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You will feel like you are in a fight between Earthlings or aliens with powerful music and sound effects. You will be able to fight intergalactic enemies with the most formidable of foes. The audio is accurate and makes every action feel very real.
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29 Jun 2022
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Do you get tired of FPS games that limit you to a certain map or a specific set of weapons?

Shadowgun Legends will allow you to explore the vast world and control some of the most powerful weapons available. Intense and exciting battles against intergalactic foes. Check out our reviews to learn more about this incredible game by MADFINGER Games.


In the distant future, humanity has reached its highest point of evolution. We don’t have to be afraid of the unknown. Many alien races have interacted with us, and many of them have become friends.

As we explore the universe, we encounter hostile enemies only interested in conquering and destroying. Humanity finds itself in a conflict with powerful alien races.

You are a skilled soldier and warrior and have the best weapons and gear to defeat your enemies. You’ll be able to lead your men to victory thanks to your enhanced physics.

Shadowgun Legends MOD APK 1.2.3 (Unlimited Ammo)



These are some of the most amazing features in Shadowngun Legends.


Exciting single-player campaign mode


Players will be placed in difficult situations right from the start. They must overcome these challenges. As you advance in the game, you will discover many more mysteries and secrets.

Shadowgun Legends: FPS PvP-Free Shooting Games has a compelling storyline that will impress. Hundreds of missions take place on four different planets. You will also find frenzy and excitement and tons of other elements. This game will satisfy all shooter enthusiasts.


Get together with friends for exciting co-op missions


Apart from the single-player mode, the co-op mission allows you to play alongside your friends on your mission to save the Earth from invaders. You’ll earn incredible rewards by taking down enemy bosses. For amazing loot, go toe-to-toe and destroy their facilities.

The War Games arenas are another option. In these areas, you will be placed on chaotic battlefields. You can either fight your way to victory or accept your fate. You have the choice. Your decision will determine the fate of the Earth’s people and the planet. You can also choose to play Hardcore games, making war games more difficult.

PvP team battles: Take on real players

If you feel that the AI co-op missions are too difficult for you and your team, you might consider the PvP battles. You and your friends can take on the best Shadowgun Legends players. Use your teamwork and skills to defeat the enemy players before they do. Online players can challenge you in exciting 1v1 battles or join your friends in 4v4 matches.

Shadowgun Legends MOD APK 1.2.3 (Unlimited Ammo)

Huge selection of weapons, accessories, and gears

For those who are tired of traditional FPS games’ limited options. Shadowgun Legends allows you to make full use of the vast arsenal available. You can control powerful weapons such as pistols, rifles, machine guns, or rocket launchers.

You can protect yourself against the fires of enemies by equipping yourself with various armour pieces. Each one has its abilities and powers. Create an armour set that suits your style of fighting.


Convenient communication features


When fighting on such brutal battlefields as Shadowgun Legends, communication is crucial for soldiers. This game offers many interactive options so that players can have fun. Chat with friends in the lobby. Invite them to join your squad.


Discover the amazing reward system


What could be more thrilling than receiving valuable rewards for your achievements within your favourite games? Shadowgun Legends will give you the chance to win credits that can be used for prizes. Enjoy the unique fame system, where your characters will be influential the more well-known you are. As your FAME increases, you will also receive amazing bonuses.


Enjoy the game with millions


It’s not surprising that Shadowngun legends received a lot of attention upon its release, given their experiences with the Dead Trigger series and the amazing zombie FPS of Unkilled. It’s the incredible gameplay that keeps gamers engaged in the action. You can still join Shadowngun Legends to enjoy this amazing shooting game with millions of online players from around the globe. The game currently has over 200 million registered players, which continues to grow.

Shadowgun Legends MOD APK 1.2.3 (Unlimited Ammo)

Play for free


It isn’t easy to believe that Shadowgun Legends is free to download and play on your Android device. The game offers incredible gameplay and thrilling stories. You can enjoy the best PvP shooting games, discover the most powerful future weapons, and use the amazing guns and accessories that will help you in your battles.


Sound and visual quality




The game boasts stunning graphics and is one of the best games on Google Play. Shadowgun Legends will amaze you with its stunning graphics. You will also enjoy smooth and enjoyable gameplay due to the optimized hardware. You’ll be able to play the game on any device, regardless of the differences.


You will feel like you are in a fight between Earthlings or aliens with powerful music and sound effects. You will be able to fight intergalactic enemies with the most formidable of foes. The audio is accurate and makes every action feel very real.

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