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Participate in your favourite teams and be part of your favourite team to compete in your most prestigious competitions, the championships in the country and international tournaments.
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27 Jun 2022
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The thrilling soccer experience in Score Hero is back for the new season, and it will bring new features that are sure to please all those fascinated by this exciting game of soccer. Take on the next adventure with your chosen player and take advantage of your career to the fullest Score Hero 2022.

You can achieve glory by participating in the world’s most competitive soccer divisions. You can play with a variety of your favorite soccer teams. Control the player’s career and effortlessly steer his career in various directions. Experience the endless game levels that offer epic challenges and fun gameplay.

Most importantly, the classic Score Hero, the new features of interactivity football, will undoubtedly impress most players.

Learn more about this fantastic mobile game from First Touch Games with our in-depth review.



In Score Hero, 2022, Android players will get the opportunity to take part in their incredible soccer journey alongside a footballer in the middle that is their very own. You are free to design specific characters that have many of your favorite characteristics.

Let him be part of the youth teams, be a hard worker, and progress to the highest divisions. Be successful in your games while enhancing your abilities to compete against more formidable competitors. Take part in the prestigious tournaments, lead your team towards victory, and gain your glory to be”the Score” Hero.

Take pleasure in the endless levels in the game, which will guide you through thrilling soccer challenges and exciting gameplay. With increasing levels of challenge and compelling stories that unfold with every game, you will get absorbed in action.

Be a part of the characters, take his wins as your own, and have a lot of pleasure during the game. With enhanced graphics, exciting football action, realistic commentary and a host of other in-depth aspects, this game will surely delight even the most sceptical soccer enthusiasts.

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Here are the most exciting games features to include:

A simple yet extremely enjoyable touch controls

One of the best aspects of Score Hero 2022 is its tactile and intuitive touch controls. With these, Android gamers can control the direction of the balls while trying to hit their passes or shots. Use the touchscreen for your flex commands to bend the balls according to your preferences and create perfect tokens.

Send your balls into the corners or slyly misdirect the goalkeeper to guarantee you reach your goals. Create excellent passes using your modern movements on touchscreens. Also, you can interact freely with fun touchscreen controls with Score Hero 2022.

There are many competitive leagues that you can participate in

Like Dream League Soccer 2022 and other fantasy football games, Score Hero 2022 promises to include several of the world’s most fiercely competitive football leagues for you to participate in and enjoy. Enjoy playing with genuine teams, including LaLiga, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Jupiler Pro League, and other top competitions across Europe and worldwide, as you fight to win with your favourite teams.

Do your best to bring glory to your team and yourself by winning the most prestigious contests alongside the world’s top teams in Score Hero 2022.

Inspiring stories that will be a part of your journey

In Score Hero 2022, Android gamers can take part in our hero’s incredible journey, starting as a rookie player for an unnamed team. As you progress, slowly climb the ladder, get in shape and do your best every time to earn respect from the other players.

Then you will have the chance to join the next level and play in the highest divisions. Be prepared for the ever-changing challenges to experience the glory of becoming an icon on Score Hero 2022. It is possible to enjoy the journey with captivating stories and a believable in-game experience.

Realistic in-game physics for your stunning shots and passes

To help make the game more enjoyable, Android gamers in Score Hero 2022 will get opportunities to experience the actual game’s physics that allow amazing shots and passes with incredible trajectories that still follow the rules of physics. This means that you can see the difference when playing with the balls in various positions and the initial contact.

Furthermore, the enthralling touch controls make it entirely possible for Android players to score stunning goals by bending balls over the defence and smashing them towards the goal line or passing them with great accuracy while still utilizing the physics rules.


Divisions and teams that are licensed to play with

If you are interested, now is the time to play a thrilling football game from Score Hero 2022 and join several of your most loved teams and divisions of the game. Choose from over 90 licensed teams around the globe and many renowned leagues, such as leagues like the Laliga, Bundesliga, and many more.

Participate in your favourite teams and be part of your favourite team to compete in your most prestigious competitions, the championships in the country and international tournaments.

