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You will make more money every second by smuggling, oil extracting, and tobacco. Only the writer can see one detail that shows the reality of life: the absence of the weapons manufacturing or trading industry.
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Welcome back, my dear friend! Today I’m going to show you a very silly game. This isn’t blasphemy. Never in my entire life have I ever played a game like Make It Rain. Its simple yet crazy features helped the game make $ 50,000 every day.

Is it possible to become billionaires while spending much money daily? This question may take a lifetime to answer. You can still answer this question with Make It Rain: The Love of Money.

For your convenience, let me give you a summary. This game is simple: swipe, swipe, and swipe. You’ll soon be rich if you do this and invest the right amount of money in your finances.

Feel interested, right? Let’s play this game together!




Game Make it Rain: The Love of Money comes in two versions. One version is for desktops and one for mobile devices running Windows Phone 8. Simple gameplay will allow you to spend like a billionaire while enjoying moments of comfort.

It is accessible to all ages. All you need to do is tap the screen. This game was released by the developer a long time ago. It has received lots of praise from players because the interface and gameplay are simple.

The game is free to download, but some players may encounter 3rd-party ads. The money will drop continuously, just like Rain.

Initial players can withdraw huge amounts of money from the machine.

A player’s points are the amount of money he has earned during a swipe. The player’s number of points will be used to change settings, such as upgrading machines.

Most common is the machine that counts money faster, so players can score more points per swipe.

The money can be used to upgrade machines or the money you get for every screen swipe. The money you earn with each upgrade will increase quickly. Once we find the rule, it won’t be difficult.

Make It Rain MOD APK 8.0 (Unlimited Money)



Genre: Casual


Size: 50M

Installs: 5,000,000+

Operating systems: iOS and Android, Microsoft Windows

Age: Children under 12 years of age are not recommended

Sexual allusion

Interactive elements: Digital purchases

Space Inch, LLC




VentureBeat reports that Make It Rain has earned at least $50,000 daily through advertising and in-game transactions, surpassing 1,000,000 downloads on iOS and Android. Comparing this business result to the $ 1,000 cost for Space Inch Games is even more shocking.

Why is Make It Rain “stupid” and “crazy?” It’s so easy that you can only swipe the screen to drop coins from an infinite pile. Your score is determined by how many of these bills you have. Swipe as fast as you can.

You can spend more money on in-game upgrades if your score is higher. These upgrades can be divided into three categories:

  • Increasing your face value for each swipe.
  • Increasing your automatic investments makes it possible to invest more money when the game’s closed.
  • Investing to make money grows when the game is shut down.

These upgrades can be called macro-political investments, financial and Business investments. You can upgrade Business Investment to increase the face value of your deposit. This means that every swipe will be more valuable.

Interestingly, the upgrades are named after the Giao newspaper. They sell lemonade, flowers, and open cafes for low-cost upgrades.

You will make more money every second by smuggling, oil extracting, and tobacco. Only the writer can see one detail that shows the reality of life: the absence of the weapons manufacturing or trading industry.

Players can invest in Political Investment and Financial Investment upgrades to ensure their money flows even after the game is closed.

Make It Rain doesn’t have a storyline. As stated above, Make It Rain is designed to provide players with real entertainment. You will be able to count money and have a lot of fun.

This game tapped into the psychology of money-loving gamers. You can use virtual money to make a millionaire gaming. When you know the rules, it will pour down money.

Perhaps you’ll start selling lemonade on a sidewalk or building a casino. You might have to bribe a federal judge to count the money wrapped in rolls. The FBI might even approach you to take your money. You will need to be very careful and prepare some bribes immediately!

Does Make Rain sound like an idiot game?

Do you justify your failure with this argument? Don’t forget to get a bucket, as even the most talented players can’t win forever. Swipe continuously and swipe as fast as you can to score the points.

Make It Rain’s success is evident by the staggering sales and many downloads. However, it will be surprising to learn that the game was developed by Space Inch Games using capital.

It is only $1,000, and it is considered to be “paving the way” towards their larger investment line Disco Bees. Some things are difficult to accept. Many ridiculous acts are associated with hip-hop music videos that feature the scene of throwing money.

