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Enjoy exploring the fantastic mobile application USB Audio Player PRO since it lets you quickly convert original DSD, DoP, and other quality music files. This means that they can be played via the mobile application.
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To Audiophile Android users, using an excellent audio player app is an essential requirement. However, most of the time, the quality of playback does not meet your expectations for your attentive ears. Many users will require this fantastic mobile application from extreme Software Development. It allows you to enjoy incredible playback experiences of your premium music files today with the help of external USB audio DACs. Additionally, USB Audio Player PRO enhances the quality of your audio files and helps your listening experience with helpful features.

Use the app to connect your DAC via an OTG cable to get better quality music. You can play high-quality audio with up to 32bit/384kHz resolution or beat that limit with your sophisticated DAC equipment. Make the most of your smartphone’s audio chips to enjoy the unique music experience. As with many other fantastic audio playback applications, USB Audio Player PRO provides simple and easy features for most users to benefit from.


Learn more about this fantastic mobile application with our detailed reviews.


What are the implications?


In USB Audio Player PRO, Android users will be able to gain access to the ultimate audiophile toolkit on mobile devices. Use the application to play your top-quality audio files to their highest dimensions. While at the same time, you can promote your existing audio or audio files with beneficial enhancements and boosts.

For those interested, you can now connect your USB audio DACs to USB Audio Player Pro with the OTG cable and USB host mode of your device. Experience superior sound quality than conventional sources of playback. Discover the full potential of your smartphone and experience incredible audio quality using Audiophile, the app.

In addition, USB Audio Player PRO can also integrate a variety of advanced and intriguing features that aren’t offered by another playback program for audio and that you could consider to be very interesting.

USB Audio Player PRO APK 5.7.7 (Paid for free)



To begin enjoying the fantastic mobile device, Android users must pay for the mobile apps through Google Play Store. Some users could find Google Play Store a bit difficult to access. Additionally, it also offers specific in-app purchases that are necessary to allow the full-featured playback software.

To ensure you can use the app with high-quality compatibility, It’s essential to run using the most recent firmware available. This will ensure that it functions in the event of a switch to new versions. In addition, you must also grant specific access rights for USB Audio Player PRO that are required for it to work correctly.

Additionally, because the app doesn’t need Root permission for operation, Android users can easily use its features and get the most out of it.


Fantastic features


Here are the most exciting features the app can offer:


Support multiple audio file formats


In the beginning, Android users in USB Audio Player PRO can utilize their mobile apps and effortlessly play any available audio files through the application. The fantastic mobile playback application provides complete support for all of the commonly used formats, less well-known ones, and even the 32-bit and 24-bit music formats. Utilizing the latest MQA Core encoder, users can enjoy stunning audio quality on their mobile devices. Additionally, thanks to the standard rate of sampling, Android users can enjoy the best possible sample rate when listening to music, even if their DAC isn’t compatible with specific audio formats that are pretty uncommon.


Enjoy higher quality music with connected USB DACs


If you want to upgrade, you can benefit from the fantastic USB Audio DAC with USB Audio Player PRO that can dramatically increase the quality of your music. You can join your DAC to specific Android devices using an OTG cable. Be sure to turn on your USB host mode feature for your devices that support it. Experience enhanced audio playback by using the latest DACs.


You can enjoy high-quality music on your device


To ensure that Android users can enjoy the most stunning audio and music via their gadgets, USB Audio Player PRO can provide the ability to stream high-quality audio of any quality and resolution. Thanks to the support provided by USB Audio Player PRO, you can disable your Android audio system and listen to your favorite audio files with the highest quality you can get.


It is compatible with HiRes chips found on some devices


However, If your top Android devices are equipped with HiRes audio chips, It’s possible to use USB Audio Player PRO to enhance their capabilities. You can play HiRes audio at 24-bit and then easily override your Android limitations on resampling. For those that own LG’s LG V and G series, which were always thought of as the most famous audiophile devices, The free MQA decoding is sure to help.


Converting options that are useful for high-quality music audio


Enjoy exploring the fantastic mobile application USB Audio Player PRO since it lets you quickly convert original DSD, DoP, and other quality music files. This means that they can be played via the mobile application.

USB Audio Player PRO APK 5.7.7 (Paid for free)

Enhance the quality of your headphones


As well as improving the quality of the music files, USB Audio Player PRO will enable you to improve your headphone device by using the Tonebooster Morphlt choice. This option allows users to create sound simulations and playback experiences on more than 160 headphone models and brands. This means that you can have diverse audio experiences anytime you’d like. Apply the adjustments, and then enjoy the available headphones.


Final decisions


With impressive features and practical playback options for audiophiles, USB Audio Player PRO is undoubtedly a must-have application for those who would like a better sound experience with Android devices. You can listen to your music in a high-quality immersive audio experience and customize your individualization. All of this will be included within USB Audio Player PRO.

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