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The game tests your culinary skills with colorful and fun levels. Make delicious dishes that will impress hungry diners. After that, master world-renowned recipes, learn new recipes, and participate in limited-time challenges and other special occasions.
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It isn’t as loud and thrilling as the racing genre; these games provide pleasant entertainment and are equally enjoyable due to their simulation gameplay. A cooking-themed match for a long time has been a well-loved series of games. Most cooking games are enjoyable and showcase the culinary skills of every person. Participants will face a myriad of cooking difficulties in the game. Below is a summary of Cooking City that has recently had numerous downloads via the phone.

Cooking City Cooking City is a thrilling cooking game with a fantastic simple interface. Instead of having an establishment such as Good Pizza or Great Pizza, Cooking City focuses on completing timed food combinations. The combos you create will be for your customers, and the degree of satisfaction with your customers is the determining factor for your overall profits.


General Information

Cooking City is a cooking simulation game featuring rapid-paced gameplay. With Cooking City, you will learn to cook delicious meals, open a restaurant to make yourself the best chef, and visit various famous locations across the globe. Cooking City offers players hundreds of tasty ingredients for cooking fantastic food such as waffles, burgers, French fries, pizza, and fries. Cooking recipes you’ve never cooked before. Enhance the ingredients to allow the restaurant to grow.

In addition, Cooking City players will learn to master various kitchen tools. There are eight restaurants equipped with appliances and kitchen utensils. With pizza or coffee machine ovens, chefs of the highest caliber can easily use them. The high-quality cooking tools can help you cook faster and surpass all the time-limit levels. Cooking City is a culinary simulator and restaurant management game with attractive gameplay. Cooking City is perfect for kids and girls who love cooking and can work from home.

The benefit of Cooking City is that users don’t require an Internet internet connection to participate in the game after downloading and downloading the app. You can play a time management game on your mobile. You will enjoy cooking delicious dishes and opening up restaurants wherever you want. Create a true Sonic Empire with the cooking simulation game for free, Cooking City.

Cooking City MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

How to Play Cooking City?

Cooking City offers a thrilling cooking game set in a bustling culinary city. Try this Cooking City game for free and begin cooking ingredients, processing ingredients for the food, and serving delicious meals. You can achieve greatness in Cooking City to unlock new cooking abilities while building your culinary empire. It’s the most addictive time management simulation game. It will give you happiness, an appreciation for food, and a fun cooking experience comparable in quality to Cooking Restaurant Fever or Pizza Cooking.

Cooking City can be described as a speedy and entertaining managerial game for restaurants. You can play the game anytime and anywhere with no Internet connection. Welcoming to the Tasty Hills, a dining paradise. There are a variety of restaurants that range from the low-end to the high-end, where chefs are constantly creating new menus and competing each day. Take on cooking competitions with the help of Cooking City and become the Chef King.

The game tests your culinary skills with colorful and fun levels. Make delicious dishes that will impress hungry diners. After that, master world-renowned recipes, learn new recipes, and participate in limited-time challenges and other special occasions.


Key Features

Cooking City is among the most entertaining cooking games that are available at present. Get ready for a new culinary adventure by playing Cooking City’s rapid-paced gameplay. Are you a lover of restaurant management games? Are you a cook who enjoys serving tasty meals to guests in restaurants like Cooking Town, Crazy Cooking Chef, or Cooking Adventure? If so, Cooking City will become your new game of choice soon.

Through the gameplay, you’ll become a skilled chef, set up the restaurant of your choice and travel the world and cook the finest meals in cooking in the Cooking City simulation game. You will prepare food that is delicious from nations around the globe. After that, they will expand and develop an international restaurant chain that ranges from classic cafes to modern Chinese eateries and serves everything from delicious sweets to tasty fast food. Explore your culinary skills in Cooking City’s cooking area and create an entire culinary empire.

Enjoying the game after you’ve installed the game does not require Internet connectivity. You can play time management games with hands-free hands by making delicious meals and opening restaurants anywhere you want. Create your culinary empire within Cooking City with hundreds of tasty ingredients to prepare delicious foods like burgers, waffles, French pizza, fries, and more. Cooking the food that you’ve never cooked before.

If not, you can upgrade the ingredients to help your restaurant develop. You should be proficient in all cooking techniques and serve customers in every city. The cooking game combines an exciting strategy that tests your skills and management abilities with time-bound cooking tasks. In the end, you’ll be able to master several combinations and receive a massive bonus. And, you can have endless excitement with the addition of cities and levels which are continuously upgraded.

Players must meet specific cooking objectives using magical items, but they cannot use special pans for cooking food. Make sure to boost sales at restaurants by doubling promotions. There are more than eight restaurants for special appliances and kitchen utensils. With the help of coffee machines and pizza ovens, professional cooks can utilize them effectively by using efficient time management with various kitchen appliance enhancements. The top-quality cooking equipment can help you cook faster and more efficiently to surpass any time limit.


Overall Assessments

Cooking City is a distinctive business game. It is a simple game in that the player assumes the character of a restaurant chef during the gameplay. You now have to manage your restaurant and cook delicious meals for your customers. Players be a chef and manage their shops. You’ll meet all sorts of customers. In this case, you must fulfill customers’ requirements, provide them with more food and earn more money.

More than 200 types of delicious meals can be prepared for guests. You can demonstrate your cooking abilities and enhance your kitchen and ingredients tools. Make the dishes more appealing to increase the revenue from coffee shops and Chinese restaurants.

There is a wide range of different food products and levels of games. If you are a good cook, you’ll travel worldwide and eventually become a celebrity chef worldwide. If you intend to cook for an extended period, it is possible to earn additional reward points and coins. Use magic props to achieve the cooking process, including a safe cooking pot that will not be burned.

You’ll be able to use your physical strength when playing the game, and you can move from traditional cafes up to Chinese restaurants and barbecues outdoors to desserts. As you progress through levels and open up new stores, you should try to improve your cooking skills. Take your cooking abilities on a plane and explore the world. Make yourself a mad chef.

Cooking City MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Recommended Alternative: Cooking Madness

Do you love cooking? Are you looking to create delicious meals to serve your friends and family? Visit Cooking Madness to become the chef at the restaurant. You’ll have a great time and enjoyable moments while at Cooking Madness.

If you are the chef in the restaurant, you’ll contact guests and prepare meals for them. There are numerous and completely authentic European dishes that are exciting and new. You’ll need to scroll through the shortlist. Also, you have to get enough customers to meet the restaurant’s requirements.

All you have to do is prepare the correct dishes fast and delight your customers. After that, everything is simple. In addition to receiving cash, you will also be rewarded with a satisfaction score, which is indicated via the Like button, increasing the bonus amount.


Final Words

Cooking City MOD is a sim business game with solid time management. The players run their restaurants and are accountable for providing diners from across the globe with the food they require. While playing, you will demonstrate your culinary skills in the manner of the theme restaurant. You can also play using various kitchen tools.

There are more than 200 varieties of tasty dishes like donuts, burgers, French fries, and pizza. Improve your kitchenware and ingredients to enhance the food you cook in the game taste, from the classic cafes to Chinese restaurants BBQ on the patio to dessert. Additionally, develop your cooking skills constantly by finding new levels.

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