With regards to sound, the music can create an upbeat and relaxing mood. There aren't a lot of spoken voices that are often distracting and annoying. The music plays to emphasize what's going on. It is better to have both players enjoy the game and listen to it.
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Risk is the name for the sport Risk: Global Domination. It’s a wildly popular strategy game with more than 5 million downloads around the globe on Google Play. It has received numerous positive reviews about its unique gameplay and exciting competition available to players. It offers players various game modes, each with a unique story behind them and rewards that players can get. Because of the variety of the game, it is highly praised by many players.

Additionally, Risk is designed in 3D format, which is why the images of the game are amusing. It appears suitable for all ages since there’s not much violence or bloodshed within the gameplay. This means you can play the game with your family and friends without restriction. To get back to why the game is so popular, Let’s look at the review that follows!



The game’s story isn’t different from other games of strategy. The player will select the nation first before setting up armies. Then, you swap cards to build other armies and then begin to wage war. As for content, the game demands players to take on opponents and set goals of dominating the entire world. This is why the standard map you see during the game is a world map divided into territories. But some countries are split into distinct territories, but not all countries appear on a map.

As Risk gives you a wide range of smaller regions of the globe, you could focus on an area of interest or opt to play the unique maps. The arrangement of the territories is similar to the layout of a castle. As previously mentioned, the game is turn-based, like a board game. In addition, every turn comprises three phases, which include the deployment and attack phases, along with the fortification stage. At the beginning of your turn, you’ll receive reinforcements. Be aware that the size of the territory you manage will determine the many troops you’ll get.

You must deploy the troops to your areas. In addition, when playing Risk, it is possible to collect cards. By collecting three similar cards, you can exchange them for additional troops. You can strike more frequently when you place new troops in the game. The battle is determined by rolling dice. In other words, the role of the dice will determine whether your strategy is successful. If, for instance, you surpass your opponent’s numbers and win, you will. However, you still lose some troops. This is crucial information regarding the offensive phase.

In terms of the phase of reinforcement, it’s fairly simple. You only need to choose one territory and the number of troops you want to transfer from one territory to another. The move automatically ends your turn since you can make just one move. The game’s most difficult part is the time you have to defend your borders. And that is called the phase of deployment. The more weak your borders are, the more the opponent’s reach. It can be easy to learn the game, but it is difficult to master because it requires some planning and techniques to be successful.

RISK MOD APK 3.7.2 (Unlimited Money)
Risk Features


Category: Action and Adventure
Developer: SMG Studio
Version: 2.7.2
Update: 10th October 2020
Size: 69 MB
Requirements: Android 4.4 and above
A Wide Range of Game Modes

Many game modes are available, including Global Domination online, Single Player, and Play Friends online, along with the game Pass & Play. It also means that players can compete with others around the world. If you play a match, it is a match with four players. The game is comprised of five players who compete against each other. The outcome can determine if your name is listed on the leaderboard of an international competition or not.

Multiple Maps and Strategy

Each game map is designed around specific themes and many characters. This contributes to the variety of Risks. With such a diverse map and vast areas, it is necessary to consider a strategy for organizing your troops to ensure that you can take the most land you can.

However, it is important to remember the protection of your dominated areas. To accomplish this, it is essential to regularly train your troops since the most important aspect of the fight can be found in the military. This is why you require your troops to be prepared to fight.




The authentic rules

Making friends and sending challenges quickly
Fun animated avatars
Emojis to express joy in the face of defeating your opponents

Chatting is not available.

Visuals and Sound


The main benefit of this particular game is its color scheme, which makes it easy for players to recognize the various controlled areas. The 2D animations are sure to brighten your mood, while the character designs are also vibrant in their personalities. Since everything is decided by luck, There aren’t any violent fights whatsoever. In general, using a vibrant and vibrant cartoon style, Risk can attract many players.



With regards to sound, the music can create an upbeat and relaxing mood. There aren’t a lot of spoken voices that are often distracting and annoying. The music plays to emphasize what’s going on. It is better to have both players enjoy the game and listen to it.


Risk FAQs

How Can I Change The Territory Card Bonus Rules?
You first select a map. Next, press the green arrow on your mobile phone’s screen. There will be a Bonus Card Bonus. You can choose between progressive or fixed rules. Use the help icon under the Game Options for more information on these rules.

How Can I Add A Friend To Risk?

You’ll see the green smiley symbol that can be used to invite friends. Clicking that icon option, you will receive the link to your account through social media apps or messaging. Another way to grow your circle of friends is to duplicate your ID within the game. Click on it to give it to your friend. They will manually enter your ID into the screen to add a friend.


Can I Speed Up The Dice Rolling When Taking Part In Risk Battles?

Yes, you can. When you are in battle mode, select Blitz. After that, you wait until your opposing troops defending or attacking troops are eliminated. This function functions as a continuous attack.

RISK MOD APK 3.7.2 (Unlimited Money)

Can I Shorten The Duration Of Turns?

It is as easy as clicking the arrow button after selecting the map you want to use. You will then be able to see you will see the Turn Timer, and you can set the timer between 1 to 5 minutes each time you turn. Keep in mind that you will not have the turn-timer if you play the game using the Solo Play Mode.


How Do I Change My Name At Risk?

The game, unfortunately, is not able to provide personalized usernames. The players can log into the game using Google Play, Facebook, Steam, Apple, or Game Center. They are, therefore, the only ways for you to personalize your account at Risk.


The Verdict

In essence, Risk is genuinely a good game. It’s fun to play playing in single-play mode, but it’s much more enjoyable when you add multiplayer options. Therefore, prepare to make your troops draft, launch the battle, and protect your territory!

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