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Rebel Inc gamers can also enjoy their in-game experiences without an Internet connection. This makes it highly portable and fun for Android gamers to play. You'll also only need the internet to make in-game purchases.
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Ndemic Creations
28 Jun 2022
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Are you a fan of strategic and in-depth games? Enjoy a fun and addictive mobile game on your device for hours. Enjoy this fantastic mobile game by Ndemic Creations as you dive into the strategy games with many aspects.

Rebel Inc offers a unique gaming experience. You can also engage in captivating stories and play fantastic gameplay. You will experience the gameplay from both sides and learn more about the war through various aspects. Enjoy the excellent strategy gameplay you won’t find in any other mobile game.

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Android gamers in Rebel Inc will be able to experience a new story from Ndemic Creations, the creator of Plague Inc. As you play this mobile game, you will discover the incredible strategy gameplay.

The game occurs within a war-torn nation that just got out of civil wars and foreign influence. The actual combat is far from over, however, as internal conflicts continue between the various factions still fighting for control over the lands.

You will play as a governor who will control the region and take on the opposition. Your ultimate goal is to end tensions, ease public opinion, and move towards a better future.

To do this, you must win their hearts and minds. You must provide them with the necessities for a new beginning. You will need to develop the right policies in terms of economic and political aspects.

It’s essential to keep order and stability while trying to find a way out of tensions, particularly from insurgents who want to ruin what you have already achieved. As you end the conflict for goods, deal with them using force and benevolence.

The game features strategy gameplay and simulation based on the extensive research of Ndemic Creations. You will feel as if you are living in the game.

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You’ll find all of the thrilling features the game has to provide.

Guides that are intuitive and practical to help you get started

Android gamers can explore the game and enjoy the exciting gameplay quickly, despite the complex and in-depth in-game elements. The game’s intuitive tutorial system and help system makes this possible.

Nevertheless, you will find that you have access to many tutorials and instructions as you start your journey. These will help you understand how to progress in the game. Moreover, you will find intuitive explanations for all options and features when you hover over them during in-game challenges.

You can take control of different regions and bring peace to all parts of the country

You’ll be able to access seven regions as you start your journey. Each part is highly detailed and well-modeled. You’ll select your starting region, and then you can begin conquests in the game to control the other regions. As you build your economy and stabilize other affluent areas, you will also be able to raise funds for your armies. You can control all seven of them to become the dominant faction. After decades of conflict, unite the country to bring peace.

You can choose from different governors to start your journey

You can also choose between other governors to begin the game. Each one has its traits and abilities. You can choose the one that suits your play style and embark on your ultimate journey with Rebel Inc. There are eight governor options available for Android gamers.

Realistic simulation gameplay

Android gamers can access the most realistic and detailed simulation gameplay you’ve ever experienced on their mobile devices. This highly detailed strategy gameplay was possible thanks to their extensive and real-world research.

Begin by handling all aspects of the locaGovernmentnt. By focusing on Civilian Businesses, you can stabilize the lives of the citizens. YouGovernmentnt should be strengthened so that it can run the country effectively. The most important thing is that the powerful Military Upgrades will allow you to unify the lands.

Keep the order and deal with the insurgents

Speaking of which, Android gamers can now enjoy the incredible and in-depth mobile gaming experience offered by Rebel Inc as they engage in epic battles against the insurgents. You can use a variety of tactics to defeat your enemies on the battlefield and off. These insurgents must be dealt with and the region’s order maintained.


Excellent AI with unique strategies and tactics

The AI is brilliant and impressive to make the game even more entertaining. It’s almost as if they have their minds. This is all due to the advanced algorithms used by the game’s creators. As you play the game and make your own decisions, you will find Rebel with new intelligence shaped by those decisions. This is truly amazing.

Never lose your in-game progress

You can play the game for hours without losing your progress. This is excellent news for mobile gamers who are serious about gaming. Rebel Inc gives you full access to the Save/Load function, which you can always access while playing the game. You can save the competition to ensure you don’t lose any progress. Also, you can reload all your saved games in just a few seconds.

You can play the game online or offline

Rebel Inc gamers can also enjoy their in-game experiences without an Internet connection. This makes it highly portable and fun for Android gamers to play. You’ll also only need the internet to make in-game purchases.

You can play the game in any language you prefer

Android gamers at Rebel Inc can also play the game in their preferred languages and English settings. It’s possible to play the game in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and other common languages. You can enjoy the game in your native language whenever you have the chance.

Play for free

The game is free for Android gamers to download and play on their smartphones. You can find it easily on the Google Play Store. The installation is free. You can download the game and play it at any time.

Our mod unlocks unlocked gameplay

The game is freemium, so it does have ads and in-game purchases that can be a bit restrictive. You may prefer our modified version if you want to experience the whole gameplay. You’ll be able to access all campaigns and gameplay with it without the need to make in-app purchases. You’ll also be free from annoying ads. All you have to do is download the Rebel Inc Mod Apk from our website.

Rebel Inc MOD APK 1.12.2 (Unlocked)

Sound and visual quality


As you play Rebel Inc, you will be able to experience the immersive, real-life, and atmospheric visuals. The game features detailed maps, unique visual settings, and exciting effects that will let you explore the vast world of strategic and tactical battles. The game’s undemanding graphics settings ensure that Rebel Inc can be played on mobile devices without stuttering or lags.


Rebel Inc gamers will enjoy the accessible and striking visuals, cool sound effects, and soundtracks featured throughout the game. Discover the exciting and fun features as you immerse yourself in the audio effects of the battlefields and the civilian lives. It’s almost like living in a miniature world on your smartphones.

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