There are many reasons for having the desire to keep your photos or videos secure on your tablet or phone and not have to worry about handing over your device to family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, or even family in various situations of everyday life. Keepsafe MOD APK on Android and iPhone may be a suitable answer for you.
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Keepsafe Browser is a secure web browser compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. It’s a light web browser designed to allow users to browse the internet easily without worrying about being saved. With Keepsafe, it is possible to be no more bombarded by annoying ads or pop-ups as with other browsers. Mainly you can lock the browser on your phone by using a PIN or selecting Touch ID.

Keepsafe lets you quickly hide essential files on your Android tablet or phone at no cost. If you loan your device or phone to a relative or friend to play games with, you continue to be scared and do not know what they are looking at through your photos or video storage. One method to conceal the information is to utilize the application of Keepsafe. You need to enter your PIN to secure it when you install and launch the program. On the main interface, click the Add Picture button, and select the images you wish to conceal.


General Information

Keepsafe offers many of the options of the previous applications like PIN security, the use of an incorrect PIN, and intrusion warning. But, only the first feature is complimentary, while the rest require an upgrade fee. So, you can try the Keepsafe Version. The main drawback is that it will occasionally hide your photos. If upgrading to Pro Version, it will be restored.

Keepsafe is a simple password-protected video and photo application. It is as easy as typing your pin and uploading your image to the app’s album of photos. For features like fraudulent PINs, intrusion alerts, and even a personal account password, purchase the Premium APK version. But, users using the Android version have complained that the application blocks the photos of their images and will only unlock them after upgrading to the upgraded version.

Keepsafe MOD APK 11.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)


How to Use Keepsafe?

If this is your first time, it is necessary to establish an account with a PIN (Android) or Touch ID (iOS) to block access to your computer through the browser. To set a PIN for Android users, click Create a PIN and select four numbers to be used as a PIN. In the case of iOS devices, if your device is equipped with fingerprint sensors, you must use Touch ID as a security lock.

If you do not intend to do this, use the Skip button to avoid it and do it in Settings. Keepsafe is a primary interface consisting of an upper-right corner that houses the address bar, the tab button, search box, and a three-dot menu button. Keepsafe is primarily used for basic web browsing requirements such as listening to music and viewing videos.

Google is the primary search engine that Keepsafe uses. Some suggestions correspond to the search term you have entered into the address bar to speed up searching. As stated above, it puts every browser tab in private mode. Therefore, it won’t save your browsing history, and you don’t have to waste time cleaning it up after each use. The most notable feature is the capability to block advertisements and monitor the user’s habits.

The visible tracks prevent the browser from pressing the three dots menu button. Select the Trackers block option if you wish to determine which component of the tracking process is Analytics, Social (statistics tools), Content (embedded Content on the site), and advertising. If you wish to turn off browser blocking, go to Settings from the menu.

Choose the tracker settings. Trackers for Content should not be enabled since they can impact the Content displayed on the site. Additionally, you can access the Settings section, which lets you create a PIN or modify the code. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use the Keepsafe Browser for Android and iOS. It’s a lightweight and secure browser that should be used and could replace top web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Special Features

KeepSafe Vault, available for Android 9.32.0, is a program that allows the storage of images and videos in privacy with the help of a simple PIN. As a free security application for Android tablets and smartphones, Keepsafe uses a simple personal data management procedure. Choose the photos you want to store in the media folder of your device, and then manage who has access to them by using the secure PIN. This unique PIN allows you to access the Keepsafe and browse the contents.

Using KeepSafe Vault, family members, friends, family members, or colleagues can only access photo libraries that aren’t disruptive to the KeepSafe folder. KeepSafe Vault provides enhanced security and privacy by setting distinct accounts with different passwords. You can also select a custom-designed album design for ease of classification and organizing.

Create a second password to enable the KeepSafe Vault disguise when someone requires you to open the app. It is impossible to know the actual KeepSafe Vault PIN. KeepSafe Vault is disguised as the appearance of a standard application. If you enable the Secret Door function, people may think it’s an image and video storage application. However, you can only see a PIN number and start the application.

Be notified whenever someone attempts to log into KeepSafe Vault with an incorrect PIN. This feature will snap a picture of the intruder’s data using the camera on the front and note the date, duration of the incident, and even the PIN they entered.

Users can directly contact the publisher via Email address 30******[email protected]*** to send feedback, report bugs, or suggest additional features for future versions.

Keepsafe MOD APK 11.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Overall Assessments

Keepsafe is a program that lets you protect your photos and videos stored on your phone by locking your phone using Fingerprint authentication, PIN, and advanced encryption algorithms, which prevents anyone from gaining access to your information. Keepsafe Vault also synchronizes photos or videos across all devices and backs up videos and photos for simple recovery in case your phone gets lost.

Keepsafe utilizes PIN Code, fingerprint authentication, and advanced encryption technology to safeguard your images and videos. Select the files you want to be secured in the archives of Keepsafe. Remove those photos from the gallery’s public view. Videos and photos are safely stored across all devices and back to ensure easy recovery. In particular, the feature locks automatically when the device is facing downwards.

Keepsafe lets users upload photos and then disappear for 20 seconds after it has received the images. It also allows you to create and create a private album for your most important contacts. The application also isn’t listed in your list of frequently used applications. Personal cloud storage can hold up to 10,000 objects, compress images and save originals, save photos, enjoy high-quality viewing, and even set thumbnails for albums.

Final Words

There are many reasons for having the desire to keep your photos or videos secure on your tablet or phone and not have to worry about handing over your device to family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, or even family in various situations of everyday life. Keepsafe MOD APK on Android and iPhone may be a suitable answer for you.

When the application starts, you will be required to enter a PIN. After that, you’ll be taken to your position, where you can select which videos and images you wish to keep private. After choosing our photos or videos, be confidential and never be available to the general public. The application also includes an option called Snapchat that lets you share images with friends for 20 seconds without installing the app.

Another exciting feature is a fake PIN which allows you to create a false folder using an incorrect PIN. If you are compelled to provide your PIN to somebody, they can give the parties interested an untrue folder that contains photos you created in the spur of the moment, which you’re not worried about displaying.

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