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You can now experience a realistic simulation of a town on Idle Island. You can see the citizens being very active as they wake up every morning, go to work daily, and listen to their problems before coming up with solutions. It is possible to improve their happiness by improving their quality of life.
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Imagine being able to control a whole city. Your wise investments will bring you prosperity and make you a dedicated mayor. Please read our reviews to learn more about the amazing Idle Island tycoon game.


You’ll get a huge head start because you will be playing as a millionaire who wants to build his city. You’ll build buildings, houses, and other properties on your Island to make it a tourist destination.

You can attract more people to your city by collecting large amounts of taxes. The money can be used to transform undeveloped lands into economically productive areas and to invest in the city’s economic development.

Your citizens should be happy and content all the time. A high-spirit population also results in better work performance, which leads to higher incomes.

You can also build your city according to your preferences if money is not what you are after. It can be transformed into a tourist destination with beautiful landmarks and scenery. You can also give the city a new atmosphere by adding parks and forests to its surroundings. You have many options.

Idle Island – City Building Tycoon 1.13.07 (MOD Free Shopping)

This amazing simulation of a city and business tycoon game is available on Android devices. All the amazing tycoon components will bring the city and its inhabitants to life. Learn more about Idle Island’s exciting features here.


Simple controls and an easy-going idle mechanic

This game is very easy to learn, so players will quickly become comfortable with its gameplay. You won’t be overwhelmed by the many buildings and constructions you have to manage. In addition, the game features intuitive instructions that will help you navigate through each stage.

The idling mechanicals can easily manage each building. It’s easy to build them, monitor their progress, and collect taxes or revenues frequently. Your citizens will still work for you even if you are offline. It takes only a few moments online to get the money.


It’s easy to play as the tycoon on Idle Island

Exciting simulation of a city

You can build your city here on Idle Island. To attract more people, you can build housing districts or public condominiums. To create new jobs and improve your city’s economy, build business buildings, financial centers, and stores.

As you build more facilities, collect the taxes and revenues from your buildings. You can ensure that your community receives good public services by offering them quality health care, parks, and protection from the policies.

To make the game even more exciting, there are challenges and tasks that the player can complete. To earn valuable rewards, you can complete them.


Your preferences will guide you in building your city

There are many options available to players to choose from different development plans for their cities. You can make your city a financial and commercial center, with many stores, shopping centers, and banks. If you are interested in technology and want your city to be the next Silicon Valley, you could also add many research centers and industrial areas to the city. For those who love the natural world, it would be great to have a tranquil agricultural town with a refreshing atmosphere.


Design traffic solutions that work in large cities

It cannot be easy to travel to a city. This problem can be solved by giving the city proper zonings. To distribute traffic in the city, build buildings smartly. To relieve your city of traffic jams, create efficient roads.

You can also provide public transit to reduce traffic congestion and emissions. You can prevent traffic jams from ever happening again by using effective methods.


Realistic interactions between the townspeople

You can now experience a realistic simulation of a town on Idle Island. You can see the citizens being very active as they wake up every morning, go to work daily, and listen to their problems before coming up with solutions. It is possible to improve their happiness by improving their quality of life.


Augmented Reality technology offers more features

Gamers can also enjoy the game in immersive AR modes. AR Core devices will make Idle Island even more fun.


You can manage up to 10 cities as a real estate tycoon

You’ll be the best tycoon on the planet in Idle Island and have the opportunity to run up to 10 cities as mayor. You can make wise investments and decisions to ensure they prosper and thrive. You can also choose to build different communities depending on your personal preferences.

Idle Island – City Building Tycoon 1.13.07 (MOD Free Shopping)

Play for free and does not require an Internet connection

You can play the game for free on Google Play Store. To play the game, you only need to download it and install it on your Android device. The game is also available without an Internet connection, so that anyone can play it anywhere.

Sound and visual quality


Beautiful 3D graphics make the game accessible to all ages. This game can be enjoyed with family or friends at any time. The realistic 3D elements such as the trees, clouds, fogs, cars, and citizens will make your city seem more alive than ever.



Idle Island will allow you to experience a true city tycoon game with precise sound effects. You’ll feel as if you are leaving the city with the sounds of the birds singing, the bustling people, and the intense traffic.

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