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Grow Empire: Rome features a 3D image you can see through the action and the dramatic battle scenes. You will receive a map with sharp 3D graphics that you can use in the game.
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Grow Empire: Rome is captivating. The Game Station is the developer of this game. They are also the publishers of Art of War 3. It combines strategy mechanism, tower defense, and role-playing components. This remarkable variety has helped the game to reach a staggering 10 million downloads. The game offers various game modes that will keep players engaged.

Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK 1.17.8 (Unlimited Money)

You will become a leader by leading your troops to conquer other cities and provinces. It would help if you defended your land against Iberian barbarians and Etruscans. It is a great feeling to be a hero, leading an army that defeats other solid legions. Let’s find out what this game is about and how it spreads worldwide.


The game starts in the background of an armistice battle between two armies. A battleground with powerful cavalry and smoke will be your backdrop. You will be Caesar’s army’s leader, helping him conquer the world and build an empire that can never be destroyed. They are all different types of soldiers with unique skills. You must be able to recognize their tactics and tailor their roles in the army.

These soldiers are essential and can be irreplaceable. They will help you get what you want. You will feel excitement as you defend and fight with fully-equipped archers, icebreakers, and armies at the start of Grow Empire.

You will then become a general and are responsible for leading the small republic to the center of the Italian peninsula. Your army will then become an empire of expansion. You conquer new territories to increase your control, lead your troops to victory in war, and watch your nation’s wealth grow.

Features of Grow Empire: Rome



Category: Strategy

Games Station Developer

Published: January 1, 2018

Updated: October 22, 2020

Version: 1.4.60

Size: 71MB

Requirement: Android 4.0 and higher

No root required

Building Powerful Armies


It would help if you upgraded your soldiers as often as possible in many games. There are four types of soldiers you can have in your army.

Spearmen are suited for defense and have the combat bonus to fight against cavalry. They are essential for any team.

These are your primary defense, as they will stand beside the wall during battle. They also have the combat bonus against spearmen, so they are essential.

The basic unit of your army is the sworders. They are the backbone of your army. They can be helpful in offense and defense and don’t have weaknesses. They do not have any combat bonuses against other animals.

Cavalry: The calvary can punch through enemy lines and will directly hit the ground. Because of their incredible efficiency, they are often the first to attack your army. They can attack from the rear and flank the line with devastating results due to their speed and maneuverability. You can also use them against archers.

It would help if you upgraded all soldier types equally to ensure that your army has a well-balanced strength. Your army will be more effective in siege battles if you have reached the maximum upgrade level of 10.

Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK 1.17.8 (Unlimited Money)

Solidifying Your Defense

You must ensure that your defenses are strong enough to stop the enemy from coming in. In this instance, the best way to defend yourself is to ensure your wall is at its maximum level as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you have the best defensible line.

Your towers, in addition to the wall, also require your attention. It would help if you also upgraded the towers and the archers above. The catapults can only be used to fight elephants, last but not least. It would help if you eventually focused your attention on them.

Explore The Colony Map

Some colonies have an increasing defense strength. Their numbers will show you their strength. You can lead your army into a colony with three legions and six slots per legion. You can choose from four units centrally, one hero and a siege unit to support your legion. You can also add heroes and mercenaries to the rest.

To get reinforcement, the enemy will initially use troops. You can take advantage of the power of your general to win faster. You can upgrade the assets to increase your income after taking over.

Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK 1.17.8 (Unlimited Money)

Shopping for Many Items in a Shop

It is straightforward to use the shop in this game. You can buy crystals to satisfy the demand for commanders and card packs. You can also buy a crystal package if you are willing to spend money on this game. These packages are very affordable and allow you to unlock the heroes. You are not required to purchase anything. It all depends on what you need.

Visuals and sound

Grow Empire: Rome features a 3D image you can see through the action and the dramatic battle scenes. You will receive a map with sharp 3D graphics that you can use in the game.

It sounds like it has been fully invested in the medieval battlefield style. Each map type will also have its sound. If you play the blizzard fight, you’ll hear solid winds and natural tones that will motivate you to overcome challenges.

You also hear the sounds of elephants galloping and weapons. This makes players more interested and excited.

Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK 1.17.8 (Unlimited Money)

Rome: Tips to Grow an Empire

These are some valuable tips for beginners.

You can speed up the battle by pressing the Play button at the top. This feature is great for when you don’t want to wait too long. This feature is very similar to Grow Castle’s auto fight mechanism.

Advertisements are a great way to get more gold. Every player hates advertisements. However, they are a great way to earn gold, especially if you’re running out.

To get more gold, you can invade colonies. Conquering territories is another way to make more gold. It is important to remember that your empire was built for profit and not for pleasure. You must be ready to conquer as many territories as possible to get gold.

Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK 1.17.8 (Unlimited Money)


Grow Empire: Rome is a simple game you can play on your Android phone. This exciting game is available for download. Children aged ten and over can enjoy the game’s fun content as well as its gentle content. Parents can take measures to ensure that their children are safe, happy, and healthy. This game is unique because it incorporates three gameplay styles: strategy, RPG and tower defense. It is a game you won’t want to miss!


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