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People often say that the best wolf is with his pack. You can share your hunted animals with the other wolves in the group. This is a great way to build the strength of the species. You can also share your trust with fellow hunters for the next hunt.
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You may assume that Wolf Online is a game about caring for animals like Pet World when you hear it first. It is so much more. This epic wolf game is all about raising a wolf by yourself. It is about three wolf species fighting for survival. It’s a network game of survival. To survive, you will need to hunt other animals.
The Wolf Online is the most popular online animal game. The series Life of Wolf, which has reached 5 million downloads around the globe, is also following it. Let’s join the fight to become the greatest warrior.



Theme for Games

Playing the game, you can start survival hunting and prosperity for the wolves. There are three types of wolves: Snow Wolf, Mountain Wolf, and Wild Wolf. Choose one, and you can hunt with these packs. Hunting animals is a way to get out of the dangerous and challenging hunting environment. You can then master all your skills.

You can gain more experience and level up if you win all three battles between wolf species. This is also a way for you to gain the trust of your pack. There are six different hunting ground characters. They can be deer, giraffes, or rabbits. Wild animals and beasts like tigers, rhinoceros, and lions can also be seen. They will attack you and threaten your life.

There are also legend monsters in the game. These monsters can be difficult to defeat, so you must ask your fellow players for help. Monsters can render your strong teeth and sharp claws useless. You cannot fight alone. It would help if you had your friends and colleagues there to support you. This game values unity in fighting. Once you’re all set, it is time to go hunting.

Wolf Online MOD APK 3.6.1 (Unlimited Points)

Wolf Species Characteristics

There are three distinct species, as mentioned earlier. There are 12 species of wolves, with four types for each species. What’s the difference? Let’s get into the details.


Snow Wolf

Snowstorm is home to snow wolves. This area is covered with snow and ice. The snow wolf is the fastest of the three species and has the most agility when they hunt prey.


Mountain Wolf


These wolves are found in Stone Mountain, as the name suggests. It is a dangerous area, and it can be rough. The Mountain Wolf is one of the three most balanced species and seems to be the most harmonious.

Wolf Online MOD APK 3.6.1 (Unlimited Points)
Wild Wolf

Wild Land is home to this wolf species. This is where ancient beasts could breathe and live. This wolf is known for being aggressive and fragile among all species.


Online Features for Wolf

Wolf Online MOD APK 3.6.1 (Unlimited Points)
Many Battle Mode Systems

This game has many modes of play. The PVP mode allows you to hunt and fight alone with other wolf species. You can also join other wolf players around the globe to defeat the dragon. This is called the cooperative raid fight. You won’t find it boring and can enjoy it for the entire day.

Train Yourself to Become the Best Wolf

People often say that the best wolf is with his pack. You can share your hunted animals with the other wolves in the group. This is a great way to build the strength of the species. You can also share your trust with fellow hunters for the next hunt.

This game also allows you to call your friends when you are tired. This is an exciting and creative feature. You can use the network summon function to call your friends immediately if you become tired of hunting or are in danger.
Hunting makes characters grow faster.

Wolf Online also offers this exciting feature. This game is different from other simulating games that require you to complete tasks to level up. Your wolf can be trained to hunt and increase. Your ability to move speed, attack, defend, and even win credit/honor will increase by hunting animals.

Wolf Online MOD APK 3.6.1 (Unlimited Points)

Additional Engaging Features

You can also hunt mythical creatures and monsters in addition to common animals like herbivores, predatory animals, and prey animals. Some creatures, such as the dragon, Cerberus, and chimera, might be surprised. This sounds intriguing. Although not entirely accurate, this feature can increase your excitement during the game.

The game features six different combat or hunting maps. Each map has a variety of geographical backgrounds and highly realistic features. These include Combat Field, Arcane River, and Stone Mountain.

You can also chat with other players online without restrictions. Using the energy supplement system, you can also supply energy via the self or dead bodies.

It has a fun gameplay experience that we can evaluate. Its graphic effects are not as strong as they could be, making it less appealing to players who prefer bright, vibrant, and attractive graphics.


Last words

The Wolf Online Mod APK simulates the life of wolves. Players must join a pack to participate in the game. You can earn experience points by hunting down and defeating opponents. Is it safe to hunt alone? It is not. It is best to join a large group to ensure your success. This game is still well worth the effort, despite its unattractive graphics.

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