Tribez Build A Village offers vivid visual experiences in the prehistoric world. The island offers many opportunities for you to do amazing things and get detailed descriptions of each. It is easy to see the activities of the builders on construction sites and the farmers harvesting their crops.
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Tribez: Build a Village is an exciting simulation of a farm building. With your family, you will build a farm on an island. It is both a simulation of city-building and an adventure. This game is for all ages. You’ll create a happy family, build a tribe, and live peacefully in your peaceful village. You’ll be able to grow many plants and keep your pets happy. After hard work, the game will bring you pure joy. Enjoy an adventure on the farm with your family members.


About Gameplay


Tribez Build a Village focuses on a small family. Your family travels to an unknown island with you. You meet many new people, learn a lot, and start building the village of your dreams. After some time, everything is transformed into a peaceful town where you can enjoy a happy and peaceful existence.

There are many activities to be done:

you can plant plants, tend your garden, harvest crops, and participate in village activities. It is easy to farm. You must select the right plants, plant a seed, wait for the harvest, and stock up on horse hay. You will enjoy a variety of farm adventures and exciting stories.

Enjoy warm moments with charming characters. You are invited to experience an unforgettable farm adventure on an island. The island is vast and offers many exciting opportunities for village life. There are many valleys hidden in the mist on the island. Explore new lands and increase your construction.

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Tribez: Build A Village is a unique farm adventure. You can also work offline. You can travel to the island by plane, train, or car. You can always go to the island’s charming village and have fun. Step by step, you explore the island and make friends online with the lovely villagers. You will meet builders, tax collectors, and other great citizens.

This game depicts the beautiful world of farm life and village life. Enjoy the adventure and explore the many impressive buildings on the island. Your creativity is your tool to create unique designs. You will eventually start to collect and harvest money. You can unlock tons of items and tribal characters, buildings, and decorations with your money. You can also increase your farm adventure experience by using this link.

Tribez: Create a Village brings together all of the elements of a building game. You can do many things, including farming, building your town, producing goods, and growing vegetables and fruit. The harvest of land or sea resources is your reward. You can increase the population by building housing.

As you expand the frontier, you will explore new mountains and create farmland all over. The game’s core is about having a great adventure on a farm, exploring the island, and doing amazing things. The game’s setting is prehistoric and will appeal to those who love farm management.

You will feel like you are in the past as you travel through a beautiful landscape with prehistoric people. Many jobs, such as exploring new lands, developing fertile lands, or building stone-age villages, will keep you busy.

There are many settings for The Tribez: Build a Village. There are many options to explore, including forests, riversides, coastal areas, plains, and dark, cold lands. The village can be built to your specifications, without restrictions through minerals or resources. Many factors attract the game, especially those who manage and assemble freely.

Your mission is to lighten the darkness on the alien island’s tribes. You are the leader of the tribe and must lead the adventure to its conclusion. Everything starts from nothing. You then use the initial gold to build simple, earthen houses. You must purchase land and seeds to plant various food crops and fruit trees. You can then harvest the finished products and continue to buy land.

To help primitive people live better, you must complete many quests. You can achieve different tasks such as building houses, farming, and breeding. You can earn and harvest rewards like gold coins and diamonds that you can use to purchase items at the shop. You can also spend your money to grow your village. You can also open new lands and new challenges by completing a quest in an area.

Each of the nine islands in The Tribez: Build a Village is unique and has its characteristics. There are many places to explore, including mountains, plains, snow, and arctic ice. The game world is filled with underground treasures. To increase your land-building resources, explore caves that contain valuable items. People will be happier if they can produce more goods.

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The interface of the Tribez Builds a Village is simple. You’ll quickly become familiar with the controls. The controls are easy to use and can be used by even the family’s youngest members. Please refer to the instructions at the start of the game if you are having difficulty. You will find brief instructions in the game. You can then prepare the soil, plant your favorite plants, discover new areas, harvest different foods, and building common areas. The control is simple, and the illustrations are clear. Enjoy an exciting new world on this beautiful island.


Sound and graphics


Tribez Build A Village offers vivid visual experiences in the prehistoric world. The island offers many opportunities for you to do amazing things and get detailed descriptions of each. It is easy to see the activities of the builders on construction sites and the farmers harvesting their crops.

It features 3D animated graphics in many eye-catching colors. The scene is beautiful. You are about to discover beautiful lands. It is a game with beautiful and varied designs that provide maximum entertainment for the player. You will be attracted to the game’s stunning picture quality. The sounds are primarily lighthearted and have many effects that can be used to influence people’s actions.

You might also like Farmdale. You can also play this game as a form builder. You’ll discover a magical farm through a fantastic story about friendly farmers living in a dreamland. Farmdale offers many familiar activities such as planting trees, taking care of animals, and attending festivals. You can expand the farm and discover the wonders of the world.

The Tribez MOD APK 15.7.3 (Unlimited Money)



Tribez Build a Village is a time-honored journey back to prehistoric times. It would help if you crossed the space-time divide to discover new land. Your imagination will help you create unforgettable experiences on this island. Your role is that of the divine messenger, leading the tribe’s civilization through various activities. The game can be played offline. This is great for busy people looking for something fun and engaging. You are about to embark on a journey into the distant past and discover amazing secrets and great puzzles. You can build your stone-age village and explore new lands to help people achieve prosperity.

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