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Get together with up to six of your friends to participate in this fun and fun Golf Battle. Golf Battle is a wild game of golf that brings the excitement of minigolf to the whole family!
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Golf Battle is a stunning PvP fighting game released by Miniclip and Miniclip, in which players play against various other players in minigolf with multiple terrains. There are two game modes to select from Classic or Rush.
If Classic is still the standard method of playing, where players attempt to hit the ball into the hole using the least amount of hits possible, The Rush provides a faster pace and encourages players to strike the ball faster. It’s an all-sports game! However, you need to know more to win every game in the fastest possible time.

For Golf Battle, the longer the distance between the point of contact and the hole at the end of every game, the more obstacles will appear on your screen and track view as you play more and play, the better experience you’ll acquire, and especially the ability to avoid penalty penalties.

The penalty is hitting the ball in the stream, launching it through the water, or a scheduled (in Rush mode). Stay focused and attentive for this game since it’s not ordinary golf, where you put the ball into the hole. You will be competing against many other players to play Golf Battle, compete with delicate shots, and be able to beat the opposition in just one go.


General Information

Thanks to Golf Battle for Android, golf will no longer be a pastime of the wealthy. Love for the game and a desire to play this thrilling sport right on your smartphone screen.

We’ve optimized our game-control system so that it can provide you enjoy the best golf experience on your phone with just one tap. But, if you’re hoping to be successful, you need to be able to align the ball to the correct angle and then put it in the ideal hole.

It is possible to gather your friends to play 1v1 duel matches or play with up to six other friends on Facebook. With various stunning Golf courses, equipment for golf, and other attractive golf-related items, Golf Battle is a fantastic sports field for endless excitement. Take on your rivals and establish your worth as the supreme player in golf today!

Golf Battle MOD APK 2.1.5 (Unlimited Money)

The most impressive aspects of the Golf Battle


– Online multiplayer game.

Play against other players from around the globe in real-time.

Play with your friends using 1v1 or participate in the 6-person game.

Relax and classically hit the ball.

A fast-paced game with fast-paced gameplay in Rush mode.

Simple, simple game controls and thrilling gameplay

Incredible 3D graphics.

• Win prizes worth thousands of dollars and heavy golf equipment.

Unlock and upgrade your club.

Gradually increase your level and advance through forty holes of courses, golf, and classes.


Interesting Gameplay

Learn to utilize force properly. It’s a crucial element that can make the difference on every shot. Be sure to remember and grasp the distance of the strike force, particularly how far the ball will travel when you strike it, as it will allow you to make a more accurate estimate for subsequent shots.

Upgrade your golf swing is also a great way to improve shot quality. Sure holes can give golfers illusions of distance. Therefore, you must be cautious before hitting the ball if you don’t wish to be unfairly penalized.

Sandpits’ appearance is a crucial aspect of Golf Battle. If you believe that hitting the bunker can give you an advantage, you don’t know how much harm it can cause.

The rush will be extremely strict; you only allow a few minor strikes to bring the ball back to grass. If you’re not, the Classic approach doesn’t come with any rules. However, you’ll require a significant strike to recover from escaping the bunker. We’re sure it will require a lot of effort and time.

Speed or precision? Find the balance between them in Rush mode. The accuracy and speed are not listed within the game dictionary for this mode. Sometimes, you’ll get brief advice.

It’s irritating that a camera can prevent you from seeing the ball’s intended destination. However, it’s a common issue, and you shouldn’t blame them for it with a bad image. It is possible to completely alter the angle before you shoot to avoid the disadvantage.

The game’s challenge is always presented with holes and significant rewards, but hidden in the background are risks that could be posed. It is also possible to play with a simple strategy.

Focus on the final phrase or test yourself in the abyss of temptation for this game. You may lose the first couple of fun, but you’ll be able to feel the satisfaction of victory when you succeed. This is how winners feel after winning.

Special Features

Get together with up to six of your friends to participate in this fun and fun Golf Battle. Golf Battle is a wild game of golf that brings the excitement of minigolf to the whole family!

Enjoy the thrill of competing against your fellow players online in real-time to discover who is the minigolf course’s steadfast champion. Upgrade and unlock some golf balls, and compete for one-on-one or up to six Facebook friends in golf battles that are not blocked.

Explore more than 40 courses across the globe and play classic golf in which the golfer with the least shots wins. Get into the rush mode where genuine fun-filled golf chaos is played in real-time multiplayer.


Relax with the entire family

Golf Battle is a minigolf game that is suitable for families. There are no violent scenes or mortal sins. There are no negative themes within the play. This vibrant and chaotic course in various settings and environments is only possible within an online world.

There is nothing that could make this game less enjoyable for the family is online interaction. Do not worry about this since sensible restrictions limit the risk of suspicious interactions.

Every player is a true golfer

Golf Battle does not have artificial intelligence, aside from the unique golf ball that appears to possess its mind. The players that you meet are playing from around the world.

