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The game's exciting features aside, all Android gamers can still enjoy it on their smartphones. If you are interested, you can download the game free from the Google Play Store to start enjoying its features.
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3 Sept 2021
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Enjoy this mobile title from My Little Pony Rainbow Runners. Mobile gamers will blast with the colourful runner gameplay featuring their favourite characters from Ponyville. To have fun, explore the different characters and use their extraordinary powers.

Check out our extensive reviews to learn more about this mobile title by Budge Studios and all its incredible features.




Android gamers can have a relaxing and fun mobile gaming experience with My Little Pony Rainbow Runners. They can do this on the move and with total freedom. You can also join the Ponyville exploration with many of your favourite characters from My Little Pony’s TV series.

You will enjoy many in-game levels that offer unique challenges and exciting setups. Enjoy the game with your favourite Pony characters. Please make use of their unique abilities to bring colour to the world. Run and have fun.

Enjoy fluid movements and smooth jumps with your favourite ponies. You can enjoy the game with extraordinary powers and transformations from every character. You will find endless gameplay and new challenges in the game. You will be fully engaged throughout the experience.

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners MOD APK 2021.2.0 (Unlocked)




These are the most exciting features of the game:

Exciting pony actions and intuitive touch controls

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners is an addictive platformer and arcade runner game that mobile gamers will love to play on their Android phones. It offers simple controls and intriguing in-game mechanics. You can experience the thrilling running gameplay at high speeds with all sorts of unique movements. You can control the ponies to fly, jump and slide across the various platforms and obstacles.

Your impressive pony moves will help you avoid holes and puddles. Enjoy many of the game’s features and fully use the intuitive touch controls.

The exciting in-game mechanics will bring life to the darkened world.

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners introduces its “coloring” mechanics. Gamers can control their ponies through endless levels and bring colour to dark environments. You will feel energized when the screen changes from its dimmed black and white colour to vibrant and vivid visuals. This will surely impress many and encourage you to keep going.

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners MOD APK 2021.2.0 (Unlocked)

Discover Ponyville and other exciting missions


If you are interested, there are many fun missions available in My Little Pony Rainbow Runners. These will take you to the famous Ponyville lands. Find the many locations in the game affected by the plague, and see how all colours have been stripped from all objects.

You can bring life back into the world through many thrilling missions on the game’s many levels. Mobile gamers will love My Little Pony Rainbow Runners’ mobile game because it offers a variety of levels and is never too complex or too simple.

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners MOD APK 2021.2.0 (Unlocked)

Different ponies have different powers and abilities


My Little Pony Rainbow Runners now offers a variety of ponies for mobile gamers. This will let you explore their unique abilities and powers, making your pony runs more exciting and unpredictable. The game features six iconic ponies from the television series. Each one has its super powers and special abilities.

Princess Twilight Sparkles: Get ready to clear the path with magical blasts that you can charge up as you progress through the levels.

Pinkie Pie: Use her Mega bounces and jump as high or low as you like to pass through obstacles and traps effortlessly.

Rainbow Dash: Her epic smashes and dashes will help you overcome any obstacle without sweat. These impressive moves can be used at the right moment.

Rarity: Feel free to use her Magnetic Personality to attract and collect unique Pony powers.

AppleJack: Turn any obstacle into Apple sauces with powerful Apple strikes that can save you in crucial moments.

Fluttershy: It’s time for you to fly high above any traps and obstacles and glide effortlessly through the challenging parts of certain levels.


Unlock unique transformations for your ponies


If you are curious, you can upgrade your ponies to increase their power, especially in the later stages. Enjoy creating fantastic colour explosions with your ponies using their Rainbow Powers. This will allow you to unlock new abilities and powers for them. This boost can be used immediately to get the most out of it.


Excellent power ups for your ponies and upgrades


My Little Pony Rainbow Runners will feature many power-ups, upgrades and other unique features you can get during your runs. This is where you will find the many power-ups and coins that the game drops or scatters. You can save all cool powers to have an advantage when facing complex challenges.

Each pony will have its own story and quests

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners will introduce Android users and their unique adventures to each pony. Each pony comes with a different character. Enjoy the journey of your ponies. As you unlock the most extraordinary pony powers, help them through the many challenges and quests they face. The final stages of the game will see the ponies group together. You can unlock their unique powers to help win the most difficult challenges.


Play for free


The game’s exciting features aside, all Android gamers can still enjoy it on their smartphones. If you are interested, you can download the game free from the Google Play Store to start enjoying its features.


Enjoy the unlocked and accessible version of the game at our website


The ads in the freemium version of the game might still bother you. To unlock additional content, you will need to make in-game purchases. Android users may want to download the modified version of our game instead. We offer the mod game without ads and with unlimited features. This will let you enjoy this fantastic mobile title to its full potential. You must download the My Little Pony Rainbow Runners MOD APK and follow the instructions.

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners MOD APK 2021.2.0 (Unlocked)

Sound and visual quality




Enjoy this mobile game of My Little Pony Rainbow Runners. It features adorable art, stunning colours, and excellent level layouts. You can play the game with your favourite cartoon characters, all of whom have unique designs so that you can genuinely enjoy their adventures. The platformer runner gameplay will be even more fun with the responsive animations, realistic in-game Physics, and the heightened sense of humour.

Sound & Music

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners offers stunning graphics, beautiful art, great soundtracks, and sound effects that will keep you hooked. You will always have access to the series’ familiar music and audio experiences.


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