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You'll not only get the support of your heroes but also the assistance of your extremely useful powers. You can also gain amazing abilities that allow you to kill your enemies and freeze them with powerful ice blasts. You can use up to four different spells in each match. Make good use of them to win.
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Join thousands of players to play the largest online tower defense game, Realm Defense. You’ll find legendary heroes and monsters that can help you defend your enemies or join them. Check out our review to learn more about this amazing Android game.


You will be transported to a chaotic world where humans, monsters, and magical beings fight for control of the land. You must be skilled in the battle to conquer and build your land.

The Death Knights have emerged as an alliance of ancient powers, including dragons and wizards, knights, ice queens, and other mystical creatures. Your alliance with the Allied kingdoms can be formed, and you must defend yourself against these powerful beings.

You can use your towers and other technologies to defend the people. You can also fence off their attacks with the help of potions and useful potions. Be the hero that you have always wanted to be.

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You’ll need to travel long distances to set up defenses, depending on where the fights occur. Your strategy should be adjusted for each fight to suit the situation. You’ll soon be overwhelmed by powerful enemies.

The game provides a variety of abilities and powers to help you overcome the challenges. You’ll also be able to rely on the help of powerful heroes, whose abilities rival those of fearful mystical beings.

The fun strategy game allows you to play with different missions and quests in different ways. Join quests to save innocent villages from being kidnapped or gather resources for power-ups and upgrades. Realm Defense is an endlessly entertaining game. These are some of the notable features that Realm Defense offers.

Enjoy hours of unending fun and enjoyment

You will have hours of enjoyment and endless fun with the game’s vast gameplay. There are over 300 levels available to test your building and command skills. Each level will have challenges that require you to use your firepowers and towers and the right strategies to win.


Multiverse challenges

Realm Defense’s world is divided into multiple locations with different environmental characteristics. The enemies and their natural environment can vary. You will need to use specific towers depending on where you are located.The game offers four towers for each realm.

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Try your luck at the tournaments

You’ll have the opportunity to test your skills in exciting tournaments. Use your skills to defeat powerful enemies and get amazing rewards.


You can strengthen your Defense with the help of mighty heroes

You will need to efficiently combine the power of your towers to deal with a mixed army. Sometimes, however, this alone will not be enough to stop your enemies from moving forward. You’ll have the support of powerful heroes with unique abilities.

Fee the Archer, who deals devastating damage from far to your enemies; Lancelot, the Knight, with his determination in fighting to keep down the enemies; and Smoulder, the Dragon, with his deadly fireballs, which can wipe out many enemies in one blow. There are more heroes to follow. You’ll have a greater chance of defeating the invaders with their support.

Giants bosses are to be dealt with

The fights can be difficult despite the assistance of these heroes. However, enemies have their “heroes” as well. These are often referred to as “Bosses.” These monsters have incredible power and insane amounts of health, which allows them to sustain even the most severe damages. Prepare to face the Skeleton Mage and Goblin King in this battleground.


Different enemies have different abilities

You’ll not only get the support of your heroes but also the assistance of your extremely useful powers. You can also gain amazing abilities that allow you to kill your enemies and freeze them with powerful ice blasts. You can use up to four different spells in each match. Make good use of them to win.

Play for free

Unlike many tower defense games available on Google Play Store and other app markets, the game is free to download and play. To play, you only need to go to the app store and download it. While some in-app purchases may be necessary, they won’t significantly impact your game. You’ll be rewarded with valuable prizes if you do your best in every match.

Realm Defense MOD APK 2.7.9 (Unlimited Money)

Sound and visual quality


This game features stunning graphics, great design, and intricate visual effects. Every map has a stunning landscape that makes each match even more exciting. The character animations add a lot to the fights and are quite impressive.

Don’t be alarmed if your device isn’t capable of running the game. This game can be played on any Android phone, even if it was made in 2010. With a few exceptions, most devices performed well during our testing. There are no lags, stutters, or jitters recorded during gameplay.



The game offers amazing sound experiences and powerful sound effects to make every battle thrilling. Because of their unique sound effects, each in-game action is easy to recognize. You can still manage each unit even in a chaotic battle. The game is also very entertaining and engaging due to the powerful music.

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