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You can also explore more than ten cute characters like Santa Claus, Spiderman, Reindeer, Blob, Little Bird and many more. Each character has distinctive looks and images and will allow you to appreciate your music in various ways.
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Prepare to participate in this easy yet entertaining and relaxing game of rhythm and music using Dot n Beat, in which you test your hand-eye coordination while playing the gorgeous melody included in the game. Explore hundreds of exciting music tracks and audio clips available to add to your musical level.

Take pleasure in the unique gameplay with exciting rhythmic movements as you follow the musical lines, beats of music that pop as you unlock crowns, and diamonds as you listen to the amazing music that keeps players fully immersed in playing the game.

Explore the game’s stunning gameplay and features which allow you to take advantage of the game to the max.

Please find out more about this amazing mobile game by Badsnowball Limited with our comprehensive review.


In Dot n Beat, Android players can play freely in the addictive mobile game of music action. They’ll control the music dots as they move through the various beat-filled levels.

With thrilling music, amazing game concepts, vibrant and gorgeous levels, and dynamic and responsive audio elements, Dot n Beat will ensure that you enjoy your music gaming to the max.

Explore the vast music library that contains hundreds of songs of various genres and collections. Explore the exciting and diverse game with different modes and game elements to keep you entertained.

Play with fun with the multiple levels and scenes with distinctive and stunning settings. Enjoy yourself while engaging online gamers in this amazing mobile game from Dot n Beat.

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Here are the most exciting games features to include:

Simple and relaxing game for all gamers

For the first time, Android gamers in Dot n Beat can begin enjoying the easy and enjoyable gameplay that is Dot n Beat, free for all players. You can choose songs and tap the Beat in tune with the music.

Use the easy one-touch controls that allow you to move anywhere on the screen. You can create your combos to earn diamonds and crowns and score amazing scores within the game. The most important thing is the amazing feedback to music with every Beat you taps makes the game extremely enjoyable and exciting.

Create great combos to get the highest scores

In Dot n Beat, Android gamers can get a kick out of their best combos, which can help them earn their highest scores on the field. Pay attention to the beats, and then listen to the Beat to finish your combinations.

With more effective combos, you can increase your points and earn bonuses within the game. If you can earn enough, you can unlock new songs to enjoy a more thrilling in-game experience.

A huge library that receives weekly updates

In addition, you can now take advantage of the huge collection of music and song tracks available in Dot n Beat, which already has hundreds of songs of various categories and genres.

Explore the game and find new music to enjoy the addictive rhythmic match at the touch of a button. In addition, with regular updates, you’ll be able to have fun with new tracks and intriguing tracks by Dot n Beat.

Endless Mode that will test your abilities

If you are interested, you can play the endless Mode of music-related challenges in Dot n Beat, in which players can freely play around with the infinite loops of beats, which keep increasing as they move forward.

Try to master your precious moments and get the highest scores to test your abilities. Play all the time you’d like and work hard on stress-free records.

Enjoy having fun playing PK Mode with others

In addition, Android gamers in Dot n Beat will play exciting and competitive online games within Dot n Beat by joining players online and friends in thrilling music battles. Your choice is to pick your music and tempo before playing the matches.

Learn to control your movements to build combos, gain access to the amazing bonus features in the game and then beat your opponents with your impressive scores. Enjoy the thrilling online battles any time you’d like.

Record your achievements on the boards of ranking

To increase the fun, Android gamers in Dot n Beat can now play using the incredible in-game records that allow them to challenge the top players worldwide. Try to get your top scores and then rank them against other gamers.

Find your place on The World’s Ranking Board, and then show your accomplishments to your colleagues.

Play and import your favourite songs to your mobile phones

In addition to the songs online in Dot N Beat’s library, Android players can also download and play their most-loved songs stored locally for a more fun game. The amazing mobile app lets you play using any .mp3 pieces from the local memory. Feel free to pick beats and melodies that will make your experience more lively.

Unique characters and interesting backgrounds make your game unique

With the unique characters and the unique game-specific modifications by Dot n Beat, Android gamers now have a chance to alter their gameplay in any way they like. Begin by selecting the most favourite backgrounds for their music-themed adventures, and there are myriad amazing galaxy pictures to explore.

You can also explore more than ten cute characters like Santa Claus, Spiderman, Reindeer, Blob, Little Bird and many more. Each character has distinctive looks and images and will allow you to appreciate your music in various ways.

You can play offline whenever you’d like

In Dot n Beat, Android gamers will have the chance to experience offline gaming in Dot n Beat with many incredible in-game functions. You don’t need to activate the mobile data or look for active Wi-Fi networks to play the game because Dot n Beat will be open whenever you need it.

Play for free

Additionally, with an unpaid version available on Google Play Store, you can play the game’s mobile version without paying any fees for downloading. Be aware that the game will feature ads and in-game purchases that you must purchase real money to unlock the game. If you’d like to play the game fully without the need to pay for it, you may be interested in our helpful mods.

Get access to our valuable mods

Also, it is free with our free edition of Dot n Beat available; Android players can now play playing the entire game without spending their cash. You must download Dot n Beat Mod APK, follow the instructions, and begin playing the game with fun. Enjoy yourself by playing with no limit on in-game currency and ad-free and unlocking content. All of this should let you enjoy the game’s mobile-friendly experience.

Dot n Beat MOD APK 2.2.9 (Unlimited Money)

Sound and visual quality


In Dot n Beat, Android players can take advantage of the amazing in-game graphics with stunning visual elements that will let Android gamers completely get lost in the amazing mobile game. Enjoy relaxing and smooth animations that sync with the amazing musical effects. In addition, the overall adorable and adorable artwork, similar to Sonic Cat, will make sure that you’re attracted to the stunning music game.

Sound & Music

Alongside engaging and stunning graphics, Dot n Beat also provides amazing audio features that let you fully enjoy the fantastic mobile game. Put the headphones on and begin to enjoy the sync audio parts. Enjoy high-quality music with great sound and detail while enjoying the fun of music.

Final thoughts

It is straightforward but enjoyable and addictive gameplay that is based on music. Dot n Beat lets Android players get lost in the amazing world of music and rhythmic actions. Enjoy yourself in this amazing mobile game, discover the many interesting features and enjoy the thrilling gameplay whenever you’d like.


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