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Or will you lose any excess life? To avoid unjustly losing extra energy, many players will play until they run out of stamina. You will still get enough stamina if your stamina exceeds the limit.
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Heroes Charge features 2D images in cartoon style and many colors. Character images geared toward Chibi are charming and funny. The game is easy to grasp at first glance. The game has many challenges, and each track suits every situation.

Heroes Charge matches are played on the same screen. These allow players to select each character’s auto mode or skill. Players can also immediately end any game they’ve ever played.

This mode can gain more experience points, earn more gold, and get valuable items. Heroes Charge players also have other features, such as current role-playing games like PvE or PVP.

Heroes Charge’s main attraction lies in its general equipment upgrade system. You can upgrade your Hero’s stats by acquiring enough costume points. You don’t have to throw away your old outfits, but you can reuse them to upgrade your characters.

It gathers your primary tasks and summons heroes. You can also collect your friends, summon heroes, and defeat enemies in exciting and fast-paced games. There are more than 100 guests in the main storyline that you can conquer. What heroes will you choose to be your Hero?

General Information

Hero Charge is a mobile app with unique horizontal screen turn-based gameplay. At first glance, the game’s heroes are fighting each other in an auto-fighting style. The game’s strategy is revealed later when the match’s outcome depends entirely on the players’ mindset.

It will give players two default heroes, Emberstar or Leaves Shadow, in addition to the two chests that were given away as freebies.

After completing the rookie quest sequence and making your first moves, Chaplain and Lightning Master will be added to the roster. These five heroes will be with gamers until they unlock a chest containing 288 diamonds.

Heroes Charge’s first stage is relatively easy. To reach three stars, some primary locations require a little calculation and reasonable skill. The Hero Admiral is the key to the initial basic squad. His ability to stun and defeat the enemy will make him the leading player.

This lineup should be used to help players raise skills for heroes with AoE abilities like Emberstar or Lightning Master. The chaplain’s entire squad healing skill is also handy, making him a popular choice for many players.

Leaves Shadow is a substantial late hero. He is focused on skill number 2, which allows him to slow down opponents and has a high rate of crit.

After completing chapter 2, gamers can switch to the Elite map. This special sub-version has heroes identical to the regular version but significantly increase their strength. This add-on will allow the player to spend twice as much but still receive the Hero’s soul.

This material can be used to improve the Hero or recruit new heroes. The Elite quest chain will allow players to upgrade Leaves Shadow to 2 stars and earn special Soul rewards.

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How do you play Heroes Charge?

Heroes Charge has become an enormous success on iOS and Android due to its character design based on Dota’s generals and cleverly combined it with the action role-playing genre on mobile phones. Heroes Charge is a great way to unwind after intense battles that require concentration.

Heroes Charge is great for entertainment in breaks or free time. You can also play the game online. This makes it easy to find new content and value for rating. This section will provide tips and tricks to make Heroes Charge easier for gamers, even if they are short on time.

The first stage: We will be focusing on the Squad Level Up

Many players are curious about how to quickly level up if they’re new to role-playing or action games.

How can I increase the strength of my character?

How to make money? Which should you focus on?

Heroes Charge is all about leveling up.

Heroes Charge is divided into two levels: the character level and the squad’s story. The level of your team is what you should be focusing on. You will receive many benefits from increasing your squad’s status, such as an increase in potency and a higher character level limit.

You can unlock some features and plow money faster by reaching a certain level. Crusade is the largest gold mine in Heroes Charge, and you will be able to open it if you focus your efforts on increasing your squad’s level to 30.

Daily Event is a priority

How can you get faster? Prioritize daily activities. It doesn’t take much effort to plow. You can have fun if you have some time. If not, try to do everyday tasks. These goals can be achieved in several ways and are self-fulfilling each time you reach a certain level.

Consider Daily Events when you are playing. These events provide a lot more experience for the team. These events are quick and easy to complete. Priority stamina is essential for daily tasks.

Heroes Charge has one thing you should know: you can gain stamina whenever you level up your squad or participate in the Daily Event. Sometimes, your client’s energy may still be total.

The question is: Will the stamina that you win exceed the limit?

Or will you lose any excess life? To avoid unjustly losing extra energy, many players will play until they run out of stamina. You will still get enough stamina if your stamina exceeds the limit.

To receive the Elite level reward, you must complete

If you have sufficient stamina and have completed the daily quests, you can move on to the next priority for Elite levels. Each level of the Elite can only be played three times per day. Each class costs 12 stamina. This is a significant amount. Focus on the gameplay and the rewards.

Heroes Charge has two options to summon a hero: open a chest or collect soul fragments. The ability to open chests for generals is meager. Be patient and collect soul fragments each day. This job can be difficult because you will only receive one soul fragment per elite level.

A summoned soul is required to call a more muscular hero. The minimum is ten shards, and the maximum is 80. Each Elite screen contains the soul of a different hero, so it is essential not to ramble. Focus on the champions that customers require for your squad.