Feel free to select and personalize your players

In addition, you can choose various styles for your player and have him play for your specific national team. You are free to select your country and participate in many international tournaments while sporting the flags of your nation.

Feel free to alter the appearance of your characters as you progress through the game. In this game, you’ll be able to change the hairstyles; beards, head profiles, name numbers, uniforms, football kits, and more for your player. So, you can create various looks for your soccer team when you embark on your adventure.


Effective buffs and other items that enhance the enjoyment of playing

For those curious, you can benefit from the helpful enhancements and other items available within Score Hero 2022, which will let Android gamers experience soccer more. It is possible to activate Rewind to turn back time. Rewind option to return time before making wrong choices during a game.

Enjoy working with the beneficial buffs that can boost your abilities during battles and increase your stamina and endurance to keep fighting. Utilize them at the appropriate moment to gain an advantage over your opponent and alter the tide of battle.


Get excited about the latest Infinite Hero mode

In Score Hero 2022, Android gamers can play The Infinite Hero Mode, where you can join your teammates in endless soccer games. Enjoy shooting, taking free kicks, and participating in numerous challenging challenges with all of the game’s mechanics. Play through the interminable levels, the difficulty increasing to test your limits. Get.

In-game commentary that is engaging from the legendary Arlo White

For soccer enthusiasts, You can immerse yourself in the thrilling action in Score Hero 2022 due to the lively game-specific commentary. With the recognizable voice of the well-known Arlo White, Android users can participate in soccer games and have more fun playing the game. Immerse yourself in the game every minute and enjoy soccer to the max.

Get trophies and complete accomplishments

To enhance the game’s enjoyment, Android gamers can now attempt to accomplish many feats and earn trophies that can be used to unlock specific prizes. With numerous competitions and different objectives, it is possible always to have fun with the exciting game.

Connect with Facebook for access to new functions

If you are curious, you can continue to enjoy the thrilling gameplay in Score Hero 2022 by connecting to your account on Facebook. You can now unlock the sync feature that lets you transfer all the game’s progress to your online storage. So, you can be sure you don’t lose any of your games even if you accidentally delete your game.

Additionally, you’ll be able to be friends with other players playing the game, showcase your achievements, and win trophies.

You can play offline games at any time

To help make the game simpler, First Touch Games has added offline play in Score Hero 2022 to players of all Android players. This means you don’t need to connect your device to the Internet to enjoy the games. Enjoy yourself with this awesome game for mobile any time and any place you’d like.

Play for free

Despite all the fantastic options, it is accessible to anyone Android player to enjoy on mobile devices. This means that you can download it from Google Play Store and enjoy the many features available in the game.

You can access our modified game

But, as the game remains a no-cost game and has ads, you will encounter advertisements and in-game purchases, which could be a source of irritation. Therefore, if you do not want to spend money to unlock the entire game, our modified Version of Score Hero 2022 will surely please you.

This version offers games features that aren’t locked in the game for free, and the unlimited amount of money will let you continue to enjoy the game, while the ads-free experience ensures you’re not bothered. It’s all it takes to install Score Hero 2022 Mod APK on your device. Score Hero 2022 Mod APK. Follow the steps, and you’re ready to start.

Score Hero 2022 MOD APK v2.40 (Unlimited Money)

Sound and visual quality



Be ready to participate in the thrilling game in Score Hero 2022 with enhanced graphics compared to classic titles. The powerful 3D animations and realistic graphics will give you the feeling of watching a real game. In addition, the realistic physics and authentic stadium ambience make the matches truly enjoyable.

Sound & Music

Alongside the stunning graphic design, Android gamers can now play the thrilling game Score Hero 2022, which features realistic audio effects. With accurate commentary, engaging sound effects, and compelling soundtracks throughout the game, Score Hero 2 will never let you down in the most enjoyable mobile game.

Final thoughts

With simple yet enjoyable gameplay of soccer career simulation and new game-playing features, Android gamers can truly be immersed in the fantastic game on their mobile and experience a lot of enjoyment playing it.

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