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For the offensive aspect, the boosters and items let your army gain strength and capabilities, making them more potent in massive battles against enemies.
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As descendants of the Great Kings, This is your chance to begin your journey to the land of CoK. Set up your kingdom and transform it into a mighty land by defeating your adversaries. Be guided by your destiny as you strive to be your Great Kings in Clash of Kings.

You can recruit and train your troops to conquer the surrounding kingdoms to establish your power. Join millions of gamers worldwide to battle for the crown of the world.


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Clash o Kings introduces gamers to familiar tales in which you’ll become the legitimate heir to an empire that once flourished under the stewardship of your predecessors. However, the centuries of corruption and unworthy leaders have led the kingdom to chaos.

With the kingdom at risk of being destroyed by the enemy, You must rise and claim your destiny. Take charge of people to victory and fight foes till peace and stability return in these stunning landscapes.

While playing the game, you’ll be trapped in the internal battles between the various kingdoms worldwide. When the enemy is at your door, it is your choice to accept or fight back and win glory for your domain and yourself.

Start your journey to epic heights with Clash of Kings and discover how to build the kingdom of a devastated nation. Utilize the many different structures to gather vital resources, begin recruiting soldiers to be ready for your following missions, and don’t forget to protect your city to stop attacks from enemies.

Take a break from the heat of battles as you plunge into the thrilling strategy game. Learn the intricate gameplay as you learn to manage the kingdom and become an ideal leader for people who will follow.

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Create your city and create your armies


Take part in this strategy classic while constructing your city, complete with structures and fortifications. Explore the surroundings in search of sources of resources and areas to take on. Incorporate new troops into your army and prepare your army to improve their capabilities in battle. Join in multiple raids as well as combats for tower defense

Explore a variety of levels in the game, where you’ll gradually get acquainted with the game’s controls and gameplay. Furthermore, you’ll receive valuable rewards that will assist you in battling the hostile forces and eventually take control of your kingdom.


Experience thrilling online gaming with players from across the globe


To increase the fun, the players are also permitted to explore the world outside after they’ve defeated their foes and seized the reigns of their entire kingdom. This means you’ll be able to join the millions of gamers around the globe as you plunge into the action-packed online game.

Play incredible real-time PvP battles in which you command your whole army to fight opponents in different gameplay modes, from protecting your base from attacks from enemies attacks to engaging the battle head-on in a thrilling fight against two forces. You’ll end up having a blast playing Clash of Kings.


Different civilizations with distinct characteristics


Additionally, in Clash of Kings, players can gain access to various civilizations, each with its distinctive characteristics. These include the famous Roman, Huaxia, Viking, Yamato, Dragon-born, and more. You can pick your preferred civilizations and plunge deep into this thrilling Clash of Kings based on your personal preferences.

Explore the new cultures of Dragon-born Viking, Yamato, and Huaxia take on all new territory. With new heroes, each with their unique style of fighting in the old valley, These combat-tested warriors are prepared for combat in the ever-growing online fantasy world.


Many items and boosters available to help you


To aid in building your kingdom and fighting opponents, the game includes a range of things and boosters that you can use. The effects they produce can be different. In terms of defense, they’ll aid in increasing the speed of construction and make your building more efficient, strengthen your defenses, boost your defenses, etc.

For the offensive aspect, the boosters and items let your army gain strength and capabilities, making them more potent in massive battles against enemies.


Explore the deep strategy gameplay


Players in Clash of Kings have access to an exciting and addictive strategy game where you can fight kingdoms, build your army using a range of units, build your cities and gather the necessary items, and let your dragons help you win the most epic battles, and much more. Let’s honor your ancestors by constructing your empire starting from the foundations of their empires.

Feel free to control the entire kingdom using various factors, such as which buildings to construct, how to make your defenses, how to manage your armies, and so on. You could play around using diplomacy options which is pretty impressive with this kind of game.


Despite all the in-depth features, you won’t be overwhelmed. This is mainly due to the simple tutorials and instructions available whenever you want.

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Gain fame and glory for your business


Furthermore, for those looking to go for the extreme, you could be fighting for the rank battles. Compete against your adversaries in thrilling online matches, and increase your position in the rankings tables. Gain fame and glory so that your kingdom and you are well-known by others. Additionally, being on the leaderboards lets your domain earn numerous benefits and buffs. Don’t lose any chance to rise there.




With powerful and influential audio, This game will keep you addicted to the thrilling strategy game for hours. You can manage your kingdom or send your troops to battle.

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