These soul fragments can be used to strengthen champions, and each evolution gives them one star. Prioritize soul-civets for patrons already on the roster and those who will be.

One suggestion: You can find souls of Ice Mage and Lightning Elemental. These are generals who have solid skills.

Heroes Charge gives each Hero six item slots. You can promote this equipment to Hero if you fully promote it. But, people will be curious if the equipment is magical. The character will be more potent if you don’t enhance the equipment. No.

We will lose the item if we improve the thing after we promote it. It will pay you a small amount for the item’s enhancement. This compensation will not equal the cost of enchanting the items.

Mode of PVP

You can also compete against other players in Arena. They will promote you for every win. You will also get gems depending on your rank. A daily honorable reward will be awarded based on your level.

The only trick to selecting opponents is determining which opponent has a high rank and low power score. If you win, the class will increase significantly based on the balance of these two factors.

Extra Features

Equipment upgrades

You can improve your equipment stats here by sacrificing unutilized items. This indicates that when promoted, the Hero gets only the base stats of the new things, not the upgraded stats. Please don’t waste your money on gear upgrades; instead, save them for when you need them.


You will need to be attentive when joining the guild. These activities include side raids to obtain rare equipment, honoring your clan to get more meat, and buying at the state shop. Every day, you can hire a member of your family.

This is a great advantage that will help you overcome the game’s difficulties. Hire the best and most experienced match for your squad. To make more money, you can let other members hire your Hero.

There is a guarding function in a guild. You can place two of your generals into a guard position to earn money based on their stats and watch time. Other guild members can also hire your guard to help them fight.

This means that no one else can hire a hero higher than their team’s level. If you want to make money, ensure that the status of your hero hire is equal to or lower than the guild’s ordinary ground level.

Usually, hired generals are tankers like Brute, Warchief, and Death Knight. You should also upgrade the equipment and skills of the hired general.

Knight’s information

It includes all information regarding summoning and possessing champions. Clicking on a winner gives you information about their stats, skills, equipment, and ability to promote stars.

Each skill’s effect will be described by clicking on the link. It is essential to pay particular attention to items that lack grafting components. To find the right element, you can press it directly.

Warehouse equipment

This is where you can find information about equipment, items, and the spirit. If you wish to use exp for your Hero, you must visit this place.

This function is used to pair fundamental equipment components as in DotA. This function is unnecessary as you can pair complete details in the general equipment section.

Main mission line

This section contains information about the central coastline’s requirements and rewards. These requirements can be achieved by overcoming sub-versions, having champions, upgrading champions, and other tasks. It’s only getting stronger.

You can find information about daily quests’ requirements and rewards. To receive the daily tips, you must

participate fully in the game’s daily activities. You will be notified that you cannot get the rewards if you don’t receive them. You will also receive 60 pieces of meat-free of charge if you follow the timeframes. To receive tips, please log in during these hours.

You will be rewarded with gold each time you complete a submap, in addition to the daily quest and primary quest line rewards. Although these gold rewards are not very large, eating as much meat as possible is a good idea. Each day you will earn a steady income.

Heroes Charge MOD APK 2.1.338 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Heroes: A Recommended Alternative

Idle Heroes’ popularity has exploded since its launch. This caused the gaming community to swell. It was the most popular game regarding revenue, and it beat the opposition with the same strategy. The creator of DH GAMES, the father of Idle Heroes, is a well-known game designer.

This breakthrough has allowed manufacturers to reap the benefits of countless gamers’ enthusiasm and offer incredible bargains.

Idle Hero is a tactical battleground. The attractive graphics make it more fun for brothers to participate. Idle Heroes offers many advantages over other games.

It’s possible to release many exciting events by updating the game version regularly. DHGAMES’ genetic developer understands the psychology of gamers who are passionate about their children. You can always find new Heroes with the perfect items and gifts.

Idle Heroes offers a chat panel system that allows players to communicate. You can make new friends and see other professional gamers’ weaker lineups.

You will gain more strategies and have the opportunity to play Idle Heroes. Idle Heroes has been rated as a diverse strategy game. It’s a great environment to encourage intelligence.

Last words

Heroes Charge is a multiplayer game different from other battle arena games. It is difficult for mobile apps to host multiplayer battles where multiple players can participate simultaneously. Although the mechanics are slightly different here, they still involve interaction with other players.

This design is also different from other MOBA games in that it can be outdone. It covers many areas. Each area can be completed with one, two, or three stars. Try to win and learn as much as you can from the game.

You can still pass the level even if you’ve won a star. You will also miss out on many essential points. How can you avoid this? It would help if you had a guide to help you do this.

Heroes Charge isn’t a game where you can describe the passage because it contains many similar arenas in which similar battles occur. However, you can offer some tips to help you make the transition easier.

You cannot pass that level with Heroes Charge MOD APK. If you’re stuck and have exhausted all options, you only have one choice. This is cheating. You cannot use these codes to play the game.

However, you can download a program allowing unlimited access to gold and gems. This program will help you find a solution to any problem.

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3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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