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You can now make house styling easier by using the Swatches. These provide color samples for every household on House Flip. You can enable the helpful Swatches and use them to create suitable designs for your remodeling projects.
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Designing and building a house with suitable scales and layouts is challenging. It takes hard work, tools, and time to finish your projects. This fantastic mobile game by fun-gi is sure to impress Android gamers with its intuitive and impressive home design simulations.

Users can also enjoy the many remodel options that will enable them to see the houses from different angles. To better understand the layout, you can flip and turn the structures. You can customize your home using the many in-game options.


Come up with innovative and cost-effective designs to make your house stand out. You can learn the basics of real property and become an investor. You will enjoy designing beautiful homes and earning a lot of money from your investments.

Our in-depth reviews will help you learn more about House Flip, a unique real estate simulation.


Android gamers can take on the role of real estate owners in the game. You can start your own decorating and house design agency, where you will attempt to buy homes for sale. Use your skills and knowledge to transform any abandoned property into a lucrative investment.

You can decorate and style the houses from the inside out, with many features included in the game. You can also sell the homes to other people who value the work to earn money.

Profits are critical to further advancement in the game. You can move to other cities or towns to try to duplicate your success and make money. Discover the fascinating features of house remodeling and learn the basics of real estate.

Play with other gamers to earn special bonuses and boosters. You can rise above the rest by unlocking the prestigious ranking tables. You can also find exciting House Flip gameplay, such as new styles, building, and remodeling features.

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These are the most exciting features of the game:

Decorate and design your house as you please

House Flip’s intuitive 3D view and interactive editing interface allow Android gamers to enjoy decorating and designing houses immediately. You can flip your home around to see it from any angle you like. Zoom in on the details of your house to get a better view of the whole household.

You can customize the size of your rooms, add new areas to your houses and modify the house designs to improve their architectural features. You can also explore several in-game methods that offer many valuable options.

This will make it easier for you to personalize your homes. You can experiment with multiple interior and exterior decorations. This allows you to customize your home and enhance your creativity.

Enjoy other people’s designs as well as yours

You can share your designs online to make them more accessible to others. Use House Flip’s interactive 3D camera viewing feature to show off your unique and creative 3D house models. Let others inspect your house designs and have fun.

You can also find helpful critics to help you make your house design decisions. You can also look at other people’s designs on the Tastemaker charts and be inspired by their work. Vote for your favorite designs to be included in the top-ranking tables.


Real estate simulations with fascinating gameplay

House Flip also offers immersive simulations that allow you to explore real estate properties. Learn the basics of real estate and unlock many in-game features. Explore the Neighborhood Comps to find popular remodeling styles and simulated prices for housing. Get access to the authentic and dynamic real estate market constantly changing with new trends.

Multiple offers from different customers can be combined

You can have fun working with each customer on various house renovation projects. Depending on their tastes and budget, you’ll need to develop your perfect ideas for renovating the homes. You can show off your incredible designs and make great money.

To earn Mystery Crates, you must complete specific achievements

Android gamers have many opportunities to achieve interesting achievements throughout the game. These challenges offer unique rewards and multiple challenges. These milestones will give you access to many Mystery Crates and special prizes that can only be found in the game.

There are many valuable tips to help you style your house

You can now make house styling easier by using the Swatches. These provide color samples for every household on House Flip. You can enable the helpful Swatches and use them to create suitable designs for your remodeling projects.

You can unlock more experiences by playing the game

House Flip will add new features to help you promote your designs as you play the game. You can advance in the game to gain more capital and experience in-game, which will enable you to remodel larger homes and create unique architectural designs.

You can also unlock more employees for your agency, have more resources, and access to more props. You can become an expert in opening your unique house designs in House Flip.

Play with your friends or online gamers to win

For those who are curious, you can compete with your friends online in exciting House Flip gameplay. Enjoy the online events, where you can compete for in-game bonuses and boosters. You can also challenge yourself with the unique ranking tables that offer many competitors to choose from.

Check out your friends’ rankings and defeat them to earn bragging rights. You can also compete against top-tier players all around the globe.

Discover multiple cities around the globe

Android gamers can explore famous cities around the globe through House Flip. You can make it big by opening your real-estate businesses in these new areas. It will be easy to succeed with your capital and experience.

Explore beautiful cities filled with iconic buildings and discover your unique architectural qualities.

Get active to collect your prizes

Android gamers will enjoy the in-game rewards that you can earn by being active each day. To claim your prizes, make sure you return to the game daily.

Enjoy some exciting stickers

You can also use House Flip to create unique house designs. You can choose from multiple options and add these graphics to your house whenever possible.


Play for free

The game’s many exciting features aside, it is still free for Android gamers to download on their mobile phones. You can download the game from the Google Play Store, and you won’t have to pay anything. Enjoy many of the features right away. It’s still freemium, so there will be ads and in-app purchases. You can unlock these features with real money.

House Flip MOD APK 3.6.0 (Remove Ads)

Our website offers unlocked, ad-free gaming

We recommend that Android gamers do not pay to purchase the modified version of House Flip from our website. Follow the instructions to download the House Flip MOD APK and get started. You can now enjoy the ad-free gameplay with no interruptions. You will also have unlimited in-game currency to enjoy the whole experience.

Sound and visual quality


Android gamers can now enjoy stunning 3D graphics and impressive images with House Flip. Explore the 3D houses from various angles, and take in every detail. You can bring the city and places to life by creating your animations.

Sound & Music

House Flip is an engaging and fun game for Android gamers. It features sound effects and soundtracks that are unique and entertaining. Enjoy the immersive experience of house design and remodeling while having fun with audio settings.

Final thoughts

The classic mobile games Design Home and House Designer will be available in a new title, Fix & Flip. As you design and build your dream homes, you’ll have fun with the interactive and in-depth real estate simulator. You can also interact with other gamers worldwide, increasing your enjoyment of the game.

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