The popularity of Make It Rain surprised the developer. Joshua Segall, co-founder, and developer of Space Inch games said:

“We don’t think (Make It Rain) will attract players or bring large profits like this. It is amazing what has happened.”

Make it Rain’s success has sent a clear message to game developers that their time is wasted. Instead of racing to release low-quality games, developers should concentrate on improving the quality and development of fixed games.




Make It Rain’s simple gameplay has a unique charm. These are just a f

ew of the many features that this game has to offer.

Make a Rain of Money by Swiping as Much As Possible

Make It Rain is an investment simulator game. Although anyone can understand the gameplay, its strange appeal is evident.

After the experience, I was hooked on swiping and swiping to get free money. It was embarrassing, but it was impossible to stop clawing.

You can be a millionaire in just a few clicks. You do not receive actual money. This is a fun game. You’ll make tons of virtual cash every day with Make it Rain.

Take into consideration the possibility of investment

After you have reached a certain amount in your account capital, you need to think about what you will do next. You will soon get bored if you swipe for too long. This is especially true since you will lose profits at such low levels.

Capitalists count as investments, the final step to becoming a billionaire. I’m sure the money will flow like water if you invest properly.

These are all possible businesses, even if you’re starting a lemonade stand. Tap, tap until you purchase a federal judge. Tap Tycoon! Tap to Riches!

Receive a Bonus from A Capitalist Heritage Of Your Own

This isn’t lovely, but it’s necessary to keep the money flowing in this industry. Be the person that you desire to be.

To make friends with Congressmen, I became a capitalist. You can also become an institutional investor if you don’t like that. You can easily increase your fortune.

Insider trading can make you nervous and excited about taking on risks.

s. Keep it low; this secret must be kept quiet!


Desired Asset Transfer


The player’s assets will be passed on from generation to generation, even after the player dies. What could be more rewarding than one hand building your Business and your family becoming the wealthiest people on Wall Street?

Transfer cash cows to family members, and you can receive many bonuses. Tap and swipe to see if there is an increase in assets or a greater number of piles on each member of your extended family.

These Tips Are Essential When You Play

You can make money in many ways

Make It Rain allows you to make money differently than just swiping. It would help if you focused on this, and you’ll see a steady stream of money. These are the three best ways to make money.


Swipe Quickly


This basic method is the best, but you’ll need to clean it up regularly. I wouldn’t spend my time playing video games if it was me. This is just one method. We must also consider other options.


Financial Income


This method is used when you have invested, and the dollar flow is slowing. It happens automatically when you access the app. You don’t have to wipe hard.


Political Income


This is convenient because you can still get an income after closing your application. You must test the application within a few hours.


Invest in Virtual Goods


Make It Rain is essentially an investment game that turns currencies into sales. It can be used in three different ways.

Financial investment: This will help you increase your money-making ability

Business investment: The more you play, the more efficient your swipe.

Politics: Make sure the container is larger and regularly checked for the fullness.

Upgrades can be made to more items, and your income will increase accordingly. To get the best income, however, you must make the right choices.

Make It Rain MOD APK 8.0 (Unlimited Money)

Graphics and Sound

The gameplay should be so straightforward that the graphics and sound don’t have much to offer. It is all green, money, and more money throughout the game. The pre-rain effect, which is very true to its name, Make It Rain, was a writer’s favorite. It felt very… divine.

It is very easy to make the Make it rain sound. There is no background music and only the creaking sound of each sheet falling out of the money pile. It’s a sound similar to the flappy bird flapping its wings. A little fiction. Making it rain doesn’t make it any more true. That is because the money smells good enough to get players “to the top.”

Last Thoughts

It was the first time I had opened it. I felt helpless and confused. I didn’t know what it was doing or why it kept adding virtual money to its account. The game finally hit the right level of greed. It was the deepest and most fascinating human desire: To be rich and count the money in an immeasurable way.

Mobile gaming platforms are open to many creators, but most importantly, they allow users to make the most of their power. Sometimes developers don’t need to create a game that’s too complex, too large, or too beautiful. They need to focus on what the users want.

It has a simple sound and an image that isn’t too fussy. However, it retains a strange appeal. Make it Rain: The Love of Money is a great game for relaxing after a stressful day.


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