Join Facebook with your account, and you’ll be able to compete with your friends and family in real time, which can have up to six people. The best part is that you can play any time, anywhere, with these fantastic online golf games.


Collect design called Zany

You can personalize the golf ball you play with the unlocked customization. From irregular patterns to country flags, there are numerous colors and designs that you can be different from the other golfers.

Improve your putting stick and increase your edge through speed, precision, and guidance. Remember that some putters are best suited to certain conditions. When playing Golf Battle, you can pick from golf courses explicitly designed for the desert, pine, or even ice courses!


Unexpected challenge

When playing Golf Battle, players prefer playing in the classic mode, where the most shots can earn in-game currency. Or you can try Rush Mode. With Rush Mode, you can take unlimited photos; however, how quickly can you complete the course? Whatever number of shots you make, it is essential to speed.


Golf Battle’s Tips and Tricks

Make use of the wall

Golf Battle isn’t precisely a golf competition for professionals. However, it’s an innovative golf format that can be played to provide more fun for the family. To be sure, the players should approach each course as a game of billiards instead of golf.

Using both hills and walls to get the most optimal position while making as many shots feasible is possible. When playing Golf Battle, you do not need to redo photos so long as the golf ball does not fall away from the stage wall.


Control of power

You might think that hitting maximum power will get your clients towards their goals more quickly. It’s sometimes true, but it’ll take you out of the range most of the time. Take note of the force you put into every shot. You could get your golf ball into the wrong place as fast as you can and send it out of range.


Recommended Alternative: Golf Clash

Golf Clash is a tournament where participants showcase their talents through the art of swinging, winning prizes like titles, gold coins, and so on. To get through more challenging levels, you must consider the aspects below.

Simple rules don’t necessarily mean that dominance of Golf Clash will be effortless. What better way to learn a few suggestions to gain an advantage over your opponents? The Autumn tournament is the most popular and most renowned tournament, which brings players from all over the world across the globe and Golf Clash, in particular, makes the sport more appealing.


A careful preparation

Before you begin any competition, you should be prepared. Reviewing the number of balls available as well as the levels of skill and the quality of your club will provide you with an overview and assist in developing strategies to play the game.

Based on the terrain as well as the nature of the game’s screen, you can expect a certain amount of hits. When you are aware of the other factors that affect your game and the game’s characteristics, it’s easy that you can finish the game with a couple of clubs. You could easily miss the milestones even if you’re an excellent player and have a great record.


Ball storage

Suppose you are stocking up on the right amount of balls before the tournament, which offers a variety of benefits. There are a variety of hops with distinct characteristics that are suitable for every situation with different weights, hardness, and flights. For instance, on rugged terrains, you’ll require a ball that has pleasant flight. In other cases, you’ll need a high-strength ball when preparing for a close shot.


Back to Spin or Top Spin

It’s a highly evident impact fact. While they are adept at playing this sport, most players don’t know how to select the proper position of the power level accurately. Increasing the power of the ball through Top Spin will help your ball roll for a few yards after it has hit the ground. BackSpin is the reverse.

It significantly impacts your swing, especially on the grassy surface, the spot where the bulk of the games take place, particularly when you’re trying to get your shot to stand out.


Extend your horizons

Most of the time, cameras show you the direction towards the hole. However, it could be an issue when you are unaware of other methods to take a good picture. Utilizing additional cameras will aid in controlling how the ball moves and provide a complete overview of the forthcoming trial.

The point at which the ball will land will always be predetermined. However, the ball will continue to roll faster based on the force you strike. Be sure to reduce the error caused by the illusion of strength and avoid an inconvenient lack or over-energy that ruins your club’s performance.

Golf Battle MOD APK 2.1.5 (Unlimited Money)

Overall Assessments

They create Golf Battles on beautiful 3D graphics. The golfers will be able to enjoy the game in a virtual environment that is real and in real life. From views to characters, by using force to strike the ball into the hole, you’ll be able to participate in competitive tournaments against players worldwide. Facebook friends can collect and unlock exciting things and features.

It is also important to note that the golfing style used in this sport is tough to beat. For Golf Battle, players have to learn extensive skills in adapting force to hit the right way angles, angle, reflex, and also a little bit of an eye. Luckily, these skills will make players look better on the internet.

The game has been made as simple as possible on mobile devices. The players must drag and drop to set the ball’s course. However, equally talented players can play for leisure time, such as on playing golf. What’s remarkable is that this golf course is highly varied and thrilling, with numerous maps and features. There are two main game modes: PvP 1v1 or multiplayer mode, which can accommodate six players.



A commitment to hard work and enthusiasm during training are the best conditions to make you an outstanding player. Nobody can be successful at first, especially when playing a game with the highest technical requirements, such as Golf Battle. Once you’ve mastered and are aware of the rules, what not to do, and what to avoid, it’s just an issue until you’re crowned champion and the top golfer.

These are some suggestions that players must be aware of to ensure the best experience in Golf Battle and even become an elite player. Download and install the app at App Store or Google Play.

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