtracks that keep you engaged in the shooting experience for hours.

Final thoughts

For hardcore Cover Strike shooters, the latest title by Top Actions will undoubtedly impress you with its deep gameplay and satisfying action. With a variety of weapons, fascinating maps, a variety of game missions and authentic movement, Cover Strike can easily be considered among the best games. The game is free and accessible on our site. You can play for free and enjoy the PvP and shooter experience.

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