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The King of Thieves game is appropriate for players who wish to push their thinking and could inspire them to become awestruck by the new bunkers.
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The game features a cartoon-like style and bright colours as its predecessor, Cut The Rope, King of Thieves also has impressive results because of its unique gameplay that combines jumping and running.

Also, it is a game of confrontation between two players.

The goal of the player of King of Thieves is to find an escape route and steal silver and gold out of more than 80 different dungeons throughout the kingdom and even from their friends.

If you’ve played games which cause discord like Pirates King, you probably recognize the pleasure of sterling silver and gold from your pals or in reverse.

To commemorate 10 million downloaded games, the publisher ZeptoLab announced a major update to King of Thieves.

With this update, players can participate in battles with other players (Guild Battle). Two teams with the same traits will battle to determine which team has the fastest time and earns more gems and gold coins.

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General Information

King of Thieves is one of the most recent games from ZeptoLab, the founder of the Cut The Rope game series, thanks to the massive popularity of the beautiful creature Om Nom. Gamers praise King of Thieves.

The game is in a traditional style that is comfortable to play and simple to play, but the difficulty grows as you go through levels.

King of Thieves transforms the player to become tiny thief with the job of stealing gems and gold from other players to back the Dungeon.

In this game, players can combine gems to gain an important treasure and need to create traps to stop plundering from other players.

ZeptoLab is doing a fantastic job of combining casual and multiplayer games to create the King of Thieves to compete with your friends and other players.

The game’s gameplay, King of Thieves, is also easy and fun. It will have multiple levels of play that correspond to totally different Dungeons. The player will control a tiny criminal who has to overcome obstacles along the way to reach the desired destination safely.

The obstacles range from traps, guillotines and cannons to monsters ready to take out the small thieves. Therefore, players must control their characters to fly, run or jump and stay on the wall to overcome challenging obstacles.

After every round, the rewards are a part of what makes it worth the effort, and that’s the gold-filled treasures and precious gems.

You’ll need to avoid these obstacles by jumping and running, just as in other games on platforms.

However, you’ll also have to guard your treasure against theft.

The game provides traps ranging from low to high levels that you can arrange as you wish; however, there is the possibility of a limit, so you cannot completely cover the space with traps.

With unique gameplay, high connectivity and adorable visuals, King of Thieves is considered light but a lovely breeze for gamers who love mobile games during the long holiday season.

The plot of Thieves World

The storyline for King of Thieves is straightforward. You will play the role of an armed thief who aims to steal the treasures of thieves before earning the status of a renowned “super thief.” The plot isn’t new or old and is certainly not the most exciting of the ZeptoLab games.

The players then played the game, which the company had promoted before. It did not disappoint. King of Thieves offers a unique combination of the goalkeeper (tower defence) and flying (platform).

In terms of tower defence, it is like Clash of Clans when the player must construct his castle to defend against an enemy attack with force.

Each time you take the treasure, according to the severity of death, more or less, you’ll be given a rating of 1-to-3 stars, with the exact bonus amount.

To avoid placing traps in difficult locations, the game requires players to take on the dangers twice before using them. Thus, there will be no risk for you and the other players in The King of Thieves.

Special Features


King of Thieves is built with an original storyline in which every game player is a criminal. That’s right! You have to break into the neighbours’ houses to make your money disappear to get wealthy.

But, you must be able to overcome the obstacles that they have set up to accomplish your evil intentions. Don’t forget to secure your belongings.

You’ll take on the role of a thief with many tricks and unique skills. Your objective is to get into the hidden treasures of other players and take important objects.

Of course, other players will not readily let you steal their belongings, and they’ll hinder you by creating traps.

Operating System

As it was introduced in the game King of Thieves, the game features a simpler single-touch control method. So your character will instantly move each time you touch the screen, allowing your character to leap high.

The main obstacles are moving cogs and guards that hinder your access to your neighbour’s treasure. Players must be careful when manipulating. Every time they make an error is enough to cause the player to lose his life.


Additionally, players can join the fun that has around 80 levels of gaming waiting to be explored. Each screen in the game will be secured with various locks and opened only after the player has activated the appropriate primary lock.


In terms of graphics, King of Thieves keeps the same beautiful style as his siblings. The graphics within the game will be shown with a vibrant animation that is eye-catching and easy to spot. The game’s soundtrack also gives gamers a lively atmosphere thanks to beautiful and quick background music.

Limited customization, the power of weapons, and the threat of death system are featured on the screen. Without these elements, it is difficult for Halfbrick to leave a lasting impression on players.

However, that is the case when Jetpack Joyride converges to compensate for each other and pull the user into an endless adventure.

King of Thieves MOD APK 2.53.1 (Unlimited Money)

Extra Purchases

Another thing worth noting is the system of paid items included in the game. As with other free games and games, the total exploitation of advertising revenue is not something that is a mystery to any player.

Jetpack Joyride is no exception, and I’m not exaggerating to declare that Halfbrick makes use of the fact that most items that support the game can be obtained by watching advertisements.

It is true that spending some time to get information or revive is not enough and may even be profitable for players.

It’s an excellent game for fans of the action-packed genre. It is free to download this amazing game on the Appstore and Google Play.

Final Words

ZeptoLab, the company that created the Blockbuster Puzzles Cut the Rope and Pudding Monsters, recently launched an all-new super product dubbed King Of Thieves.

The game is designed with an emphasis on gameplay and control of the character with a single-touch interface that is as simple as it gets.

The King of Thieves MOD APK features an easy-to-use control system which is as simple as it gets. Your character will move automatically with each touch of the screen to cause your character to leap up to a height.

King of Thieves has been a unique game of the mind for Android and iOS operating systems since 2015.

Versions available for Windows PC and Phone were released just a few days back. The game can be played as a combination of running games and players’ battles.

The King of Thieves game is appropriate for players who wish to push their thinking and could inspire them to become awestruck by the new bunkers.

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