With the unlocked and accessible edition of the application available on our site, there's plenty of reason to download it for your smartphone.
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VivaCut professional video editor
17 Jun 2022
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Suppose you’re searching for a good video editor for smartphones to perform straightforward tasks. In that case, you’ll be able to use the VivaCut:

Professional Video Editor APP that includes all of the features you want in-app and more. The fantastic video editor app lets Android gamers swiftly and effectively edit their video with various control options, various customizable effects, and more.

Make use of the incredible editing capabilities within VivaCut when you design professional visuals. Present your first Hollywood movies created entirely with VivaCut and its fantastic features in-app.

Explore endless editing and customization tools that the app offers. Most importantly, the easy and user-friendly in-app experiences will make VivaCut available to most Android users.

Learn more about the fantastic mobile app by VivaCut, the professional video editor. Check out our opinions.

VivaCut MOD APK 2.14.0 (Pro Unlocked)

What is it that they do?

Suppose you would like to add a particular degree of artistic elements to the videos they record or clips. In that case, you can immerse yourself in this fantastic mobile video editor program from VivaCut.

Explore the many unique features available as you add stunning works of art to your videos by adding numerous cinematic visual effects, adjusting the blending options and many more.

Furthermore, using the multi-layer timeline feature, VivaCut allows in-depth video editing software for your specific videos. Using a mobile device, you can take advantage of the green-screen and the chroma keys tools to create some of the most spectacular visual effects.

Furthermore, the incredible music configurations let you create amazing videos that can be shared across multiple social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and the likes.

Most importantly, the whole experience can be accomplished and completed with your smartphone and VivaCut, which is remarkable.


To get the app running, there aren’t any requirements for your Android devices other than for them to have Android 5 or higher. Download and install the application for your smartphones easily.

Access all available features in the app while you create amazing videos using the most innovative possibilities.

But, as with many other popular video editor apps like FilmoraGo, PowerDirector, and similar apps, you’re required to use a mobile device with powerful hardware.

This means that the most robust hardware will improve your overall experience within the app and significantly increase editing speed. However, phones with low-end or outdated hardware are likely unable to handle the demands of VivaCut.

Amazing features

Here are the most amazing games features to include:

Professional video editing software designed for Android users

For the first time, Android consumers can avail themselves of a compelling and efficient video editor application, with which they can make various modifications and personalize specific videos.

With professional-grade features and easy editing tools, this app allows users to create stunning Hollywood films with the application.

Begin beginning with Green Screen along with the Chroma important options that permit you to mix video and create incredible visual effects that people often make with their films.

In addition, thanks to the editing options for cinematic videos, this game allows Android users to create stunning films from their smartphones.

Furthermore, the various Mask, Video Collage, Text, Sticker, and other attractive aesthetic elements allow Android users to alter their videos as they would like quickly.

Select specific Keyframe animations and watch your amazing videos using the available editor.

In the case of the videos you make to share on social networks, You can utilize your available Masks options using Linear, Mirror, Radial Oval, Rectangle, Rectangle and many more. These advantageous visual effects allow you to create stunning images.

To modify your specific audio track and music, VivaCut users can make individual adjustments to their audio tracks and add various sound effects. Alternately, if you’d rather, you could remove audio and music tracks from any video you have in your collection.

Enjoy multiple video editing features

If you’re curious, VivaCut also has numerous valuable commands, and an intuitive editing interface allows you to use these options.

Enjoy yourself with an intelligent multi-layer timeline that lets users easily zoom in on their frames with absolute accuracy. Make multiple adjustments and modifications as you advance.

You can modify your text by using the options for in-depth editing and changing the font styles within the application.

Create multiple transitions for your video and text files in VivaCut to ensure you can experience cinematic videos. Adjust the preferred intensity, brightness, contrast and colour, and numerous other options to make stunning videos.

Also, don’t forget the glitch effects and filters which can be used to create stunning and impressive designs for every single of your videos. Get access to the unique editing options and experience the fantastic VivaCut products.

Editing commands and intuitive control

Once you can use edit mode, VivaCut will introduce Android users to its extensive and straightforward commands for managing the video and editing.

Start by trimming or cutting, then duplicate and re-designing specific video tracks using your editor’s interface. Users can choose to make several changes to their particular clips and then make them more efficient in telling their tales throughout the video.

You can split and blend several video clips while waiting to experience the easy video editing tools. You can control and alter the speed of your particular videos to create stunning slow-motion or fast-forward video clips effortlessly.

Use the fantastic and easy editing application

For those looking to learn more, VivaCut also offers unique editing tools, which are only available to specific users. You can make captivating and engaging videos using the distinctive Picture in Picture view, which provides better lighting and a more attractive appearance.

You can also use the Collage to incorporate images into your clips and edit them to create viral videos.

To make quick and efficient editing, Android customers can use the Overlay options, which let you alter the layers using many valuable tools.

Use incredible blending effects, including Color Burn, Screen, Soft Light, and more. The range of possibilities will surely impress you.

Last but not least, adding your photos and pictures will take a couple of minutes for Android users of VivaCut to build the slideshow of their choice.

This application will allow you to create unique visual experiences using distinctive effects.

Upload and share your videos

Get the most out of your app experiences by having your videos correctly exported and posted on various social media. Select your preferred resolution from the various popular pre-sets.

Utilize these features to introduce your gorgeous and fascinating videos swiftly. Change the name of the video and store them on your device or share them online using one click.

A lot of exciting developments are planned for the near future

To make the application more interesting and valuable, Android users can also access innovative features within the app and personalization. In this case, with VivaCut, Android gamers are equipped to explore the animated text using an easy and quick editor application for text.

Also, you can enjoy the undo or redo options, and now it’s accessible on mobile devices.

Free to use

If you’re curious, you can get VivaCut running on a mobile device without paying any fee. However, it is easy to download the app from Google Play Store. Google Play Store as you move along.

Get the app fully unlocked on our website

If you’re experiencing this free app, be restricted due to ads and purchases in the game. It is also possible for Android gamers playing VivaCut to share a thrilling game experience.

Download and install VivaCut Pro APK on our website, follow the instructions, and take advantage of the game to its maximum.


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The free version can crash and has a lot of bugs

Most of the time, you’ll find that your device crashes while playing the game due to the low-end hardware and high demands. However, you’ll still find VivaCut quite annoying in its free versions.

However, the application can crash a few times, especially when working on the most demanding rendering, making the job even more challenging.

Final decisions

For easy and simple video editing, There aren’t any more suitable options than VivaCut. This incredible mobile video editor app lets Android users modify their user experience and use the editor to its fullest.

With the unlocked and accessible edition of the application available on our site, there’s plenty of reason to download it for your smartphone.

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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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