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The last thing to mention is that it is not only possible for Android users who are part of My Game Collection to customize their main menu within the library. Make use of the settings available to select which features you want to see in the specific menus and allow quick access to critical features. So, you can customize your app to your liking.
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14 Jul 2022
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For those who are avid gamers games, collections of their games are without a doubt among their most sought-after assets. Additionally, if you’re an avid gamer or collector playing an abundance of game titles that it’s hard to keep track of and are looking for, a mobile application called My Game Collection would undoubtedly help you. It lets you keep track of your games, arrange them into different categories, and assign tags such as.

Using My Game Collection, you will have a helpful game hub that links to the various games you’re playing, have played before, or want to expand your collection. You can keep track of them using the intuitive game menus that categorize your games with different genres, tags, and statuses.

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What is it that they do?

In My Game Collection, game fans, collectors, and even regular gamers can find themselves a useful game tracker that lets them keep track of their games collection. You are welcome to use the application to add various games to your digital collection. Sort your games into various genres and tags so you can glance at them later.

The My Game Collection allows you to add games from various platforms, such as the Playstation consoles and handhelds, Xbox consoles, Nintendo gaming consoles, PC games, and other games on Android and iOS. Ultimately, you can get all your games included in the collection. Please place them in different collections and provide detailed information on every game you play. Please make sure you keep track of your information and update it as required to be aware of the games you are playing and their status.

My Game Collection MOD APK 6.0.3 (Premium)

If you are intrigued by the fascinating mobile application My Game Collection, you can download it on Google Play Store. Google Play Store without having to spend a dime. You can enjoy the free application features to swiftly and efficiently organize your collection of games. And, if you’d like to maximize your enjoyment of the app, there will be in-app purchases you can use to unlock it.

Additionally, My Game Collection users must upgrade their Android gadgets to the most recent firmware versions to ensure the app’s compatibility with your system, specifically when installing the most recent updates.

Don’t forget to give the app all access rights required when logging into the app the first time. Your app will require them to allow all functions and features in the app.


Fantastic features

Here are the most exciting features the app offers:


Get a simple and easy-to-use application

For starters, Android users in My Game Collection can easily engage in the easy and user-friendly mobile app, which is a breeze to use and become familiar with. You are free to explore the app’s menus and gain access to numerous intriguing features. Select and join games in your libraries. Make small changes to ensure they are in order. Make sure you have effective filters to ensure that your games are organized.


Be aware of the available games and other related content

In My Game Collection, you can keep track of the various games within your library, including physical and digital versions and those you’ve loaned. Gather in-depth information about hardware, games, in-game content, and other exciting components to ensure you are aware of the games you play.


Genuine game databases from multiple sources

To ensure that you always have the appropriate game for your library, My Game Collection will provide in-depth game databases that come from multiple sources, like PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, VGCollect, and more. You can choose the games you’re playing on the platform of your choice and add them to your collection. Add the game to your library at home and modify the tags, so they are appropriately controlled.

Feel free to personalize your game gallery

You can also personalize your game gallery within My Game Collection, allowing Android users to select appropriate colors for their various game titles and collections. Edit the game’s descriptions and details with your interpretations of the games, including games downloaded from online databases.

Additionally, you can include different thumbnails and descriptions images for specific games, both from the internet and your local storage. Select which information you would like to be the first to display when hovering over certain games or when you access the game menus.

The last thing to mention is that it is not only possible for Android users who are part of My Game Collection to customize their main menu within the library. Make use of the settings available to select which features you want to see in the specific menus and allow quick access to critical features. So, you can customize your app to your liking.


A simple interface for libraries to interact with

If you’re curious, you’ll discover the library within My Game Collection is quite accessible because of its simple interface. You are free to use the helpful filter or sorting feature, as well as grouping and sorting that enable you to organize your various games into categories and tags easily.

Change the display mode in your mobile application with various options to see the games displayed in lists, grids, or groups. Review their information through the screen that they belong to. All information is automatically downloaded from online databases or altered by you on this screen.


Never lose your necessary data

If you’re worried about your game collection and do not wish to erase it, then you should use the backup options within My Game Collection. This app permits you to backup your collection to the cloud drive. You can also store your lists in CSV files that can be restored anytime you require.


Create different home screen shortcuts

To quickly access your games collections, My Game Collection allows Android users to create shortcuts for specific games or lists, groups, and hardware information. Just place them on your home screen to quickly access specific places using shortcuts.


Feel at ease sharing your collection

If you are interested, you can free-of-costly share your gaming collection and your data in My Game Collection with others. Begin by sharing your hardware and games using popular messaging platforms, social networks, and emails. You can also add hyperlinks to different search games, data from games, videos, and other data sources related to specific games you have in your collection and provide instant access to your games when you share them with others.


Google Now Voice is compatible with Google Now. Google Now Voice supports

In My Game Collection, Android users can select to connect to Google Now using the Voice features. Open the feature, look up any game title from your collection, or buy the app to execute specific actions. It makes it much easier to manage and track your collection of games without the need to interact with the device.

My Game Collection MOD APK 6.0.3 (Premium)

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If you are curious, you can play the free and unlocked Version of My Game Collection on any of your mobile devices, thanks to our innovative mods. We offer a free version with unlimited features and no ads to allow players to get the most out of it. Download the My Game Collection Mod APK. Follow the instructions, and you’re ready to start playing.


Final decisions

Be ready to participate with the fantastic mobile app My Game Collection, which lets you freely build and browse your games library. You are free to add any games you’re playing regardless of platforms, current developments, genres, ratings, and other components. Utilize the library we’ve created to stay on top of your games and ensure that you know what you have in your collection. In addition, with the unlocked and accessible Version of this app that is available on our website, you’ll get more reasons to use the app.

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