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Furthermore, Dragonsky: Idle & Merge players can also join the epic Legions in which you join your comrades in the epic monsters you search for. Combat the giant creatures using your Dragon's army and the assistance of others.
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Play a new idle Role Playing game with Dragonsky Idle and Merge as you enter the world of dragons. Explore the vast maps, unleash your powerful skills on your enemies while you travel, and take the battle to them with your Dragon’s army in this simple game you can play on mobile devices.

Find your most loved dragons, accompany them on your adventures, and watch them battle against formidable enemies to gain experience and coins to help you upgrade their abilities. Find dragon forms with powerful attack capabilities and then begin to take over the map.

Please make your choice for the Dragon and allow them to wander around the areas. They can take down anything in their path in just a few minutes.

Learn more about this game’s notable features in our review.


Dragonsky: Idle & Merge 1.2.360 APK
The players follow an adventure of a dragon-trainer apprentice determined to be the best trainer, with solid dragons by your side. You’ll begin your journey with low-tier dragons who will require multiple upgrades and boosters to help them grow and gain more power.

To do this, you’ll need to traverse through the world, take down everything against your dragons, and gather plenty of loot. Utilize these to upgrade your dragons and purchase new eggs so you can hatch new dragons. Join certain dragons together and unlock higher-tier ones.

Enjoy this thrilling shooter game that is a bit of fun. Join your powerful team of dragons to the land and eliminate any foes in your sights. Earn fame and fear by completing your mission. Battle other players to determine who is the best player.

Dragonsky: Idle & Merge 1.2.360 APK


This is where you’ll find the most excellent features this game offers:

A no-hassle idle shooting game

Enjoy this fantastic idle shooting game, where you can lay back and relax watching your dragons take on several challengers one after the next. Even after you turn off the games and go from the menu, the dragons will still ravage the skies and land in search of excellent loots.

In Dragon sky Idle and Merge the game, you’ll build your dragon army to participate in endless levels. Let them roam free on the map, fighting enemies and collecting resources. Once you’re back, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of the abundant loot and have your dragons upgraded to have new power.

But, you must ensure that the dragons are upgraded before taking them into combat to prevent them from being killed when you’re not around.

Get access to the stunning dragons

To make your journey into the Dragon realm much more enjoyable, the game also includes hundreds of species, each with unique abilities and powers. Use your dragon abilities in combination to create the most powerful team to be the first to conquer the entire map.

Dragons can be acquired by purchasing new dragons at the market or hatch eggs. Most importantly, it would help if you had dragons to breed a new species or blend them with other species to create a more powerful dragon. The dragons you breed will have superior powers to the earlier ones.

Dragonsky: Idle & Merge 1.2.360 APK
Team compositions of various teams with distinctive synergies are offered

Gamers playing Idle and merge Dragon sky will be presented with extensive and thrilling team compositions. Your Dragon’s abilities will increase and merge as they join the same group.

Find powerful synergies and characteristics by combining different dragons. Experience a more thrilling and fun fight with your ideal Dragon’s composition. Create the most formidable team to get you to the very end of the earth.

You can take on bosses of epic proportions by using your powerful dragons

If you feel that your dragon squad isn’t powerful enough and are looking to take your challenge to a higher stage, you’ll be battling tough bosses of the game. You can satisfy your desires for action with Idle & merge – Dragonsky while displaying your ability to unleash powerful dragon attacks during the boss battles.

Unleash your powerful attack with your Dragon’s power on the foes and try to knock them out before they can get you.

Let your dragon battle other dragons in online battles

Additionally, Dragon sky features endless battlefields where you and your dragons can freely roam the terrain for hours and hours. Engage in battle with ever-growing abilities and never get bored. Upgrade your dragons or unlock more to ensure you can continue.

The best part is that you can play online and be able to compete against the actual players on the League Ranking. Your dragon armies will fight against each other once, then another in Idle and combine with Dragon sky. Find out who is the most skilled dragon trainer and get many loots.

In addition, the game also includes diverse Attribute Bosses daily that you can take on and gain valuable boosts.

Join legions to explore thrilling games

Furthermore, Dragonsky: Idle & Merge players can also join the epic Legions in which you join your comrades in the epic monsters you search for. Combat the giant creatures using your Dragon’s army and the assistance of others.

You can enjoy a wide range of online gaming when your join Legions. If you’d like to start your own Legion, you can create your own Legion and let others join. Join forces to build one of the most splendid Legions ever.

Play for free

The game is accessible for free, and we can’t think there is any reason not to give it a trial. In any case, start downloading and installing the game from the Google Play Store to enjoy this awesome shot-and-run game for mobile devices.

Dragonsky: Idle & Merge 1.2.360 APK

Audio and visual quality


With stunning dragons and breathtaking combat effects, players will enjoy every aspect of the game’s visuals. Enjoy the incredible surroundings in Dragonsky: Idle & Merge and unlock the stunning dragons.


The game has an immersive and powerful audio experience that will make you feel as if you’re completely immersed in the realm of dragons along with your excellent dragon squad.

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